Chapter 545: Numerous Monsters

Feiyun naturally had his own plans. If Beiming Moshou wanted to play, he’ll entertain him till the very end.

He and Ningshuai went their separate ways after leaving the spirit stone store.

The thief naturally wanted to see Xie Honglian after such a big event. Who knows what she could be doing right now?

Feiyun also wanted to see someone, wondering if she was still here at the capital.

While they were down in the dragon vein, Feiyun had taken another essence pill so his cultivation had soared. This pill was only at the fourth rank so just refining one wasn’t enough to break through.

Nevertheless, he wasn’t far from the fourth level of Heaven’s Mandate at all. He took in another pill while heading for Supreme Beauty.

‘Probably five pills and I’ll be at the fourth level, who will be able to stop me among the young generation then?’ He thought.

The main street in the capital was still covered in snow and the rays of the moon. Feiyun stood before Supreme Beauty with a long shadow behind him.

Tomorrow was the groom competition so all the geniuses were preoccupied. The normally lively pavilion looked deserted now.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun flashed into disappearance before emerging again below a floating palace.

In the red hall was a lamp. When Feiyun got there, it extinguished right away.

“He’s here, right below.” Hongyan wanted to rush out but stopped herself at the door.

“I thought he was dead?” Xue Wu asked.

Hongyan shook her head: “I can sense his aura.”

“Then why don’t you go out and see him? You know your heart wants it, hiding here isn’t your style.”

Hongyan had a complicated look in her eyes and shook her head again. She took out a sealed box and said: “Take this to him.”


Feiyun waited outside in spite of the chilling winds. A while later, a red figure landed down from above. Black hair, white skin, incredible figure - a temptress.

Xue Wu smiled, a sound that could rob the heart and inhibition of men. Her thin waist swayed back and forth as she walked over: “Everyone thought Your Excellency was dead, but no one knows how hard it is to kill a villain.”

Her shoulders were naked, exuding a sweet fragrance and temptation.

Feiyun ignored the joke: “Where is Hongyan? Why is she not coming out to see me?”

“Big Sis had left the pavilion.” She gently touched Feiyun’s face with her soft hand, seemingly without bones.

“To where?”

“I don’t know, she left too quickly, leaving behind only this box to give to you.” She answered in a dull manner before taking the box out.

It was made out of extremely rare metal with a red color, covered with a seal on top with the shape of a spider and a white glow.

Feiyun’s eyes became serious. He took it and wanted to break the seal.

“No, wait. She said that you can only open this during the most perilous and desperate moment. It’s useless opening it now, you must listen!” She quickly stopped him.

Feiyun looked at her then the floating palace: “Alright, I won’t. Did Hongyan tell you anything else?”

“No?” She smiled.


Xue Wu replied: “Oh! Sister said, don’t forget about your promise. Men who do not keep their words are not good men. And, what promise did you two make? Don’t tell me it’s about eloping?”

“I can’t tell you.” Feiyun chuckled before looking at the palace again, feeling slightly disappointed before leaving.

“Eloping! Eloping!” Xue Wu laughed and repeated.


Nangong Hongyan’s white dress was perfectly clean; her figure impeccable like a goddess.

The sharp, chilling winds carved into this beauty full of schemes and love.

No one knew how lonely she was; the only thing greater than this was her love. She was a woman who wanted a shoulder to lean on, like a tired bird wanting a nest amidst the storm.

She watched Feiyun’s back as he was leaving and didn’t move at all just like a gorgeous sculpture.

As he was leaving, he could faintly hear the sound of the zither, beautiful beyond words. It was as if she was becoming one with him, granting him warmth and love - akin to a soldier barely surviving the battlefield to return to his home and his wife’s embrace.

There was no way to describe this sensation - pure bliss and happiness.

Feiyun stopped for a long time to try to listen to the zither and her voice. He was covered in snow before the song ended and finally left.


“More than half of all the geniuses in Jin will participate, more than ten historical geniuses and countless young kings.”

“The enrollment was today and there were some strange experts. I think they’re from the other dynasties.”

“It’s just noon and more than ten thousand prodigies from all over the world have joined.”

The stage was set in the capital city, organized by the Three Directors and Nine Ministers. This was indeed a potential storm.

Many battle-crazed monsters left their isolated cultivation to join the gathering of heroes.

“Historical geniuses aren’t necessarily unbeatable at the same level.” Ji Feng wore a white daoist robe while holding a whisker, looking transcending like an immortal. His third eye could gather the power of the moon. 

No one could handle a single move from him. Twelve combatants have been defeated by him at noon.

Though he wasn’t a historical genius, his combat abilities looked even greater.

Another character shocked the scene with his black wings and four hands. The guy had a mysterious background on top of being at the fifth level. He wasn’t a historical genius either but strong enough to handle ten moves from a half-step without losing.

This meant that historical geniuses weren’t necessarily the big shots among the young generation.

This title only indicated their talents and potential, not their current strength.

A historical genius that had cultivated for ten years might not be stronger than a heaven-defying genius who had cultivated for thirty. In Jin, anyone below the age of fifty was considered part of the young generation.

Another mysterious contender appeared a while later. This one had a body made out of mud, not much taller than one-and-a-half meter. A cloud floated above him and the ground touched by his step would turn into mud.

A peak fifth-level from the last generation wanted to figure him out with a provocation. This guy got turned into a pool of blood from a single palm strike to his chest. This was another unfathomable prodigy that was unknown to everyone.

Jin was large with many inhabitants. Many ancient sects were hidden in the mountains and marshes, not interacting with others for several thousand years. The appearance of these prodigies wasn’t too surprising.

There were plenty of monsters around, such as Little Demoness. She didn’t need to try and still had a matchless cultivation speed.

Ultimately, battle prowess wasn’t only determined by cultivation talents. A few people with strong will and special merit laws could catch up to the historical geniuses.

These new monsters were nearly as strong as half-step Giants; all the historical geniuses felt pressured after seeing them.

“Dongfang Jingshui is here too? He wants to marry Princess Luofu and become the next king?” Someone shouted in astonishment.

Jingshui was imposing with an evil city floating above him. He smiled and said: “How can I miss this gathering of heroes? I don’t care about the princess and the king’s position, only wanting to find an opponent who can take me on!”

Truly arrogant! Many prodigies weren’t convinced.

One of them signaled and an old escort behind him jumped out and unleashed a strike with seven dragon-tigers.

Jingshui retaliated, successfully repelling the old man.

“Damn! Dongfang Jingshui can take on a half-step now!”

People glanced at each other. That’s the number one of the Yin Gou for you. Who can actually take him down when he was so strong?

Nevertheless, the truly formidable combatants only became excited after seeing Jingshui’s display of strength. They wanted to fight him as soon as possible so their auras surged too.

“Haha! Today is only the sign-up day. We’ll fight on the stage, as long as you are qualified to do so.” Jingshui boldly left.

“Cousin, looks like Dongfang Jingshui is at the fifth-level too, he’ll be a tough rival for you.” Long Shenya smiled and said.

Beiming Potian opened his eyes, emitting a terrible glint and confidence: “My victory is assured. I’ll stomp down both Dongfang Jingshui and Li Xiaonan.”

The first day was exciting due to the level of competition. All were at the top of the young generation.

Feiyun also came by to sign up in the evening with the name, Feng Ergou.

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