Chapter 540: Turbulent Murderous Intent

This trouble included assassins from the top organization on top of the Beiming Clan’s loyal death squad. A few top members of the last generation were involved as well. All in all, too many experts to count.

They didn’t only wish to kill Feiyun but also Long Cangyue.

With her dead and Princess Luofu being married off, no one would compete against Long Shenya. Any price was worth it in order to win the dynasty.

The entire area became ruins with smoke and dust everywhere. A chilling energy oozed out from the black clouds above, blocking away the sky.

Several figures were floating over in the obscured sky, completely hidden behind their black robes and black fog, resembling almost a black cocoon of sorts.

These were the top assassins who have stopped using their stealth techniques, wanting to finish this as fast as possible.

“They’re here, eight of them. Four are at fifth-level, the rest are weaker.” Cangyue said.

Ningshuai hid behind a broken wall and lamented: “Aiya, fifth-level assassins? They’re very rare.”

These five assassins were much different from the fifth-level ones before. They had a denser chilling aura, clearly holding the power of a half-step Giant.

The ones prior were members of the death squad trained by the Beiming Clan. They were certainly strong but couldn’t compare to these assassins at all. These were death gods; the supreme palace must have expended great resources to train them.

Feiyun stood before the torrential storm with his hair tied in a bun. His clothes stuck to his body like steel despite the wind. He transformed his weapon essence into a spear and suddenly flashed into disappearance.

“Pluff!” One of the weaker assassins died on the spot, pierced through the neck by the spear. His neck then exploded with blood flying everywhere.

Two weapons attacked from behind him with runes carved on the surface, carrying swift speed and immense power.

These were the fifth-level ones. They had no sign of life in their eyes, just like a dead person. However, they were still breathing, sucking in spirit energy and releasing lightning.

They were naturally fast but Feiyun was even more agile. He moved like the wind and evade the two strikes before attacking with his lightning-fast spear.

“Pluff!” Another assassin fell from the sky like a stringless kite.

“Who sent you?!” He aimed his spear at the falling assailant’s forehead. The spear began to pulse with incomparable sharpness.

The opponent didn’t say a single word. He spat out a poison-coated dagger, potent enough to corrode the air and made bubbling noises.

“Die!” Feiyun finished thrusting his spear through the guy’s forehead. 

The blood was completely black; the guy had swallowed poison too while spitting out the dagger.

Feiyun repelled the dagger with his spear straight for the fourth assassin.

It pierced through this person and he combusted into a green flame. It took three seconds before he became ashes. The poison coated on this dagger was quite shocking.

Four of the eight were dead, only the fifth-level ones remained.

They surrounded Feiyun and created a murderous domain - four walls with not a single gap.

They all attacked in unison using their strongest technique. Feiyun retaliated by turning his weapon essence into a thousand short swords for self-protection.

He fought while retreating towards the ruins, leading them straight there.

“Divine King Seal, activate!” He performed a mudra straight at the ground before running the hell away.

The four assassins also sensed danger, an instinct honed from being top assassins. Alas, it was too late to escape.

“Boom!” A golden dragon rushed out from the ground, spanning more than thirty meters with massive energy. The four were instantly swallowed.

This was the seventh-generation king’s seal. Because of his royal aura, the energy took the form of a golden dragon.

This was the last of its energy so it turned into yellow smokes, slowly dispersing. A rain of blood was left in its wake. Four amazing assassins were finished just like that, not a single piece of their corpse was left behind.

Feiyun didn’t get a chance to rest before a greater murderous aura descended from above.

“Whoosh!” A slash nearly left him in two pieces.

Ningshuai fell to the ground from the pressure and couldn’t get up as if there was a mountain weighing down on him. Long Cangyue trembled and couldn’t stand straight.

This was the aura of a Giant in full. A river of blood flew out from the billowing clouds with corpses and skeletons. A black figure towering at one hundred meters was standing on top.

An assassin of the Giant level!

Feiyun didn’t hesitate for a moment and activated one of the seals. Energy condensed and turned into a golden figure, adorned with battle armor, tall enough to reach the clouds. His weapon of choice was a decapitator, looking just like a war god.

This was the seal of the third Divine King!

Rumor has it that he reached the Enlightened Being realm and lived for more than 1,600 years - a lover of battle.

This seal contained his battle intent and completely overwhelmed the shadow in the sky.

“An old seal!” An astonished voice came from the clouds.

The golden decapitator came slashing and destroyed the black clouds. Another rain of blood fell down. This time around, the drops started to burn the air.

This weapon was naturally unstoppable, capable of rendering the earth apart. Even the great assassin couldn’t withstand it.

His body fell to the ground. Their massive weight left a large pit of fire on the ground.

“Finally got a big one!” Ningshuai started to clap.

On the other side, Long Cangyue rushed over with a determined and cold expression. She unleashed a palm strike right on the wound on his back.

Blood gushed out along with spirit energy, the latter flowing into her palm.

Ningshuai jumped out and shouted: “You vicious woman! Taking advantage of a wounded man and taking his cultivation?! What use is it to you!?”

“Pluff!” She trembled before being pushed back while vomiting blood. She lay on the ground with her pretty palm bloodied, seemingly lacerated by numerous blades. Her five fingers were almost severed.

Feiyun took a deep breath. The wound on his back slowly closed and became a scar. It was much better after taking another pill.

He came towards her and fed her a third-ranked spirit pill.

“Fuck, Feiyun, she is an evil treasure master and tried to devour your cultivation earlier!” Ningshuai warned.

Feiyun looked at her bloodied hand and shook his head: “No, that Giant’s murderous intent invaded me earlier. My cultivation right now can’t stop it, it would end with it destroying my body and eating my inner organs. She was absorbing it earlier.”

“I… see…” Ningshuai became a bit awkward.

After taking the recovery pill, she leaped out of his embrace and coldly said: “I didn’t want you to die since no one else can use these kings’ seals against the assassins. Don’t think I did it to save you.”

“Of course.” Feiyun nodded.

“There are only four seals left. We’re dead once we use them all.” Ningshuai said.

Cangyue replied: “I’m sure the wisdom masters can’t hide this for that long from the rest of the capital. Just hold on and we’ll survive.”

Feiyun perused the area. Many formations have been broken and more experts were heading over here, several Giants among them. The situation was perilous; the enemies wanted to finish this as fast as possible.

“Oh right, Feiyun, what about your cousin? Where is she?” Ningshuai saw the Evil Woman defeat the four masters from Qian with a single finger. Her cultivation was unreal. [1]

“Cousin?” Cangyue’s eyes showed signs of curiosity. [2]

Feiyun said with a serious expression: “It’s best not to find her unless there is no other way.”

“There is no other way right now! You’re family, she won’t be angry if you ask for help.” Ningshuai asked again.

Feiyun had thought of running underground to ask the Evil Woman for help.

First, not to mention that she might refuse, even if she were to help, it would result in a massive war that could potentially alert the Jin Emperor. Once he found out that she was hiding here and stealing the dragon vein’s power, Feiyun would have no excuses.

That’s why he didn’t want to lead her out. No one would be able to stop that mass murderer once she started.

1. He says older female cousin here. I honestly don’t have a good answer for this. Using “older female cousin” in English sounds quite unnatural, but leaving it alone as cousin doesn’t work for the next line.

2. When I leave it as older female cousin, then this particular comment from Cangyue sounds like potential jealousy, because we know Feiyun can’t handle girls. But imagine this as “Older female cousin” again? So unnatural in English.

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