Chapter 54: Valley in the Mountain

With the cultivation of Feng Feiyun and Feng Jianxue, even though they still couldn’t approach the hollow sky, descending down a cliff was not a difficult matter.

The landscape engravings on the bamboo block were very similar to this location. The location of the Mortal Life Cavern and the depths of the valley fit as well.

The dense fog in the valley caused one to be unable to see anything but complete whiteness even ten meters away.

There was no vegetation on the ground, the rocks were stained with blood, and countless broken weapons were scattered about, causing others to see an unlimited killing intent.

“What the hell is this place? Could it be an ancient battlefield?”

Feng Jianxue picked up the broken swords from the ground. The blades were covered in rust that looked just like red muddy clay.

Feng Feiyun held a broken sword fragment that was covered with rust, and he wiped it clean. Under the rust, a white light was revealed. It seemed to contain ancient engraved seals from an unknown amount of years ago.

“This was crafted from Pure Flower Divine Stone and Silver Frost Ancient Iron. This sword fragment even weighs twelve jin. This was definitely crafted by a Grand Blacksmith Master, extraordinary!”

Feng Feiyun’s visual perception was amazing. Even the materials of the broken sword were perfectly clear to him.

Grand Blacksmith Masters were extremely rare, and they were each a master of metal refinement. When they create armors and weapons, even if they are not of the spirit treasure rank, they would still definitely be abnormal. A tiny sword fragment already had such a great origin; the ground was filled with weapon remnants, so it would be hard not to find treasures.

Feng Feiyun picked up a few broken weapons from the ground. There were spear tips, bronze cauldron horns, fragments of ancient pagodas, red mirror handles… These broken weapons were all treasures crafted by a Grand Blacksmith Master; there were even two that were fragments of spirit treasures.

What terrifying battle had actually occurred here to the point that even spirit treasures were broken?

“Strange, these weapons have been here for at least one thousand years. Even if they are broken, they are still absolutely priceless. Why is it that no one had picked them up in all these years?”

Feng Feiyun bought the Crimson Dragon Saber at the Yin Gou family. This was a broken spirit treasure, but the price was already three thousand gold coins. One could see the high values of the weapon remnants on the ground here.

Feng Jianxue contemplated for a moment, and then he said:

“It is indeed a little strange. With Feng Yu’s personality, if he truly came to this valley, then he definitely wouldn’t leave these broken weapons behind.”

“Da da!”

From the white mist came cluttering sounds; it was as if they were footsteps of someone, the hooves from a fierce beast, or even a crawling creature creeping on the ground.

A chilling air came about!

“Not good!”

Feng Feiyun’s foot stomped on the ground. A green light came from the bottom of his sole and traveled to the four surrounding directions, knocking all the weapons on the ground away from them.


A black shadow was knocked flying away, but it was not clear what it was!

The valley regained its silence at this moment, but Feng Feiyun couldn’t remain calm. Even though the black shadow was forced to retreat, this proved that there were some existences inside this valley.

There was even the possibility that everyone who came to this valley was killed by these creatures.

“Early Immortal Foundation realm!”

This was the first time Feng Jianxue actually witnessed Feng Feiyun’s cultivation, and she was a bit surprised by him.

Remember that a year ago, when she saw Feng Feiyun, he didn’t know any cultivation methods. Only a year had passed, and he had reached the early Immortal Foundation realm; this cultivation speed was truly unheard of.

If she knew that Feng Feiyun only really cultivated within the last three months, it wouldn’t be just a simple astonishment like this.

Could it be that under the guise of a carefree playboy was a cultivation genius?

Feng Jianxue felt an inexplicable sense of joy. Thinking about it, whether he has cultivation talent or not, why would I be happy about it? The stronger he becomes, the more bad things he will do in the future.

“It is only the early Immortal Foundation, and you are already at the intermediate God Base. I’m lower by four levels compared to you, so there’s nothing to be proud of.”

Feng Feiyun admired her from the bottom of his heart. She was so young, yet her cultivation was already so strong; this was definitely not only a remarkable innate talent. Behind this matter, she had to suffer many arduous hardships and pay with countless sweat.

Reaching the Spirit Realm was entering the cultivational door. Reaching the Immortal Foundation was to become an expert of one domain. As for the ones that could reach the God Base, the number became fewer and fewer; they were the strongest in the clans and immortal sects.

In the Feng family, once one achieved the God Base realm, then one could become an elder and gain great power.

Feng Jianxue was only fourteen, but she was able to reach the intermediate God Base realm, and she was comparable to an elder; her future accomplishments were limitless.

Feng Feiyun was currently only at the early Immortal Foundation. Even with the special Immortal Phoenix Physique, he could only fight one level higher; that was equal to the intermediate Immortal Foundation. Combined with the power of a spirit treasure, he would be barely able to fight against an early God Base opponent, but he definitely wouldn’t be a real match.

Moreover, even though he had a spirit treasure on his body, he couldn’t use it carelessly; so his battle power was greatly reduced.

“This is because, since a young age, I used spirit medicines to refine my physique, so it improved my cultivation speed. However, you are different. You are so smart, plus your aptitude is very high. As long as you work hard, your future accomplishments will definitely be greater than mine, and you could even become the number one master in the Feng’s younger generation.”

Feng Jianxue said this in a serious manner. It was easy to tell that she has high expectations regarding Feng Feiyun.

“Haha, my cultivation is not even equal to a little girl like you, yet I will be number one in the young generation? I’m afraid a few heavenly defying talents from the Feng family had also reached the God Base realm; defeating them wouldn’t be so easy.”

Feng Feiyun knew that his cultivation path started late. If he wanted to catch up or even exceed these people, then he could only use the Spirit Spring Water. If he could obtain one drop of Spirit Spring Water, then he could be certain of breaking through to the intermediate Immortal Foundation within three days.

If there were ten drops of Spirit Spring Water, then, with just a month, he would be able to successfully break through the third level of Blood Purification and be close to the God Base realm.

The most important thing was that once the third level of Blood Purification was achieved, he would be able to fight two levels above himself. He would be able to use a peak Immortal Foundation to fight an elder with the intermediate God Base ranking. If combined with his spirit treasure, then this was enough to kill a master of the peak God Base.

However, Spirit Spring Water was too rare. Not mentioning ten drops, even just finding one was considered an immortal fortune.


The ground suddenly shook and cracked into a small opening. From below, black mist rose into many shadows of ghosts.

This sudden change was too surprising. A ghost left a claw wound on Feng Feiyun’s back. The wound became black and a black smoke rose from within.

“Where did this ghost came from?”

Feng Feiyun channeled his Immortal Phoenix Physique, and his blood energy boiled through his body, expelling the blood tainted by the ghost energy out of his body.


Feng Feiyun and Feng Jianxue took action at the same time. They focused energy into their palms, and they turned it into the First Dark Origin Flame; they then threw out two walls of flames to keep the ghosts away.


At this same moment, the crack on the ground increasingly widened. The crack was half a meter wide, enough to swallow a person inside.

“There is something underneath the crack!”

Feng Jianxue said.

“This is… a stone platform, just like an entrance to a cavern. There are words written in blood on it; the words are… ‘Mortal life has already ended, all existences will disappear’.”

Feng Feiyun’s vision was frightening. Even though the light was faint underneath the crack, he could still see the entrance to the Mortal Life Cavern.

Mortal life has already ended, all existences will disappear.

This is naturally the Mortal Life Cavern!

Who thought that the Mortal Life Cavern would be deep underground. This place seemed to be connected to a spirit vein because Feng Feiyun felt a strong fluctuation of spirit energy; it was as if a grand river of spirit energy was flooding from the ground.

At this moment, the valley was no longer calm. The shadows of the ghost increased in number, and they let out deafening screams; it was like the ferocious ghosts were crying.

The broken weapons that were originally lying on the ground began to float like invisible hands were holding them, and they headed towards the cavern underground to unleash a strike.

There was an invisible power controlling them; it was as if it wanted to destroy the seal and release something to the outside.


The entrance to the underground cavern exploded from the blows of the broken weapons, releasing thunderous sounds that could be heard ten miles away — quite soul shattering.

Feng Feiyun and Feng Jianxue were in close vicinity, so these explosions shook their whole bodies. This caused their blood to churn, and they almost simultaneously spewed out a mouthful of blood.

“What in the world happened? Why is this place so sinister?”

At this moment, Feng Jianxue was wounded. Her face was frighteningly pale, and she looked like she was about to fall unconscious.

Feng Feiyun said:

“This place originally was not dangerous. In the end, a person with a mortal body like Feng Yu could leave this place unscathed, so I think there must have been a secret inside the Mortal Life Cavern that was triggered, turning this place into a murderous forbidden ground.”


Feng Feiyun’s words had just ended when the underground entrance of the Mortal Life Cavern opened from the offense of the broken weapons. A white blinding light exploded from the entrance, and it pierced through the white mist of the valley, directly breaking the sky.


The light carried grievances and ferocities, like a bright rainbow around the sun; it was even hotter than sunlight. The eight hundred miles around Jing Huan Mountain could all see this brilliant light.

At this moment, many people noticed this light in the horizon, this light was truly too blinding; it was as if a heavenly sword was connecting the heavens and the earth.

Feng Feiyun was frightened:

“I wanted to quietly obtain this fortune, seize the Spirit Spring Water, and then leave, but there is such a big commotion now. I’m afraid the entire Grand Southern Prefecture and Violet Firmament Ancient City have been alarmed. Within a few days, all the experts of the big families will definitely arrive.”

The explosion earlier was really too big; it was no less than a godly dragon coming into the world, alarming all the experts within Jing Huan Mountain. These people were riding their horses without break, and they were running at full speed towards the valley.

Within a short time, there were many figures flying above the sky without stopping. The sound of the wind breaking continuously resounded without rest, and it was simply like the wind sighing and the crane calling.

A sense of impending rain and greed assaulted the people’s hearts.

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