Chapter 544: Divine River Guard

There existed an old spirit-stone store in the Jin Capital. It resembled an old fortress and exuded a sad aura.  Around five workers sat around a small smelter, watching a pile of ores of various sizes.

Spirit stones were an essential type of resources in the cultivation world. Everyone needed them after reaching a particular level. The subdivisions and stores that sold spirit stones always had big powers backing them.

However, this particular one looked quite shabby, making others skeptical about its business.

Tonight, two shadows landed right outside; their feet not touching the ground. They wore big bamboo hats that covered their face. The runes carved on them prevented divine intents from spying.

“This place?” The shorter one asked.

“That’s right.” The muscular one quietly answered. One could tell that he was still quite young.

All workers stared at these two customers. One round-faced worker with a gray robe ran over. His clumsy pace indicated his weak cultivation.

He was up there in age and grew up to be tall and thin. He smiled cheerfully: “Sirs, our store is closed, please come back tomorrow!”

“Boom!” The muscular man suddenly attacked. His five fingers lit up with more than ten thousand waves of violet energy shot out like an ocean towards the worker’s chest.

There was no warning! This was definitely an expert at the fourth level of Heaven’s Mandate at least. This strike was strong enough to crush a small hill.

The energy waves connected but acted like boulders being thrown into the ocean. All the energy disappeared without a trace.

If anyone else were to see this, they would be scared out of their mind. Just a regular worker was this powerful, easily dispelling an attack from a fourth-level cultivator? This meant that he must at least be at the half-step level.

A half-step was normally a big shot in this region, why would he be willing to work in this shabby place? 

It meant that there were secrets hidden in this particular store. It wasn’t large with only around twenty workers. However, the most ordinary-looking one was already so powerful, what about the rest then?

The smelter was still burning but everyone stopped their task, turning their sharp gaze towards the two intruders.

“Whoosh!” It only took one second for the workers to completely surround the two.

One person closed the main entrance. A primordial cosmic formation originated from the gate and enveloped the entire place with an invisible barrier.

The two intruders stood there calmly, looking quite cool.

The first worker patted the dust off his chest. The smile was gone now, replaced by a murderous intent as he interrogated: “Who are you?”

A cauldron appeared above him with more than ten thousand green rays coming out. This massive aura froze the air.

The muscular one replied: “The sun is beyond the sky vault.”

These words seemed like a spell, causing all the “workers” to look at each other with a surprised expression.

A wooden door inside the place opened. An old man wearing a worn-out robe full of patches came out. His hair was white with a beard long enough to touch the ground. However, his skin was as smooth as a baby; his eyes brighter than the stars. He quietly asked: “Where the galaxy presides. You are?”

Feiyun took off his black hat and posed with both hands behind his back. He looked around and said: “You are the captain of the Divine River Forbidden Guard?”

These two mysterious men were naturally Feng Feiyun and Bi Ningshuai. They immediately came here after leaving the dragon vein.

This store was a secret location known only by the Divine Kings.

“Greetings, Your Excellency!” The old man lowered his head while the rest of the workers got on their knees with reverence.

Each sect always had hidden ace cards that normally never saw the light of day, for example, the five camps of the Beiming.

These mysterious forces were loyal like trained death-squad soldiers. They wouldn’t appear until an existential crisis had occurred.

The Divine King faction has been around for six thousand years. Each king was an amazing character who secretly trained these forces. Otherwise, how were they going to control the entire dynasty?

The three marquises and the martial army were only the very surfaces of a great glacier. If a power wanted to survive, they couldn’t display everything in full view.

The Divine River Forbidden Guard were loyalists trained by the seventh-generation king, Long Chuanfeng. Few in number but powerful.

Of course, these workers were only one part of this guard. The rest maintained different facade and status; only the Divine King could summon them. All in all, there were about fifty men; all masters among masters.

“Your servant’s name is Qu Changyin, the current captain of this generation.” The old man still bowed without lifting his head.

Feiyun’s eyes lit ablaze as he utilized the phoenix gaze to look at the old man. He couldn’t see the guy’s cultivation, meaning that he was a Giant.

There were few Giants since normally, only one out of ten half-steps would reach the next level.

For example, the Fire God Camp of the Beiming were all half-steps and up but they had less than ten Giants. This was the most powerful ace card of the Beiming, a top power in Jin. From this, one could see how rare Giants were.

“Everyone, you may rise.” Feiyun ordered.

Changyin said: “Your Excellency, this way please.”

Feiyun nodded and followed him. However, Ningshuai was blocked out. Changyin asked with a serious tone: “Your Excellency, who is this man?”

“It’s fine, let him in.” Feiyun casually replied.

Remember, the Divine River was only one branch of the faction’s hidden powers.

There had been seven kings, and Divine River was only the organization created by the seventh.

The former six have also started their own secret forces that have lasted till the present. The strongest among them have existed for six thousand years, just how strong was it now?

Nevertheless, Feiyun wasn’t worried about their loyalty. The kings weren’t idiots. If they couldn’t trust these people to protect their descendants, they wouldn’t have chosen them and established certain rules to maintain the status quo.

This was the reason why Feiyun brought Ningshuai along without fear.

“Your Excellency, how did you make it out?” The old man asked.

Feiyun told a short version: “That’s what happened. Oh right, who was the first to come to the mansion?”

“I came running after noticing the development, but the mansion was already a sea of lava by that point. I saw the Crown Prince and a few cultivators from the Beiming Clan there first. They found the King’s Order then.”

“Long Shenya, huh.” Feiyun sneered.

“Motherfucker!” Ningshuai slapped his thigh and said.

Feiyun asked again: “Where is the King’s Order right now?”

“Shenya gave it to the Jin Emperor so it’s at the palace. However, everyone thought you were dead, Your Excellency, so the emperor has ordered that the winner of the groom selection has a chance to become the next Divine King.”

In order to become the Divine King and control the order, one must perform the ceremonial rite at the shrine, then with the help of the royal ancestors, this person would do the blood recognition ceremony next.

“When is it?” Feiyun said.

“Tomorrow will be the first day.” The old man responded.

Feiyun’s eyes shifted around, seemingly contemplating.

The old man asked: “Do you wish to meet the emperor to take the order back?”

“No, the capital’s situation is complicated and dangerous, even the emperor can’t control it right now. I might be able to get the order back, but everyone else will know that I’m still alive. My murderers will continue the pursuit so nothing good will come out of it.” He deduced.

“You mean?”

“Stay in the shadows and watch the developments.”

“Wouldn’t the winner of the competition becomes the new Divine King?” 

 “Then I’ll join in at that point to seize the role again.”

Of course he needed to participate, mainly because of Princess Luofu.

It was fine to reveal his identity at that point. Furthermore, people also thought that Princess Yue had died. Thus, it was logical for him, the Divine King, to want to marry another princess.

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