Chapter 550: Young Lord Of The Tenth Hall

“Boom!” Wang Meng stomped on the stage to fortify his stance before unleashing another fist.

This fist strike glowed golden like a massive yellow ocean and blew the eighth cultivator flying.

The ninth one was a third-level Heaven’s Mandate, a young overlord of this generation from an old sect from Central Royal. He was their First Brother, looking quite gallant and unstoppable in his region. He came here in order to fight against the rest of the world to become famous.

More than ten martial brothers and sisters came to cheer him on. The majority of them was at the Heaven’s Mandate level, meaning that their sect was incredible. Otherwise, it wouldn’t have been able to cultivate so many talents.

“First Brother, you can do it!”

“First Brother, take down that Martial Nephew of the demon’s son to boost your fame!”

“Boom!” Wang Meng ferociously attacked without wasting words. He utilized a martial art technique finally. His entire body became as clear as jade.

The guy threw out a barrage of nine punches like a monstrous beast.

His innate constitution was already tough enough. After learning the arts of the Martial Tower, he became even fiercer.

This young overlord couldn’t fight back at all and lost his cool appearance. Eventually, Wang Meng destroyed the guy’s defensive barrier with his sky piercer, causing him to roll down the stone steps.

A young overlord had lost just like that, unable to retaliate at all.

His brothers and sisters were shocked - how could their most-respected First Brother lose so quickly?

“That fella is so strong, just like a wild bull.”

“That’s a disciple of the Martial Tower Lord for you, an incredible technique just now.”


Back at the hall next to the stage. Yao Ji spectated the entire time in her white-as-snow dress, showing off her soft buttocks, exquisite waist, and towering breasts. She looked like a flawless goddess with a seductive aura of a temptress.

One-half holy and pure, the other half strange and evil. She was an angel that would bring damnation to men.

She pointed at the stage and said: “The demon’s son’s nephew is quite strong. Who will be able to take him down?”

The three young kings sitting in the same chamber had a look of contempt after hearing this.

The daoist with a sun emblem in front of his robe snorted: “Only a barbarian, I can take him down within three moves.”

“I’ll go now!” A youth with a black centipede coiling around his waist directly flew out of the balcony. With his cloak in full swing, he looked just like a gigantic centipede landing on the stage.

A young king had appeared, causing the atmosphere to intensify due to his aura.

Yao Ji continued to watch with her apricot eyes and enchanting lips creating a pure smile.

Just imagine this young king turning into a corpse made her too excited, like a little girl sneaking in some candy.

The breeze made her dress flutter, slightly revealing her wondrous legs. The two young kings in the back forgot all about dao determination and wits after seeing this.

Wang Meng felt a massive pressure on stage. This aura resembled invisible blades cutting into his skin.

“You’re a disciple of the Martial Tower Lord?” The man asked as his centipede slowly wiggled around.

“That’s right!” Wang Meng held his sky piercer while stabilizing; his big eyes fixated on the foe.

“Feng Feiyun is your Martial Uncle?”

“Of course, who are you?”

“The tenth lord of Senluo, Liao Cheng.” This person had a chilling aura. The defensive mirror in front of his chest exuded a black glow with thick murderous intent. A hard layer of ice formed on the stage.

Wang Meng replied with a smile: “Oh, I see, I see, I heard your prettiest beauty was taken by my Uncle. What was her name, Lu, Lu something?”

“Hmph!” Liao Cheng was furious and channeled his hatred towards Feiyun onto Wang Meng.

The little centipede grew into a massive size, more than ten meters long. It spewed out black, poisonous clouds.

He jumped on the monster and took out a blood grinder, unleashing a plume of bloody clouds.

Wang Meng’s smile disappeared. The golden glow of his body intensified as he used his sky piercer to break through the clouds, beginning his offense.

“Ignorant fool, Feiyun when he was alive might not be my match. You dare to take me on?” Liao Cheng shouted thunderously. The blood grinder grew to the size of a mountain and flew towards Wang Meng.

They were enemies anyway so the first exchange was quite ferocious.

The cultivators down below began discussing.

“Is there some animosity between them? It doesn’t look like a duel, more like a fight to the death.” A keen spectator said.

Another knowledgeable man answered: “I heard Feiyun slept with the prettiest demoness from the tenth hall, and Liao Cheng is the tenth young lord. It’s pretty obvious how much he hates Feiyun.”

“You know, I heard that this demoness is as pretty as a goddess, smart too, known to be a strategist. On top of that, she’s also a descendant of that great character from Mount Potala. Liao Cheng wanted her bad for a long time, almost successful too before Feiyun took it from him. What a shame, a delicacy taken before one’s eyes.”

“Sigh! Feng Feiyun’s nine dragon pillar had finished off numerous girls. This demoness, or so I’ve heard, fainted on the spot. Her blood ran all over the ground, how pitiful. That damn beast!”

“Liao Cheng vomited blood after finding out. He stood in front of his palace and cursed Feiyun for three days straight, swearing to kill Feiyun at all cost!”

“True, this Feiyun guy is really a scoundrel. No wonder why I saw more than ten top prodigies from the heretical sects celebrating right outside his mansion. They were glad to see Feiyun going to hell early, never reincarnate again. I got some free drinks too.”

“I mean, can you blame them? The name Feng Feiyun will forever be a sore spot for the heretical faction. Not just Lu Liwei from the tenth hall, but also Wan Xiangcen from the seventh, Bai Ruxue from the fourth… These beautiful girls all suffered by meeting this villain, their spring destroyed in just one day. They’ll be traumatized forever, that damn beast!”

“Damn beast!” Even Bi Ningshuai clenched his fist and spewed out.

Feiyun became awkward and rubbed his chin: “The demon’s blood and its evil affinity affected my mind. It’s not entirely my fault.”

“That’s why I called you a beast, because you’re not a human!” Ningshuai retorted.

“...” The speechless Feiyun responded by kicking the guy into a large group of people. After landing on the ground, he still rolled another ten meters.

Liao Cheng was powerful and his blood grinder was a spirit treasure. He activated it completely and covered the stage in a mist of blood.

Wang Meng was even younger than Feiyun so there was a large gap between them. This heretical genius had cultivated for decades in comparison. However, he was hanging on due to his exceptional constitution.

“Boom!” The grinder slammed on the sky piercer. The resulting shockwave made Wang Meng stagger backward. His fingers became bloody with blood running down; his hands became numb.

The disparity in cultivation was overwhelming.

“Again!” He bit his teeth and activated the crystal physique technique again. The wounds disappeared as he rushed forward once more.

Liao Cheng smirked and went all out, knocking Wang Meng away again as if he was playing with a monkey.

Wang Meng got blown away more than ten times. His hands were filled with wounds, unable to hold the sky piercer now.

“Kneel!” Liao Cheng unleashed thirty-six seals and forced Wang Meng to the ground: “Call Feng Feiyun a shameless cowardly bastard and I shall spare you.”

Wang Meng dropped his sky piercer and used both hands to try and resist the blood grinder. Blood spilled from his mouth but he was still laughing: “You’re the shameless cowardly bastard!”

“You court death!” The black centipede opened its mouth. Its eyes flashed viciously, intending on swallowing Wang Meng.

Wang Meng bit his teeth, realizing that he needed to be struck by the grinder in order to avoid the poisonous monster.

“Boom!” He let go so the grinder smashed his head. The bloodied guy rolled all the way down the stage in order to escape the monster.

Liao Cheng was blinded with hatred and rushed down the stage in order to kill him.

Three disciples from the Martial Tower tried to help but they got swatted away like mosquitoes and became seriously injured, unable to get up.

“Stop me and die!” Liao Cheng’s murderous intent was too strong. The cultivators below retreated one by one, not wanting to be killed by this aura.

He stood on top of Wang Meng and stomped down, wanting to pierce through the guy’s chest.

“Whoosh!” Numerous mighty sword energies cut forward.

Just one technique contained more than 300 sword slashes. They became a prison to trap Liao Cheng.

Liao Cheng quickly retreated and blocked with his blood grinder. However, ten wounds were left on his face and arms. These sword slashes were strong enough to break through the defensive formations on his spirit treasure.

“Who?!” He touched the stream of blood running down his cheek and glared around.

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