Chapter 542: The Shocked Capital

The air became hot as the ground cracked as a visible rate. Water vapor eventually turned into white mist.

The assassins and death squad members in the sad mansion began to retreat. The radius became quiet, frighteningly quiet.

“What’s going on? Is lava about to ooze out?” Ningshuai’s shoes ignited into flame so he got them off. But next, his trousers were burning as well. His bare feet were sizzling on the ground.

Cangyue’s eyes flashed as she stared at the sky, recognizing a burning flame above the boundless horizon. It scorched with an unbelievable temperature and was on a downward trajectory just like a meteor.

The temperature increased, suffocating all combatants. They felt as if the sky was caving in.

The entire capital could finally sense this as if they were inside a cauldron; the world itself was being refined.

Powerful cultivators looked up and saw the falling sun. The capital was the cauldron and the world was on the verge of becoming lava.

Cangyue took a deep breath: “Incinerating Flame Grand Formation by numerous seniors. They want to refine the entire mansion.”

Feiyun’s knowledge about Jin was limited to the books, not a match for an elite from a clan like her. He asked: “What is it?”

Ningshuai’s legs were trembling with fear: “This is a forbidden formation that can destroy everything. It had only happened three times in the history of Jin, and killed a pseudo Enlightened Being in one of them. The reason why Earthchild Prefecture has a scorched land for 800 miles is because of this formation. It’s still burning right now for over a thousand years.”

“It would disappear without a trace afterward, no one knows where it came from.” Her expression hardened.

“Looks like we’re done for.” Ningshuai couldn’t smile at this moment, feeling weak all over.

Feiyun continued: “Even the seal left by the first king can’t break it?”

“The king himself might not be able to get out alive.” She said.

The power of heat soared and rose. The soil and mud were on fire now. The palaces made out of wood have been rendered to ashes.

This was an apocalyptic scene with the sky red. Lava oozed out of the ground to melt the place.

“Who?! Why do they hate me so much?! If I know who they are, I swear I’ll rob the graves of their eighteen generations of ancestors!” Ningshuai shouted at the sky.

Cangyue sneered: “They want to kill me and Feiyun, this has nothing to do with you.”

Ningshuai started to cry: “Ah! I knew I got dragged into this. I’ve always been a good thief, obeying the laws, honest, a truly sincere man. You guys are the real criminals here, bringing me down…”

Feiyun interrupted: “It’s not hard to find the real masterminds. Take out your most important possessions, the ones that show your identity. Most importantly, they must be able to withstand this formation.”

“Why? We’re about to die and you still want to rob me?” Ningshuai took two steps back.

Cangyue took out a jade piece and gave it to him: “Jin Emperor gave this to me after I returned to the palace, a jade representing my status as a princess. Refined by Divine Round Jade and has a formation carved by the emperor on top. It shouldn’t be destroyed.”

Ningshuai grimaced for half a day before taking out an earring. This was meticulously crafted with a tiny ruby engraved on top, filled with talismans and runes: “This is Honglian’s earring, our promise present. Even an Enlightened Being can’t refine it. Feng Feiyun, if you’re greedy for it, watch it or a Heavenly Execution will strike you down.”

Feiyun took both of them before throwing into the ocean of fire.

Ningshuai’s jaw dropped to the ground and gripped Feiyun’s neck: “I’m gonna kill you, damn prodigal son! If Honglian knows that I’ve lost our promise present, she’ll kill me too!”

Feiyun calmly took out the King’s Order and threw it there too.

The other two were astonished, not knowing if the guy had gone mad.

At this moment, the mansion was engulfed by the flame. The area started melting; corpses and blood were ashes now.

They naturally didn’t need to use the Fire God Camp to deal with these juniors. However, leaving some clues behind would be problematic so they needed to destroy all pieces of evidence.

Though many people knew of the Fire God Camp’s existence, they didn’t know that this formation came from them.

The mansion was now an ocean of lava. All have disappeared and the lava began floating into the small streets.

This was impossible to hide so the experts all over the capital rushed over.

The Beiming Clan and the assassin organization have left, leaving only behind the aftermath of destruction.

“The Divine King’s mansion has been refined by Incinerating Flame Grand Formation. Not a single person is alive.” This news shocked the entire capital. 

It spread to the Yin Gou Clan then the imperial palace to all of the great powers in Jin.


Feiyun and the other two walked towards the dragon vein, more than one thousand meters underground. They could still feel the mud being melted by the terrible heat.

“That formation sealed the entire space, even the ground itself. Luckily, you’re good with formations and used your weapon essence to rip a hole, or we would be dead right now.” Long Cangyue felt as if she had just survived a disaster.

Ningshuai was laughing more heartily than anyone: “If it’s not for my Heaven Hammer and Earth Awl causing chaos in the formation, how can Feiyun do anything?”

The three of them spent great effort breaking a hole through the formation to escape underground.

Feiyun continued forward: “The enemy going all out like that, it must have something to do with the throne.”

Long Cangyue pondered as well. It was either  Princess Luofu or Long Shenya’s camp. 

Princess Luofu had a deal with Feiyun and wanted to use him to go against Long Shenya. She naturally didn’t want him to die. The answer became obvious.

Ningshuai didn’t care too much about other stuff: “I’m curious, if you knew that we could have escaped, why did you throw away our items? Even your King’s Order?! Damn!”

The thing that truly pained him was his promise present. This was also a rare treasure; someone else was going to pick it up…

Feiyun said: “So that everyone will think we’re dead.”

The other two were smart enough and understood his intention.

Ningshuai clapped and said: “I see, I see, the enemies will drop their guard after thinking we’re dead. Once we’re out, we can take care of them so easily. Blood for blood, I’m gonna rob them till they can’t vomit blood anymore… Cough, I mean, borrow.”

Long Cangyue disagreed: “No need for that. The first to get to the scene and find our items, that’s the culprit.”

“Why do you say that? Others can get there first as well. Like our Honglian, she’ll be the first to come running after hearing about the destruction. When she sees the earring, sigh, she’ll be so heartbroken…” Ningshuai became so excited after thinking about how Honglian would cry for him.

It was because he was always the one crying, now it was finally her turn.

Feiyun shook his head: “That won’t happen. The culprits will be waiting nearby, they care the most about whether we’re dead or not. Only by finding our symbolic items would they be able to rest. Others can’t be faster.”

“Who then?” Ningshuai still had no clue: “Oh, where was your cousin all of this time? Is she alright?”

Feiyun smiled and said: “You’ll see her in a little bit.”


Meanwhile, every street and corner in the capital, every mansion and residence were talking about this matter. The older cultivators were afraid, thinking that a storm was coming.

Of course, some were jubilating while others were sad. Some hurt from laughing too much while others cried till their eyes went red.

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