Chapter 556: Long Qingyang

This was the seal of the sky god. Waking it up would allow one to borrow the power of this deity.

Gu Mo’s power increased at a rapid pace. The figure on his forehead also became luminous and oppressive.

“The god of the sky, Lu Balin, had his soul condensed 6,300 years ago and was taken to the yin world. He is much stronger than Alun Buddha, definitely among the top one hundred strongest fiends.” Yao Ji explained.

The Yin World has been collecting the fiends from the five dynasties for so long. The total number was incalculable.

This god was too young compared to the ones born one hundred thousand years ago. Nevertheless, he was still among the top one hundred. One could see how much faith power he had gathered from this.

Four countries from the west all worshipped him. It even spread to some parts of the Western Prefecture.

Of course, age didn’t determine power for these fiends, just faith and worship. One from a hundred thousand years ago could be forgotten right now; their temples in disarray so they would actually weaken.

Nevertheless, just because the sky god was stronger than Alun Buddha didn’t mean Gu Mo was necessarily stronger than Moba. The key here was the level of his divine intent and how much power he could borrow from this sky god.

In reality, Gu Mo was quite impressive with clouds billowing around him. Each of his techniques carried a torrential pressure.

“Earth-splitting Axe!” Feiyun’s divine intents flew out. Each one was identical to him just like a soul.

They piled up and turned into an axe. The result was obvious - Gu Mo was blown flying out of the stage. His head was nearly split in half completely from the top down.

Other prodigies couldn’t defeat him so easily because they lacked Feiyun’s monstrous divine intents.

Feiyun was their nemesis since his intents were stronger than the divine souls of their deities.

Alas, these fearless youths weren’t deterred. After one fell, another would climb on stage, and another afterward… They didn’t give Feiyun a chance to breathe.

In just one hour, Feiyun killed eleven prodigies from these foreign countries. All were quite powerful.

“The gambling hall wants to fatigue Feng Ergou.” People realized their intention right away.

“He can be super strong but the amount of spirit energy in his dantian is limited. Feng Ergou makes it look easy but each move requires a massive amount of energy. If this goes on till nightfall, he would drop to the ground.”

“The gambling hall is losing a lot too. Killing him will save them 300,000 spirit stones, but what about these top prodigies?”

“Each of them is a priceless treasure, is this actually worth it?” Many people had this question.

Li Xiaonan smiled: “Of course. These youths are strong, but it is because they borrow the power of those fiends. They will never be able to surpass their masters. Among all of them, it’s already optimistic to think that three can reach the power of a half-step Giant. Their potential is inferior to the young overlords and young kings. After their death, the master of that gambling hall can quickly build up another group of experts like them.”

“Ah, I see. So looks like Feng Ergou is in danger then. They’ll swarm him until he’s dead.”

More and more fearless youths got on stage. They resembled puppets more than humans.

Time flew by quickly and evening came. The red sun rays shone the city walls.

Just another fifteen minutes and the day would be over. If no one else could defeat Feng Ergou, he would be the winner of the Golden stage and move on to the second round. Let’s not forget the 300,000 spirit stones as well.

The atmosphere grew tense. Many older cultivators came to watch as well.

“300,000 stones… only the national treasury or the Yin Gou Ward can come up with this amount. It’s enough to build a monstrous sect within one hundred years.” A Giant sighed.

“That gambling hall’s backer might be one of the four great clans. They won’t let this guy win so easily.”

“I wonder which top prodigy will come at the last minute?”

“Boom!” Another prodigy was slain by Feiyun and got kicked off the stage. His tattered corpse rolled down the stairs.

This was the thirty-second victim.

Feiyun’s black robe and hat were drenched with blood - none of his, though. He was an asura, a murderous tool at this moment.

He killed only top geniuses so this was a better battle record than the young lord of Dark Realm yesterday.

The cultivators below were frightened by his chilling presence. It was as if he was a devil right now. A few spoiled noble daughters and princesses have never seen such a bloodbath before. Some vomited; others became fainted and got taken away by their clans’ experts.

“This guy is insane, it doesn’t look like he had used that much energy at all. Maybe he hasn’t shown his real abilities from the start?” The princess focused her gaze and could sense the demonic sword’s successor’s bloodthirst. 

Yao Ji replied: “He’s quite interesting. Are you afraid that he might win and will become your husband?”

The princess responded: “It’s unbelievably difficult winning the competition. Even Beiming Potian and Li Xiaonan can’t claim victory with confidence, let alone him.”

“Then do you want to marry, Princess?” Yao Ji asked.

The princess contemplated. A figure appeared in her head but only for a fleeting moment. She said: “You have too many questions.”

Yao Ji simply smiled and didn’t reply.


“Incredible, that’s the demonic successor for you.” A young woman’s voice came before her figure, seemingly from a thousand miles away. This was definitely a seductive woman, judging by her voice.

“Whoosh!” A violet ray broke through the formations on the city walls and landed on the stage right away, standing face to face with Feiyun.

Though the main formations weren’t activated, an ordinary person wouldn’t be able to break these barriers so easily.

“So close but I still made it in time.” It was a handsome young man with a flexible sword tied around his waist. His long hair draped downward, perfect eyes and brows. His skin was softer than a woman’s.

His voice was pleasant like the chirping of a yellow oriole, more feminine-sounding than a woman.

His arms were as white as snow; his legs were thin with no hair in sight. His figure was even more enchanting. If men looked at him from the back, they would think that he was a supreme goddess and become hotter.

Feiyun took a deep breath while taking one step back. It wasn’t out of fear, but rather, he had never seen such a “beautiful” man before. The guy was cross-dressing as well.

Su Yun was the most handsome in the world, but he had a masculine and unrestrained demeanor. This man was strangely feminine. The only clue was his flat chest.

The spectators exhaled. Men felt their eyes becoming wider. Despite knowing that this was a man, they couldn’t help staring at him.

“Damn, where the hell did this guy come from?” Ningshuai shuddered as well.

The man wore a silk dress with a long skirt; his legs slightly visible beneath the thin fabric. His curves were as clear as day. He pointed at Feiyun with his exquisite finger and said softly: “You’re Feng Ergou?”

His brows have been delicately trimmed; the hair next to his ear was fluttering, one could see a pair of blue butterfly earrings issuing some clear noises.

Feiyun bit his teeth, acting as if this was a great enemy. He took another two steps back and coughed: “Miss… Miss my ass! Brother, no need to blabber, just come fight!”

“Haha.” The guy was barefooted, showing off his lotus-like feet - as clear as jade, as soft as a baby.  His nails were trimmed, colored with a blue grass design. 

He walked like a proper and educated princess, causing all the men to look at him like wolves looking at a delicious calf.

“Don’t call me Brother, my name is Long Qingyang, from Tian Long Dynasty.” He spoke with lips as red and sweet as cherries while playfully twirling his hair, showing off a cute expression.

“Long? A member of the royal clan?” Feiyun wondered.

“Plenty of people have the last name Long, not just the royal family of Jin.” His sleeves fluttered with the wind with a flirting gaze. Each frown and smile were prettier than the most gorgeous woman. He looked just like a sixteen-year-old girl, ready to learn about love.

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