Chapter 539: The Seals Of The Divine Kings

The chilling winter and the legion of snowflakes painted the city walls white.

The capital filled with red-tiled pavilions seemed to have been frozen for a century. The frigid sadness was enough to kill the soul.

More than ten thousand formations activated now in the Divine King’s mansion. They rose up like divine lamps from the ground in waves. One could see countless shadows dodging through them.

“Feng Feiyun is at Crimson Command Palace.” A nefarious voice echoed amidst the gales just like a ghost.

“Boom!” An assassin was adorned in a full suit of black armor engraved with dragon images destroyed one of the formations with his spear and continued forward with unstoppable momentum. The metal wall behind Feiyun collapsed and a wave of energy rushed in.

So fast, it didn’t take long before this guy made it here. This was a fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate assassin, full of bloodthirst accumulating into an aura above him.

Feiyun took out his weapon essence as his body exuded a white glow. It turned into a saber, allowing him to unleash a white-dragon slash towards the sky.

“Pluff!” The spear got cut into two then the assassin shared the same fate. His two halves fell to the ground and melted into blood, painting the snow red then black.

At the same time, three more fell and became dried corpses.

Long Cangyue’s eyes seemed to be shrouded with the early-morning dew while her hands stained with blood. Her bloodthirst was even more intense compared to the assassins here: “The enemy has formation experts so our formations can’t stop them for long. If we don’t escape, the real masters will get here.”

“Wisdom masters are also blocking everything in the mansion, outsiders can’t detect anything.” Feiyun tried to send out a divine intent earlier to report to his three marquises but an invisible wall blocked him.

Several dozen formations to the northwest collapsed at the same time. A massive aura was coming, destroying everything in its wake.

Another wall collapsed and Bi Ningshuai who was sleeping below a bed got blown flying. He fell into a pond with freezing water so he woke up right away. The poor guy twitched like crazy before climbing out of the pond.

“Motherfucker, who is goddamn rude enough to throw someone into a pond?!” He rubbed his naked butt while cursing.

The guy has been hiding here the whole time from Xie Honglian, just simply enjoying his time.

All thieves were paranoid and always worried about their safety. Thus, he slept beneath the bed frame while preparing stealth formations. Otherwise, he would have been murdered by the assassins as well.

He looked up and saw a red sword energy spanning for more than one hundred meters slashing down from the sky. It split the ground open and created a huge chasm. The area trembled as a result.

“...” Ningshuai’s teeth clattered from fear while his hair stood on end. He jumped up and wrapped a towel around himself before escaping.

Feiyun and Cangyue ran here as well with a solemn expression and bloody wounds. More than ten shadows were right behind them, resembling black dragons and gales.

Several among this group were monstrous at fifth level Heaven’s Mandate. They flew in the air like lightning currents, pulsing in and out of existence.

“Shit, what’s going on? The Grand Tutor is attacking us?” Bi Ningshuai’s legs grew weak. The bloodthirst in the sky was too much to take. He was a little boat facing a torrential storm and could capsize at any moment.

No one could stay calm after seeing the murderous auras and sword energies in the sky.

Feiyun shook his head: “Not the Grand Tutor, he wouldn’t do this over those medicines and materials, there’s no benefit in doing that. Give the Blood-being Exalted Pot to me.”

The shadows were so close and unleashed a massive wave of energy pushing down from above.

Feiyun channeled all of the power in his King’s Order to the pot. He raised it with both hands and actually stimulated its potential. Mist of blood billowed out from the pot.

This was a Dominating Armament so its force was more terrifying than the sun. Everything nearby turned into an ocean of blood.

“Rumble!” More than half of the pursuers exploded; even their bones got crushed down to dust. Only the fifth-level cultivators survived. They were still blown flying and vomited blood.

Long Cangyue’s eyes flashed sharply; she wanted to chase and devour their cultivation.

Feiyun grabbed her hand: “Follow me if you don’t want to die.”

Having said that, he led the way deeper into the mansion.

Ningshuai shouted: “Wrong way, that’s not the way outside.”

“We can’t escape anyway, this is the only way.” Feiyun shouted back.

Ningshuai didn’t understand why Feiyun was going closer towards the grave. Meanwhile, Long Cangyue was also confused but she was much more confident in him.

In the end, Ningshuai had no choice but to follow them: “Damn it, even a disaster in this mansion, is there any place that is safe in this world?”

A purple lightning bolt descended and split into sixty arcs right above them. This rendered everyone out of breath.

“A half-step Giant!” Feiyun used the pot while the other two lent their power. The three of them unleashed another strike barely stopping this attack.

Feiyun was fine due to his constitution but the other two were wounded. Their face paled with heavy damage to their meridians and veins.

The pot was not enough to stop this level of power.

“We’re done for, we’re done for. Feiyun, if your father actually dies this time, you must tell Honglian that I’m not running away from marriage, it’s just that I don’t have any feeling for a girl like her, domineering and not feminine at all, on top of being flat…” Ningshuai vomited blood while laying on the ground, nearly unconscious.

Cangyue gave him the side-eye, wanting to slap the guy.

Feiyun could understand why he said so. If he was on the verge of death, he would say the same thing to Nangong Hongyan so she wouldn’t be too sad about their parting.

“Don’t worry, I’ll take real good care of her for you.” He said.

“Motherfucker!” Ningshuai suddenly got up again and tried to strangle Feiyun.

“Whoosh!” Another long sword slash rushed over. A half-step Giant had broken through the formations to give chase.

Feiyun stopped the slash with the pot but still got blown flying through a palace wall. The palace collapsed and buried him.

This half-step was ready to kill. His aura repelled the other two. More blood oozed from their mouth while their flesh was being lacerated by this murderous intent.

Top-ranked assassins didn’t need to say anything. What’s the point of talking to a soon-to-be-dead man?

This also applied to the half-step. He formed a mudra and excavated the ruins before unleashing another slash straight for Feiyun.

This was a sure-kill move. Feiyun seemed to have lost the power to resist while laying on the ground, but the assassin didn’t underestimate his foe and still went all out. He would only rest easy after decapitating the guy.

“Boom!” A golden ray came from the ground and condensed into a gigantic lion. It directly tore this half-step into several pieces. He screamed for his life while being dismembered.

This lion came so sudden with a mountain-destroying force.

Ningshuai and Cangyue thought Feiyun was dead for sure, not expecting this development.

“So strong?” Ningshuai was slack-jawed at Feiyun’s cultivation. This guy would be the number one in the young generation if he was this strong.

Feiyun got up from the ground: “This is the main chamber of the Divine Kings. The previous kings have left behind their seal here. Earlier, I used the fifth generation’s lion seal and caught that half-step off guard.”

The Divine King’s mansion had many hidden ace cards. Some were even more powerful than the three marquises so it wouldn’t go down without a fight.

However, this assault came too sudden and consisted of top assassins and wisdom masters. Feiyun couldn’t use all of these ace cards or summoned his troops hiding all over the capital.

“How many seals are left?” Ningshuai asked.

“There are seven Divine Kings in history, so six left.” 

Ningshuai laughed wildly: “A seal encompassed the strongest blow of a king when they were still alive. I heard two of the seven were Enlightened Beings. If we use their seals well enough, we can kill Super Giants! Alright, no more fucking running, let’s take some of these monsters down!”

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