Chapter 543: Upheaval

The Incinerating Flame Grand Formation’s re-appearance destroying the mansion was a shocking development.

“I’ve been thinking that something big will happen soon, so spot on. Can’t believe the Divine King’s mansion was destroyed. Looks like the chaos is spreading here too.”

“What a shame for a generational genius, dead just like that, not a single bone remained.”

“You’re talking about the demon’s son, Feng Feiyun?”

“Right. This person has an extraordinary gift, just needing four to five years before being able to contest against the older historical geniuses, no, it’s pretty much unprecedented. Just imagine what could have been?”

“Being too talented will bring about jealousy, no one will let him mature. This sudden death is predictable.”

Everywhere were discussions about the crime earlier. 

“Someone found the King’s Order from the lava, still with demon blood. Even the flame couldn’t burn this particular blood.”

“Feiyun’s life was worth living, extremely talented and became the King before hitting twenty, even the prettiest in the world is in love with him. That’s a death with no regrets.”

“I heard Nangong Hongyan ran there and saw people from the Beiming Clan fishing up the King’s Order and nearly fainted on the spot. She left in full dejection.”

“Princess Yue died too. When her princess jade got found and brought to the palace, I heard Consort Ji dropped down and vomited blood, still bedridden right now.”

Not just the capital but the other great powers far away got this information as well.


Beastmaster Camp, a sacred ground of Buddhism.

A place with verdant hills and green waters - Buddhist temples and pagodas. The bells were ringing in this place covered in mist and fog.

In a particular hall, Nalan Xuejian held the messaging jade and cried her heart out before running outside.

Monk Jiu Rou stopped her and said: “I knew that brat wouldn’t live long, just like my calculation..”

“It’s because of you cursing him every day before Buddha! It’s all your fault, how are you going to make it up to me?!” Tears dripped down her fair cheeks.

“That brat is a scourge, a woman-killer. His death will only bring peace. Will you cultivate Buddhism with me now?” It has been an hour since the news of Feiyun’s death and the monk almost broke his jaw from laughing.

“He’s definitely not dead! Not before his time!” She whimpered.

“How do you know?”

“He wouldn’t leave without telling me in my dream, he wouldn’t do that without saying goodbye to me… That’s impossible…”

Having said that, she leaped for the wall, head-first, eyes full of despair.

However, she didn’t slam on the wall but rather the monk’s stomach.

He looked at her appearance and lamented to himself: ‘Poor, idiotic child.’

He consoled: “If he didn’t tell you in your dream, it means that he’s not dead, so why try to seek death?”

Her tears flowed even more. She bit her lips and pitifully said: “He knows I’m afraid of ghosts so he doesn’t want to scare me, that must be why he didn’t let me know. He, he might actually be dead…”

“If you’re afraid of ghost, then stop thinking about the kid. I’m getting afraid myself the more we talk about him.” The monk said.

“I’m not afraid right now…” She became pale, not a single tinge of pink was found on her cheeks.

“Because it’s daylight…” The monk suddenly realized something and grabbed her shoulders: “Little girl, you!”

“Of course I won’t be afraid since I’ll be joining him… He probably hasn’t gone very far yet, if I’m… lucky, we’ll meet.. Along the Yellow River… At that time… I’ll definitely surprise and scare him… cough… haha…” Blood dripped out the corner of her smile as her pretty eyes slowly closed.

The monk grabbed her wrist and found it cold. Her meridians and veins were destroyed as her life was passing away. Only the six Buddhist relics inside her were still bright. Alas, their light was dimming as well.

“What a foolish child, foolish beyond cure…” The monk shook his head and took out a dazzling pill to put it in her mouth. He gathered a massive amount of Buddhist energy and placed his hand on her back to stimulate the life force in the relics.


Outside the capital was a sea of white garments, even whiter than the snow, and sadder.

A sad bell echoed across the city. The death of a Divine King and a princess meant a great funeral.

“How lamentable! The peerless Divine King Feng was unprecedentedly talented but passed away too early, a great loss to Jin and the court…” Beiming Moshou wore a white hat and began to cry and lament, sighing at the sky. It was as if his own father had died.

The other officials had a serious expression; some also cried just like Beiming Moshou.

“Princess Yue, elegant and magnificent, have been harmed by villains. I heard Consort Ji is still bedridden, so I specifically brought a 6,000-year-old violet lingzhi, hoping that it can help her become better and forget the sorrow.” Moshou said with a sad expression before giving a root exuding a violet glow to the main eunuch of the palace.

Long Shenya wore a bitter expression and was on the verge of sobbing: “Little Sister Cangyue never got a chance to stay in the capital and experienced much hardship during her youth. Who would have thought that this would happen before she could enjoy life here…” 

He paused a bit, unable to speak, before continuing: “I came running after hearing the news but it was too late and could only found her jade seal.” 

“Crown Prince, is your hand alright?” A marquis asked with concern.

His hand was full of burn marks with flames still ravaging it. He spread his robe and revealed the injuries and more flames on the upper-half of his body. He whimpered again: “I tried my best, but I couldn’t save my little sister…”

The officials began consoling him. His mood eventually got better and was replaced with fury: “If I find out who the mastermind behind this is, I will make them pay with blood!”

“Why are you looking at me?” Princess Luofu scowled.

Long Shenya said: “I investigated right away, many people saw you coming out of the Divine King’s mansion before the fact.”

This comment stirred the crowd. Everyone glanced over at Princess Luofu.

Beiming Moshou said with a serious tone: “Crown Prince, this statement can’t be made lightly.”

Shenya continued: “Grand Chancellor, I am not baseless here. Luofu, did you or did you not leave that mansion early morning today?”

She met everyone’s gazes: “I did.”

“Why were you there?” He interrogated.

“...” The princess had no response.

“Isn’t this too much of a coincidence? What’s your explanation for secretly leaving the western gate of the mansion?” He repeated.

She naturally couldn’t reveal that she had slept with Feng Feiyun last night. How was she going to explain this, thus, she only stood there silently.

The aged Grand Preceptor, Dongfang Hanlin, coughed and said: “The western gate is desolate with no inhabitants, how do you know that she left from that entrance?”

“Well…” Shenya naturally couldn’t say that he had surrounded the mansion by that point. He powerfully said: “Nothing can be kept a secret forever. Luofu thought that her cultivation and stealth were good enough to trick everyone, but people still found out. There is no escaping from justice.”

Her expression turned cold: “You think I am the one who gave the order to destroy the mansion?”

“I didn’t say that, but I did find out that you and Northern Frontier, Yin Void Cave, and Solar Immortal Sect from Earthchild are very close. Who doesn’t know that Solar is the greatest sect in the world at using fire?” Having said that, Shenya got on his knees and addressed the emperor: “These are all just speculations of mine, but my little sister can’t die in vain. Emperor, please investigate this and do not let the murderers leave the capital alive.”

It didn’t take long before Princess Luofu became the prime suspect.

Beiming Moshou also stepped forward: “I’m sure that this has nothing to do with the princess. The Crown Prince is just grief-stricken and emotional right now so his words are out of line.”

“Luofu, what do you have to say?” The emperor asked.

“I have nothing to do with the massacre at the mansion.” The princess answered.

Moshou asked again: “What about the groom selection tomorrow, do we…”

“Just as before. The funerals for the Divine King and Princess Yue will commence afterward.”

Luofu’s expression soured, this meant that the emperor had suspected her.

Of course, the emperor wasn’t foolish enough to think that she was the one who had done it after hearing a few words from Moshou and Shenya.

Nevertheless, this was a slap to the royal family’s face. The world would laugh at them, so the groom selection was necessary as a distraction.

This event must carry on and the groom no longer mattered. Most importantly, she had lost in the competition for the throne.

Though no one could prove that she was the killer, the skepticism and suspicion were there. It was useless even if the emperor believed in her innocence. She wouldn’t have enough support after sitting on the throne.

Thus, he had no choice but to abandon her. Finally, he ordered the Three Directors and Nine Ministers to take care of the groom selection while raising the stake. The winner would have the chance to become the new Divine King as well.

The capital became lively again with this grand event and fewer people talked about the massacre. What was the point talking about the dead?

Marrying the prettiest princess on top of becoming the Divine King? All prodigies felt their blood boiling with excitement.

The seniors from the great powers also began their preparation, taking out their best treasures and weapons - the ones strong enough to destroy a sect - all to win this incoming battle.

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