Chapter 55: Grand Development Immortal Gate

Within the valley, the ghost shadows became more and more corporeal and ferociously horrible with exaggerated facial features. Some had eyes as big as a fist, some with teeth like steel plate, and some had long hairy ears.

They felt the presence from the Mortal Life Cavern underground, so they became increasingly crazy. Using their corrosive claws, they broke through the First Dark Origin Flame wall formed by Feng Feiyun and Feng Jianxue.


Inside the blinding brilliance, many flame sparks fragmented and fell down, burning the stones on the ground and creating a burning sound.


The crack in the ground widened even more. In the beginning, it was only as wide as a finger, then a palm, afterward was one meter, and finally it was wider than ten zhang.

It was just like a deep valley lying horizontally in front of them. The bottom was hazy and there were shrill screeches coming from the bottom like countless swords were flying below.

The entrance was suspended in the middle of the depths. On the entrance was an ancient stone tablet above the door with blue and red engravings:

“Mortal life has already ended, all existences will disappear.”

Many thousand years have passed, and the mundane world had changed; the months and years continued to alternate, so the ancient rune engravings had faded quite a bit. It was almost to the point of being unable to be seen clearly!

Above the entrance, a glossy brilliance was shot out from the crack, causing others to be alarmed. It was as if it was the light of the sun, not allowing others to direct stare at it.

“Ahh! What is it?”

Feng Jianxue, who was standing beside the crack, suddenly felt that from behind, there was a hand grabbing her neck. She couldn’t control her body, and she fell down below.


A piece of stone was trampled by her collapse. She released a white energy towards the above, wanting to fly back to the sky, but the power from below greatly exceeded her imagination; her white light was broken in a flash.

“What kind of monster is this?”

Feng Feiyun jumped down into the crack without any hesitation, and he grabbed Feng Jianxue’s hand. His other hand struck the wall, and the entire hand was drilled into the stone wall.

During this critical juncture, one could truly see the real thoughts of someone. Feng Feiyun knew that it was very dangerous below and there were hidden unknown creatures of terror, yet he still jumped to save her without any hesitation.

Could anyone else in the world do the same as him?

“And you still said you don’t like me?”

Feng Jianxue’s heart was extremely moved. She understood that she would be willing to die for Feiyun in the future.

This was a youngster’s first love, and love (foolish emotion) was not foolish!

“First let us go up, then talk!”

Feng Feiyun’s hands exerted energy, and the blood inside his body was like oil in a pan, producing frightening energy. He wanted to throw Feng Jianxue up to the surface.

However, at the same time, a gigantic palm seal from the depths flew upward. This palm struck Feng Feiyun’s chest. The power of this palm was enough to move the mountains and flip the oceans; it directly made his chest cave in, fresh blood began to trickle down in streams.

However, he still didn’t let go. The fresh blood dripped down from his arm, drop by drop, onto Feng Jianxue’s face.

He tightly gritted his teeth, and he once again exerted his strength.


A second palm seal from the depths flew upward; this palm seal was like a large black cloud. It directly hit Feng Feiyun, and it caused him to fly up one hundred meters. He then came crashing down back into the valley, creating a “bang” noise.

Dust flew up as his fall created a pit with a human shape.

“Your mother! Why is there such a powerful presence in the Jin Dynasty!”

Feng Feiyun wiped his butt, and he clutched his chest again, coughing up black blood.

He crawled towards the crack, looked down into the depths, and saw an invisible power from within, dragging Feng Jianxue into the Mortal Life Cavern.


Feng Feiyun felt something was trembling in his chest. It was issuing a bell-like sound similar to the sound of the bell used by Corpse Controllers.

“Bamboo block!”

The strenuous vibrating thing was the bamboo block that was as big as a palm. However, at this moment, the map engravings on the bamboo block were completely changed, and they move crookedly, forming the shape of a talisman in the end.

The words “Mortal Life Cavern” on the bamboo block also turned into “Mortal Life Talisman”.

“Could it this that this bamboo block… No, this Mortal Life Talisman will lead to an existence inside this cavern, that is why there is such a great frightening change in this place?”

Feng Feiyun felt that it was not only just this. There was certainly something else as well that he had experienced; however, couldn’t remember it at this moment.

At this moment, Feng Jianxue was dragged into the Mortal Life Cavern. It was unknown whether she was dead or alive. If he wanted to save her, the only choice was to rush into the Mortal Life Cavern.

Feng Feiyun wanted to enter, but, suddenly, he looked up and saw a chilling aura from above with an extraordinary presence.

“I can’t believe someone else had come here this quickly!”

Feng Feiyun hurriedly retreated to a corner in the valley that was filled with white mist. He wanted to let these people go first to scout.

“Older Brother Mu, this Little Brother feels that this bright light is an auspicious sign. Maybe a spirit treasure will appear soon.”

“If there was really a spirit treasure here and we managed to take it and gift it to our ancestor, then our positions in the Grand Development Immortal Gate would be even higher than the direct disciples.”

Two men wearing yellow apricot robes entered the valley from above, stomping on the rocks to quickly reach the ground.

Each of their steps firmly aimed for the protruding rocks with extreme speed. They very quickly stood upright on the ground.

These two were 27 to 28 years old with ancient magical swords on their backs. They were surrounded by a faint energy aura, like an armor protecting their bodies.

It was obvious to see that these two were very cautious.

The fog in the valley was extremely heavy. Even though they were at the early Immortal Foundation realm and considered to be experts of one domain, they only dared to maneuver forward step by step. They seemed to feel the ancient killing aura from the valley.

“Not good, Older Brother Mu. I feel that this place doesn’t look like one where an auspicious event will happen. On the contrary, it looks like an ancient fierce monster will come out from the ground.”

The voice of one of the men was shaking and he didn’t dare to step forward.

“It is indeed sinister. Earlier, I heard the sound of ghosts crying. Let’s get out of here, we’ll immediately leave this place and report to the sect’s elders.”

The two men were both experts, but their courage was limited. They just got to the valley, yet their feet were shrunken in fear. However, everything was too late.


Seven or eight black ghost shadows came out from the mist and surrounded these two, and they started to rush forward.

“Careful, kill!”

The two men had never met anything so strange before, and they were already frightened. Even though their hands held ancient swords, they felt that their hands were weak and legs were cramped. Ten parts of power and they couldn’t exert even three.


Even though their ancient swords cut through these ghost shadows, these ghost shadows immediately condensed together and clawed off one of the men’s ear.

“My ear! Older Brother Mu, save me, save me… It is over, it is over… Death for sure, death for sure…”

The man swung his sword wildly, releasing cluttered sword auras while he cried for help.

However, his Older Brother Mu was not doing any better than him. There were dozens of wounds on his body, and he was also sobbingly calling for help.

Feng Feiyun became more and more angry as he watched. In the end, he couldn’t hold it back and stepped forward, and he loudly scolded:

“The two of you are still experts at the Immortal Foundation rank, plus you have lived until this age; why is it that your heads cannot think?”

The two disciples from the Grand Development Immortal Gate were in exaltation! They were surprised to see someone else in the valley. It was like meeting a savior during the time of certain death.

“Senior, Senior, please save us. We are disciples of the Grand Development Immortal Gate, and our master is the sixth elder, Fa Hua Zi. If Senior saves us, we will surely repay you later.”

Feng Feiyun naturally heard the name of the Grand Development Immortal Gate before. This was a great power of the Grand Southern Prefecture, and its power could be comparable to the Feng Clan. Rumor has it that there were a few ten thousand disciples and characters of the elder ranking were more than three hundred.

More than three hundred elders yet their master was ranked the 6th, this means that the status of their master at the Grand Development Immortal Gate was very high with a great cultivation. By saving them, it was the same as forging a good relationship with a character like the sixth elder of the sect.

This business was definitely doable!

Feng Feiyun coughed twice, and he said:

“These ghost shadows are afraid of fire, you both could use the First Dark Origin Flame to attack them — that is how you force them back.”

The two disciples quickly gathered their energy and cast the First Dark Origin Flame. In a flash, they were able to force back the ghost shadows that eventually disappeared in the white mist.

“Haha! These ghost shadows couldn’t take one blow from me. Our great techniques are indeed unbeatable, slaying ghosts and slaying evils!”

The two burst out laughing, like two immortals. They no longer had the same appearance as when they were yelling for their father and mother like earlier.

“Senior! Thank you, Senior, for the rescue. This is merely a small token to show our respect.”

Older Brother Mu took out a piece of yellow stone from his chest, and he respectfully placed it in Feng Feiyun’s hand.

This yellow stone was the size of a fist, and its surface was coarse with a loose texture. It was seemingly ordinary, just like a random rock on the street.

Casually picking up a piece of rock, then gifting it to others, this really was… just a small token!

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