Chapter 551: Unrivaled Monster

A man whose face was under a hat with black veil all around slowly walked out. The crowd let him through after sensing his thick murderous intent just like a death god.

This aura was graver than Liao Cheng’s own, capable of freezing the air.

“Who is that?” 

“I don’t know, but that sword technique earlier was unbelievable, capable of destroying that blood grinder’s barrier.”

“Only a few youths are able to do this, all famous.”

People actually stopped climbing on stage; all eyes were on these two now.

Meanwhile, Bi Ningshuai dragged the injured Wang Meng into the crowd.

“That was you earlier?” Liao Cheng stood on a higher step and glared fiercely at Feiyun. The centipede squirmed around him.

Feiyun nodded: “Show mercy when possible, it is only a fight, no need to kill him.”

Others wouldn’t dare to talk to Liao Cheng like this. After all, this was a heretical lord. Many young lords of other sects would back off.

“Do you know who I am?” Liao Cheng smiled coldly.

“You told everyone already, the tenth lord of Senluo.”

“Then who are you?”

“Only a nobody, just a vagabond. But if you can beat me, then you will earn the qualification to learn my name.”

If this line came from anyone else, people would think that the guy was crazy. However, they all witnessed the awesome sword technique earlier. He just looked more mysterious now.

Could this be a disciple from a reclusive master? Many shared this thought.

“Whoosh!” Liao Cheng darted back to the stage and stood on top of his centipede: “So you’re saying you can beat me?”

“If you’re that incapable.” Feiyun landed on stage by riding the wind. A round formation started below him and channeled the spirit energy nearby, creating a mist-like barrier.

Feiyun cultivated a bloodthirsty sword technique last night so his aura was overwhelmed by it. An air of death exuded from him every second.

The four old men protecting the stage slightly opened their eyes and stared at Feiyun, impressed by this aura. ‘Such a powerful youth, a reclusive monster coming into being?’

“Such shameless boasting!” Though Liao Cheng was injured earlier by Feiyun’s sword move, he didn’t think he was weaker and blamed it on the surprise factor. A direct confrontation would end with his victory.

Meanwhile, many heretical disciples were cheering for him. Among them were another two young lords and three demonesses. The guys were powerful and the girls the prettiest in their respective hall.

Liao Cheng attacked first with his blood grinder. The ancient formations activated and a waterfall of blood descended.

This spirit treasure was stimulated completely, three times stronger than earlier. The entire stage was filled with an ocean. Meanwhile, a blood sun showed its rage and illuminated the area. This blood sun was actually the blood grinder.

Feiyun stood there, exposed to the elements. His black robe seemed to be made from steel and didn’t flutter at all.

His sword left its sheath in a graceful manner. A fiery bird flew out of the tip and destroyed the ocean. It went on to attack the sun before exploding with bloodthirst.

“Boom!” The ocean fell along with the sun!

All the visual phenomena disappeared as the remnant liquid stained the stage.

Liao Cheng fell down from the centipede with a gigantic gash on his chest. Several of his ribs were cut with blood oozing out. If it wasn’t for the front mirror protecting him, this cut would have split him in two.

Such a terrible slash.

The flame and sword energy had invaded his blood and meridians, burning his spirit energy while Feiyun simply stood there and watched.

The cultivators nearby became speechless…

“That’s a heretical lord… a young king… he lost to a single slash…”

This mysterious man shocked everyone. Many began speculating about his origin.

A spectating heretical lord became serious: “That slash just now, perhaps it is the Firebird Demonic Sword Art?” [1]

A fair-skinned demoness dressed in a green attire slightly raised her brows and charmingly smiled: “A master came out of Grand Southern several hundred years ago. He befriended a firebird and searched for demonic corpses together. He walked among the marshes in order to create a physique similar to a Heavenly Demon. The man was supremely talented and found the corpses of sixteen ancient demons. He refined this energy into his own body and was almost successful. Unfortunately, at the very last second, he lost his mind, unable to suppress the demonic energy inside his body and became a murderous monster.”

Early on in Jin’s history, there was a disaster relating to demons. One demon race invaded and eventually lost. This left behind many forbidden grounds filled with powerful, preserved corpses. That’s where the man found his corpses in order to cultivate his physique.

Another heretical lord recalled this terrifying legend and added: “This demonic man, I heard that he alone destroyed an entire sect near the border of Grand Southern. The vicinity became infected with demonic energy and chaos, and it is still suffering from it till this day.”

“Firebird Demonic Sword Art came from this man. Supremely powerful and murderous, seemingly capable of slaying gods and devils.”

“This man is probably just as devilish as Feng Feiyun. If he didn’t succumb to the demonic energy and become a monster, he would have become a true sage.”

“I read that a great battle happened by that border. Someone saw the red image of a firebird incinerating the sky, fighting against the holy light of the daoist doctrine for thirteen days straight. After the end of this battle, the red demon continued southward for three thousand miles. The intensity of that fight is not something we can imagine.”

“Yes, it is well recorded on the ancient scrolls, that the demonic man disappeared without a trace afterward. One reputable sect master predicted that Venerable Huasheng of the Daoist Gate had sealed the demonic man.”

“One of the ten great masters, the highest seniority member of the Daoist Gate, Venerable Huasheng?” A young regional princess was hearing this story for the first time. She smiled brightly, happy to hear about these legendary characters.

“Who else could be strong enough to take down that demonic man outside of Venerable Huasheng?”

The Fifth Disciple, Ling Luan, also opened his eyes for the second time to look at Feiyun. His eyes started flashing with interest.

“This mysterious youth is indeed using the Firebird Demonic Sword Art. That demonic master is still alive? Could this be his disciple?” Many had this thought and retreated with horror.

In the beginning, the other two heretical lords wanted to fight against this youth. However, they changed their mind after thinking about the consequences.

At the same time, the three beautiful demonesses’ eyes sparkled, becoming very curious about this mysterious youth and his true abilities.

This sword technique was given to Feiyun back at the ridge by the Third Boss, his grandfather’s grandfather.

Feiyun had no lack of top merit laws so he didn’t care about it. If it wasn’t to hide his identity, he probably would have abandoned it entirely.

He didn’t know that this sword art had such a big origin and could cause quite a storm.

Liao Cheng was afraid on stage: “You’re that demonic man’s disciple?”

No one could see Feiyun’s expression under the hat. He coldly said: “A dead man can’t ask.”

Feiyun was happy about this misunderstanding. No one would be able to figure it out then. If he were to play this role, then he must kill.

“Whoosh!” He didn’t waste time before shooting another flame from his sword tip.

The large centipede blocked with its body, wanting to help Liao Cheng escape down the stage. Alas, this flame slash easily dismembered it into dozens of pieces and continued soaring forward.

“Poof!” Liao Cheng died instantly. The sword energy made his body explode.

Feiyun put away his sword as his bloodthirsty aura intensified.

Killing was not forbidden during the competition. This murderous act made the crowd think that he was indeed a disciple of the demonic man even more.

Another monster had come out, exerting pressure on the rest of the historical geniuses.

1. A mythical bird closely related to a phoenix. There’s no word for this so I’m calling it Firebird

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