Chapter 547: Feng Ergou’s Odds

This was Feiyun’s first time in a place like this. He looked around only to see people everywhere.

On the walls of this palace were many jade plaques listing the betting odds.

“Li Xiaonan to the second round, 50 to 1.”

“Xiyue Lanshan to the second round, 10 to 1.”

“Mu Xingzi getting first place of the competition, 1 to 10.”

“Beiming Potian getting first place of the competition, 1 to 3.”

There were too many odds and potential bets here. The workers continued to change the plaques because new information would result in new odds.

“The young lord of the Dark Realm, Mu Xingzi, had killed forty-three people today on stage, two were young kings too. Their blood stained the stage and horrified the crowd.”

“Looks like his odds for first place needs to be changed.”

It was 1 to 10 at the start, now it was 1 to 8.

Feiyun sat down and listened to the discussions, finding out more about the competition.

Bi Ningshuai suddenly squeezed into this group and shouted: “I bid 1,000 stones for Prince Hong Ye to be number one, another 1,000 on Beiming Potian for number one.”

This was a monstrous sum, enough to stun the crowd. The entire hall became quiet.

Who the hell was this big-headed monk? A genius from the Buddhist doctrine?

A pretty girl in uniform spoke softly: “Young… Noble, the current odds for Prince Hong Ye is 1 to 4, and Beiming Potian is 1 to 3, these odds might change later but your bet won’t, are you sure?”

“Of course! Gambling requires decisiveness, if I want any longer, their odds will go even lower and that’s no good.” Ningshuai confidently said.

He then got the receipts and went towards Feiyun: “You don’t want to play all sides?”

Feiyun smiled and said: “Why are you so sure that these two can get first place?”

“I did a lot of careful thinking. Why am I not betting on Li Xiaonan? Because I know he wants to marry the fourth lady of the Yin Gou so he isn’t interested in the princess. Why not Dongfang Jingshui? Because I know he only wants to fight, this madman doesn’t care to become the number one. It’s different for Prince Hong Ye and Beiming Potian. They are very interested in Princess Luofu and the Divine King position so they’ll go all out. That’s why their probability of success is higher.”

Feiyun rubbed his nose and said: “Not bad, but wrong about one thing.”


“Li Xiaonan and Dongfang Jingshui will never accept defeat even if they don’t care for the prizes. It’s one thing if they don’t participate, but when they do, they will want to win. This is the mind of a master.” Feiyun said.

Ningshuai was slightly taken aback. He pondered before saying: "Makes sense, makes sense."

The guy then ran off towards the counter again and bid another 1,000 stones each for Li Xiaonian and Dongfang Jingshui.

When he returned, Feiyun shook his head again: “Not worth it, not worth it at all.”

“Why not? Didn’t you say they would go all out? Why the hell did you wait until after I already bet on them?” Ningshuai was mad, thinking that Feiyun had played him.

Feiyun said slowly: “Look, Prince Hong Ye is the only one at 1 to 4 odds. The rest is 1 to 3. You spent a total of 4,000 stones on them, but only one of them can win. If Prince Hong Ye wins, you can get your investment back at 4,000, but if the other three win, you will lose 1,000.”

Ningshuai became frozen before shouting: “Motherfucker, what did I ever do to you?! No wonder why that pretty girl smiled at me when I made the bet, and here I fucking thought that she likes me!”

He leaped for Feiyun, wanting to strangle him again.

Feiyun slightly moved and appeared behind him then laughed: “It’s your fault for betting on other people, clearly showing zero confidence in me.”

Ningshuai was crying now: “Your father will lose even more if I bet on you.”

The others were all half-step monsters, the top of the young generation. Ningshuai would naturally bet on them instead of Feiyun.

“Sigh, let me show you how to properly profit from this.”

He walked over to the counter and placed a spirit stone on the table: “Pretty Miss, I want to bet one stone on Feng Ergou, what is the odds?”

Ningshuai sneered in the back, thinking that this guy was too cheap. How much was he going to make betting only one stone?

The plaques on the wall only consisted of famous prodigies, at least at the young king level.

The name Feng Ergou was too unknown so he wasn’t on the wall at all. He had no odds.

But if someone wanted to bet on him, the betting hall naturally needed to come up with one.

Someone went to check out and sure enough, Feng Ergou was a participant. The odds became 1 to 30.

The assessors were all smart enough. Though they knew that this guy had no chance of winning, they didn’t want to go too high because if something unexpected were to happen, their betting hall would bankrupt.

The pretty girl carved up another jade plaque and said: “Young Noble, Feng Ergou’s odds of getting past the first round is 1 to 30. In other words, your bet of one stone will yield thirty, if you were to win.”

“That’s a good ratio just for passing the first round.” Feiyun chuckled and directly took out 10,000 stones: “Then I’ll add another 10,000!”

Many cultivators in the hall immediately looked over.

10,000 was a massive sum. Only big powers like the four great clans could afford this amount.

The girl was frightened, not because she hasn’t seen such a big sum before but because this guy was betting on someone like Feng Ergou: “10… 10,000 spirit stones…”

Feiyun wore a hat with a veil to hide his face, so he looked quite mysterious right now.

If this guy were to win, the gambling hall would need to pay him 300,000 stones.

Ningshuai finally understood Feiyun’s plan. He started with one stone so that the hall wouldn’t care too much when coming up with the odds.

If he were to start with 10,000 stones, the odds would have been much worse for him - lower profit in the end.

This treacherous fella!

Since the odds have been made, the hall could only change it for succeeding bets. Reneging this would destroy their reputation.

The upper echelon of the place was shocked and got a headache. Everyone could see that this Feng Ergou was definitely a master. It was too late to change their mind now. The only way to prevent this was to use other means to stop Feng Ergou from getting to round two.

After they took Feiyun’s 10,000 stones, the odds immediately changed from 1 to 30 down to 2 to 1. Nevertheless, many still placed a bet on Feng Ergou.

Meanwhile, Feiyun had left the hall. Ningshuai happily caught up to him a bit later.

Feiyun curiously asked: “Don’t tell me you betted too?”

“Haha, of course, 5,000 spirit stones, but I’m even smarter than you. I bet for you to win it all, best friend! Is that showing enough trust?!” His face looked crazy from laughing so hard.

The 2 to 1 odds wasn’t that profitable so Ningshuai chose something else.

Feiyun smiled: “What’s the odds for that?”

“Not much, just 1 to 20.” Ningshuai raised two fingers and laughed: “If I win, I’ll make 100,000 stones, goddamn! I’m such a good boy!”

Feiyun suddenly stopped and awkwardly coughed: “Well… first, let’s not even talk about whether I can win or not…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, that ratio is good enough to warrant the risk.” Ningshuai was still jubilant.

“What I’m saying is that when I win, my identity will be revealed, but my name is Feng Feiyun while you bet on Feng Ergou…” Feiyun spoke as if apologizing.

Of course he also thought about betting for the number one spot, but it was safer to just bet on qualifying for the second round, getting money before an identity exposure.

“Why… why didn’t you tell me this earlier?! Motherfucker, you did it on purpose again!” Ningshuai stood there, frozen. His soul was leaving his body and the guy eventually erupted in fury.

He almost took out the Blood-being Exalted Pot after being tricked so badly this time!

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