Chapter 555: Alun Buddha

A group of unfamiliar youths in strange uniform walked over with a monstrous aura. All had qi images.

Three old men, full of vigor, led the way and stared at Feiyun on stage.

“That’s Feng Ergou. Whoever defeats him will get 10,000 spirit stones, a top merit law, and ten millenium blades of grass.” One of them said.

After hearing this, a fierce youth smiled and declared: “I’ll be first.”

He took one step and broke through the formation of the stage to reach the top.

Feiyun thought that after killing four young kings in a row, no one else would dare to try again, not expecting for someone to be so fearless of death.

Through the black, slightly transparent veil, he saw that this youth had a yellow complexion with big pores with his hair tied up in a braid. He wore a strange robe, a bronze loop with three large engraved gems on top that emitted a faint shimmer.

Jin was quite large so it had a variety of cultures and outfits every few thousand miles or so. Each race and tribe from the various prefecture were different. Nevertheless, this youth didn’t seem to be from Jin.

“Luo Moba of Jizu.” He announced his identity with a hoarse voice and got started instantly. He had an expanse of light above with a golden Buddha meditating inside.

This was his qi image, showing off his incredible talents.

“Boom!” To his back was another yellow image of a Buddha, more than ten feet tall with a dazzling glow. The hymns of a thousand Buddhas and saints emanated from it.

“Alun Buddha!” Moba had an expression of reverence before raising his hands. The loop around his neck began to spin. It floated out of his head and began attacking Feiyun.

It acted similar to an eye of the storm, turning the entire stage into a tornado.

Feiyun narrowed his eyes, feeling that this cultivation method was different from the rest of the humans he has seen so far.

“Whoosh!” A large firebird condensed at the tip of his sword. It soared and knocked the ring away.

Next, a meteoric thrust traveled from one side of the stage to another, penetrating Moba’s forehead.

Not to mention a skull, even the toughest boulder of steel would be annihilated by this sword energy.

“Boom!” A metallic clanking came about. It was as if Feiyun’s sword had struck a mountain of steel. It failed to penetrate the guy’s head, only pushing him back three steps.

After the failure of this first exchange, Feiyun quickly leaped back to the other side. His arm felt a sharp pain. ‘Strange, how strange, my cultivation is clearly higher than his, why can’t I kill him?’

Feiyun didn’t know that Moba was even more frightened than him right now. This youth thought: ‘So powerful. Able to push back the force of faith from the Buddhist realm, this Feng Ergou is something else.’

The stage fell into a hush.

Feiyun stopped attacking since he hasn’t figured out the enemy’s cultivation method. 

Moba, on the other hand, felt trepidation because Feng Ergou was too strong. He grabbed his loop and started floating with golden clouds beneath his feet, biding for the right time to attack.

Several old cultivators were watching in the jade hall. One of them said: “Jizu is one of the seventy-two countries, located to the west. They are tributaries of the three dynasties, some pledged allegiance to us, other to Tianlong and Yuqian, not this one though. These countries are poor so they lack cultivation resources. This makes them weak so they decide to worship gods and deities, becoming emissaries to obtain superhuman strength. The greater the faith, the more power.”

Another old man continued: “These so-called gods are just powerful fiends, that’s all.”

“This country worships Alun Buddha.”

“They have a temple with a statue of Alun every thirty miles, well looked after with incense.”

“They have 130 million citizens, and ninety-percent worship this deity. However, less than five hundred people could obtain his strength. They far exceed ordinary cultivators, the strongest is the National Master, capable of borrowing thirty-percent of the deity’s power.”

Not just the old cultivators, but the young travelers in the hall have heard of these cultivation methods as well.

Yao Ji and said: “Alun Buddha is only a young fiend, born from a statue of an old temple 3,800 years ago. After another two thousand years of worship, he accumulated enough power to have a divine soul and was taken away by men from the Yin World. He’s not even within the top 100 of the fiends there.”

Fiends were part of the three evils of the Yin World. When one was born in the five dynasties, they would be taken away to the Yin World. If they didn’t obey, the Yin Mother would give the order to destroy their soul.

The Yin and Yang Worlds actually protected the order of this land. If the three stranges and three evils were allowed to stay, the chaos would be ten times greater than it was now.

“What is this Buddha’s cultivation right now?” The princess asked.

“Around the level of a Giant.” Yao Ji smiled.

For ordinary people, cultivators at the Giant level were no different from deities. They could call for rain and winds with other magical abilities.

“Then around how much power can this Moba guy borrow from the Buddha?” The princess inquired again.

“Not even ten percent.” Yao Ji pondered before speaking again: “Of course, ten percent of a Giant is still impossible for a regular person to fathom. To have such faith at this age? This youth is not bad, his mind is on the same as a historical genius.”

“You know quite a lot.” The princess said with a tinge of suspicion in her eyes.

“Haha! Reading ten thousand books is the same as walking ten thousand miles.” Yao Ji’s beautiful smile actually stunned the princess for a bit. This woman was insanely gorgeous.

The world was too large with numerous cultivation methods and paths towards the dao and immortality. Despite Feiyun’s vast knowledge, he still needed some time before figuring out the enemy.

“So he’s borrowing a fiend’s power.” Feiyun wore a smile on his face upon this realization.

Moba glowed golden with a stately Buddha floating above him. He finally lost his patience and shouted: “Let’s go!”

The Buddha attacked as well with the force of a mountain, truly a peerless power.

‘The best way to defeat him is to sever his faith with this Buddha. Destroy his divine intents, as simple as that.’ Feiyun stood still and activated his forty divine intents. It created an old axe and split the Buddha into two halves. It dispersed into smoke.

“Pluff!” The axe was ferocious. Without the power of the Buddha, Moba’s cultivation was too weak and got dismembered instantly.

Moba’s mind and divine intents were strong but not when compared with Feiyun. Feiyun had understood quite a bit of the Minor Change Art and could use six techniques - Heaven Punishing Hammer, Heaven Battle Altar, Swift Samsara, Earth Splitting Axe, and two more.

When the forty divine intents worked together with these arts, the result was unstoppable.

“Such powerful divine intents, capable of destroying the Buddha’s avatar.” One female disciple of the Buddhist doctrine said.

This doctrine focused on cultivating their divine intents, but no prodigies from their had such a powerful one.

“Obviously, he’s the disciple of the demonic sword. How can he handle this demonic energy without possessing a strong enough intent?” Some weren’t surprised to see this.

Another foreign youth stepped on the stage. His pace was calm yet sonorous like a stomping beast, issuing loud thumps.

His long, red hair draped to the ground, looking both devilish and demonic.

“Gu Mo of Poliu.” His eyes flashed with a strange glimmer.

This was another talent from one of the twenty-two countries. His divine intents were quite strong.

These youths were naturally invited by the gambling hall to come and kill Feng Ergou.

There were dozens of them waiting below. They knew that they could die fighting Feiyun, but because of their faith, they wished to fight to the death. Their belief allowed them to be so fearless.

But the question was - how was the gambling hall able to invite these geniuses? Thus, it must have a monstrous backing.

“God of the sky, grant me strength!” His crimson hair started flying just like a river of blood, turning his white complexion into a shade of red. A shadow condensed on his forehead. It was an old daoist with a young face wearing a blue robe. He looked holy just like a god.

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