Chapter 549: Yao Ji

The arts of Yin Void were strange. Not only were they able to control these female corpses, but also allow their body to produce temperature, or even concealing the death energy and making them quite animated. Some forbidden techniques could make it so that even Giants can’t tell whether these girls were corpses or still-living.

Using these corpses was quite terrifying since they could easily assassinate men, killing them during moments of pleasure.

“Ergou, why do you know her name?” Ningshuai asked.

Feiyun coughed twice and spoke with a strange tone: “I’ve met her once.”

“Just once?” Ningshuai remained skeptical.

“You better not ask too much, I think this woman is trouble…” Feiyun felt a glance straight at him, even clearer than the divine intent earlier.

Yao Ji’s starry eyes slightly flashed as she halted her pace like a resting cloud. Her porcelain face slightly turned to stare at Feiyun for a bit. This beautiful look caused the nearby cultivators to fall down. They felt their bones paralyzed and body feeble.

Ningshuai shuddered: “Her, her eyes are quite frightening as if they can shoot out lightning. No men can resist her.”

Feiyun held his arm so the guy wouldn’t fall to the ground before stealing a glance at her. Despite the veiled hat, it seemed that she had recognized him.

Who knows what this mysterious girl was thinking?

She only looked at him briefly before smiling then left. Her aura was one of elegance and grace but it wasn’t enough to hide the seductive nature buried deep in her bones.

She climbed the stairs and entered a jade hall next to the stage. Despite being far gone, her rosy fragrance still lingered.

‘Why is she here?’ Feiyun watched her departing figure.

“Go, go, let’s go to that hall and have a talk with her.” The excited thief started pulling Feiyun.

Feiyun answered: “Only important or high-status people can go there, we can’t.”

Next to each stage was a jade hall. Only special people could enter, such as the big shots like sect masters. It was a good place to spectate.

Of course, powerful young overlords and young kings could enter as well before entering the stage.

Several handsome young kings quickly followed Yao Ji, completely charmed and wanted to get closer to her.

Ningshuai wanted to as well but he wasn’t qualified to enter. All the guy could do was sigh and stare in disappointment.

At this moment, two strong youths were fighting on the Golden stage. They were both first-level Heaven’s Mandate with a defensive aura for protection. Talismans and lightning bolts were flying everywhere.

It didn’t take long before one lost, being penetrated by a lightning bolt then sent flying by a palm strike. He fell all the way down the stairs.

“Let’s go!” In this blink of an eye, several hundred youths all jumped up the steps, squeezing and exchanging blows to get to the top.

In the end, only one bearded individual rushed to the top. The stage’s runes sealed the entrances again and everyone else backed off.

Just reaching the stage wasn’t easy. Many cultivators were laying on the stone steps, completely bloodied with wounds.

“Haha, I’m still the fastest!” The newcomer was almost three meters tall with long hair everywhere. He was quite muscular, each muscle was as hard as steel. His weapon of choice was a sky piercer as thick as a bowl. Each of his steps was explosive.

Feiyun and Ningshuai felt that the guy looked quite familiar. It was Wang Meng!

After a few years, the guy grew even taller and virtually unrecognizable.

“I am a member of Wanxiang, a direct disciple of the Martial Tower Lord. The name’s Wang Man, let’s have a good match.” He smiled and told his opponent.

Ningshuai couldn’t believe his own eyes: “Damn, what the hell did he eat? Why do I feel that his cultivation is beyond the young generation.”

“In fact, he’s not even seventeen yet.” Feiyun found this hard to swallow as well: “He’s still at the growing stage and will probably be even taller.


His opponent was an excellent disciple from Earthchild. He donned a white robe with an old sword engraved with spirit stones: “Why is there a barbarian here at the tournament for the imperial groom position? You think you can marry Princess Luofu looking like that?”

Wang Man laughed heartily: “I’m not here to marry the princess, only to help my Martial Uncle regain his throne.” 

“Who is your Martial Uncle?” The white-robed youth asked.

Wang Man felt a sense of respect when talking about this person. He arched his chest full of hair and declared: “My Martial Uncle is the number one genius of Jin, the demon’s son, Feng Feiyun!”

This was met with laughter from the cultivators below.

Even the youth sneered: “Haha! Number one genius, my ass, the guy is dead, not a single piece of him is left.”

Wang Man became infuriated and shouted in response: “Motherfucker, say another word, I dare you!”

The thunderous shout caused the youth to stagger three steps backward. His ears were still ringing.

He replied with a grave tone: “Geniuses all have providence and fate protecting them and wouldn’t die that easily. Feiyun’s death shows that his providence isn’t strong enough, same with his talents.”

“Motherfucker, you are courting death. Your father’s Martial Uncle is a hero, not someone the likes of you can talk about!” Wang Man’s hair stood on end from rage.

The youth mocked again: “Hero my ass. He just got lucky from being chosen by the previous Divine King, just a scum, so many people wanted him dead.”

“Motherfucker, you’re just jealous because my Martial Uncle has a Nine Dragon Pillar!” [1]

Feiyun almost fell to the ground after hearing this. This Wang Man fella didn’t hold back at all. Who the hell spread this rumor about me?

Wang Man rushed forward with a golden glow and a massive force of energy.

“Boom!” This charge alone blew the guy flying as if struck by a mountain. Half of his bones broke; the guy vomited blood before falling on the ground, on the verge of death.

Wang Man’s physical strength was unbelievable. This was no joke.

“There! Who else got something to say?! Come!” Wang Han shouted again and intimidated all the spectators.

“Whoosh!” A person made it to the stage using his flying sword. His skin was as white as snow with hands covered in fire and had a protective glow. However, the guy didn’t even land on the stage because Wang Man sent him flying with a punch. The guy’s chest was a bloody mess and landed several hundred meters away just like a dead dog.

Wang Man was born with immense physical prowess so his fists contained a massive amount of power. Few could stop a single punch from him.


Inside the jade hall next to the Golden stage. Yao Ji with her flawless appearance stood next to a vermillion balcony like a lotus flower. She asked gently: “How have you been, Princess?”

In the corner was an ethereal expanse with rains and rays. One could barely make out a slender figure within.

“It’s you!” Princess Luofu replied with a voice as pleasant as a yellow oriole.

Yao Ji smiled and continued: “Indeed. I know you are troubled so I am here to help, Princess.”

A draconic aura was dancing around the princess. She proudly said: “You can’t help me with this matter. I’m at an absolute disadvantage right now, there’s no reversing the tide.”

“Not necessarily. Princess, you need to understand something, your biggest ace card remains.” Yao Ji smiled.


Yao Ji’s eyes became profound as she slowly uttered three words: “Feng Feiyun.”

The princess sighed, not something she would do often: “Feiyun is indeed someone who can change the tides at the capital, but he’s dead now.”

Yao Ji started twirling her hair and revealed a mysterious smile: “But no one has seen his body.”

“The Divine King’s Order was taken from the lava, that’s enough proof.”

Yao Ji shook her head: “The Infinite Spirit Ring is a sacred treasure of Senluo Temple, that fire formation couldn’t have refined it, but where is it now?”

The princess slightly narrowed her eyes, seemingly contemplating.

“He has at least three treasures that can’t be refined but none are found. Haha, he wouldn’t die that easily, this is just a cicada shedding its carapace.” 

The princess replied: “Infinite Spirit Ring is a sacred treasure of the Senluo Temple? How do you know this? You seem to know quite a bit about him.”

“Haha, we got some guests now.” Yao Ji looked just like a beautiful saintess from a daoist gate.

However, the princess knew who she was and wouldn’t trust her so easily, always remaining on guard.

 “Thump, thump!” Three handsome young kings climbed up the jade hall, all looking quite cool. These were the young lords of their sects; their ornaments and accessories were quite precious. They all stared at Yao Ji’s back with a fiery glare as if they were looking at a goddess.

1. Big penis

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