Chapter 552: Sun And Moon

Only one man in black stood on the chilling stage, hidden behind his veiled hat while holding a sword, instilling fear upon the crowd.

Alas, there has never been a lack of brave men in this world, even when they were about to face a death god.

“Whoosh!” A prodigy named Tang from the Xiyue jumped up the stage. He was fearless, a tyrant back in his western domain.

He was arrogant and confident, having cultivated a supreme art called “Greenfish Strength.” 

His speed was amazing, soaring like a divine fish with nine green scales around each of his wrists.

“The name’s Xiyue Tang, I’m here to fight you!” He stood on the stage with a bronze shield floating in front of him. It had an engraved spirit stone in the center, dazzling as a flame.

Feiyun replied: “You need to be prepared for death at any moment when fighting me.”

Xiyue Tang smiled with contempt: “I know you are strong and gifted with the sword, but I am not a nobody. Few in the young generation can take me down.”

With that, his bronze shield stretched and covered his body, acting just like an armor.

Feiyun didn’t waste time and unleashed another firebird slash. It screeched and instantly melted the shield armor.

Tang was shocked. The temperature of this slash was unreasonably high, capable of burning his Abyss Bronze Shield.

There seemed to be a divine fish protecting him. The nine scales on his arm fell down and turned into sharp weapons.

Alas, the firebird instantly swallowed this fish, resulting in a shocking scene.

“This Xiyue Tang isn’t bad, that’s a top prodigy of his clan, his power can’t be that much weaker than Xiyue Lanshan, a historical gen-...”

While someone was commenting, Xiyue Tang got pierced by a thrust and blown off the stage. Blood rained out of his body.

“Boom!” He rolled down the stage and didn’t move. Another youth from the Xiyue came to help him up but he instantly crumbled with bloody lines like spiderwebs before turning into a pool of blood.

Who knows how many slashes and thrusts he just got struck by? Not even one bone remained.

The young cultivators glanced at each other. The two heretical lords and three demonesses slightly retreated. They were stronger than ordinary geniuses so they could tell how strong this mysterious person was. That’s why they felt more dread compared to the rest.

The young princess’ eyes were flashing brightly and brimming with curiosity.

“So damn strong, our Grand Southern produces the most monsters out of any place.” Wang Meng recovered a bit and spat on the ground with a big grin on his face.

Meanwhile, the two young kings were silent inside the spectating hall. They couldn’t act cool in front of the beauty any longer.

Yao Ji playfully moved her white fingers across the balcony railing. She stood there as proudly as a lotus; transcendent like someone from a painting. Each inch of her skin was glowing, looking quite seductive.

“What a monster, able to kill a young king.” Her pink lips glistened just like her eyes while a white brilliance condensed above her head.

The two young kings were shaken after hearing this. They stood up straight and one guy said: “He is strong indeed, but not unbeatable.”

“You two dare to fight him?” She slightly turned over and revealed half of her face - exquisite features, as beautiful as the autumn waves. The two young kings got their soul taken away.

Just her back alone was enough to enchant them, so her face looked just like a goddess in the legends.

Soft neck, firm and upright breasts; small waist and round buttocks. This was a creature of perfection sculpted by heaven. No one could refuse her.

“Of course, we dare.” One of them said.

“Defeating him isn’t hard.” The other added.

Yao Ji shook her head and said: “The two of you will die.”

“Hmph! I will go take his life right now.” The youth from Sun-moon Sect disappeared and showed up again on the stage. 

Yao Ji’s eyes flashed with amusement. She imagined his moments before death and became quite excited. She couldn’t help touching her own face, feeling quite pleased with herself.

“Sun-moon Sect, Zhao Songyang.” This young king had a daoist robe, decorated with a bright sun in the front and a spirit moon on the back. He had an exceptional aura due to his cultivation. One could see the image of an immortal palace before his forehead.

People could tell that he was no joke at first sight, but some became frightened after hearing his name.

“Sun-moon is one of the three strongest sects from Earthchild, as old as the four great clans.”

“Songyang is the top prodigy of that sect and had trained in the mountains there. He once adventured in an ancient palace and found a spirit sword of third-ranked.”

“He was already a fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate since ten years ago. Given his supreme talents and lucky providence, he might be at the peak fourth-level right now, very close to breaking through to the next.”

“This is a king among kings, a big favorite in the underground gambling hall.”

“If this mysterious man can beat him, no one will dare to come on stage again. He’ll be the first person to pass.”

The young prodigies below didn’t want to leave for their own contest, only waiting to watch more.

Zhao Songyan stood there coolly then asked: “What is your name?”

“Defeat me and find out.” Feiyun’s aura looked just like a sword now. He immediately grabbed the hilt and unleashed an invisible shockwave without unsheathing his sword.

“Boom!” It crushed the air nearby.

Songyan created a sun on one hand and a moon on the other in order to block this blow. 

“Boom!” A blast of energy created gusts all over the stage.

This was the first time someone could block one move from the mysterious man. Songyan was much stronger than the previous two combatants.

The crowd was startled, knowing that a great battle between two monsters was about to start.

“The successor of an ancient sect versus the disciple of a world-renowned demonic man; one righteous, the other darkness. Will justice be able to defeat evil?” The older cultivators were fixated on this fight.

“Songyan is the direct disciple of the Blacksun Emissary, a master that had swept through the cultivation world for several hundred years. The guy must have learned many amazing moves. Just watching this fight is a stroke of fortune.”

“Firebird Demonic Sword is an incredible sword art, the demonic man relied on this technique to kill many Giants. Just learning half a move would be very beneficial for one’s cultivation.”

Feiyun smirked beneath his veil. A hot energy exuded from him as he thought: ‘This guy is strong but is not at the fifth level just yet. I can defeat him in five moves and take his life in ten.’

Nine firebirds flew out from the sword tip and turned into nine lotuses looming over the entire stage.

Feiyun floated to the center and used this technique to suppress Songyan.

On the other hand, the sun and moon floated in a blue expanse above Songyan, creating a massive grand dao.

“Whoosh!” A heavenly white sword rushed out of his forehead and became one-hundred-meter long. The surface had more than ten thousand runes and looked to be made out of jade.

This was a third-ranked spirit treasure with massive power. Its spirituality was frightening. One could hear the hymns as if there was a sage within.

This sword broke through the lotuses and aimed straight for Feiyun.

Feiyun became serious. A third-ranked spirit treasure was no joke, more than enough to turn the tide.

He also had a third-ranked spirit treasure, his ring, but he couldn’t use it at this moment.

“Firebird illuminating the world!” Feiyun took out his sword and created another bird. This looked more like the mythical Golden Crow. It turned into a sun shining on the area.

This dazzling radiance emanated across the entire capital. The cultivators from the other stages saw this; many devilish geniuses began heading over.

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