Chapter 538: Rising Bloodthirst

“You’re sparing me out of pity?” Long Cangyue’s eyes contained an evil light with oppressive pressure.

“I do not pity you or anyone else for that matter. If you didn’t save me before, you would already be dead.” He said.

“I see.” She looked slightly disappointed. So it was only a repayment. She then said: “Tomorrow is the competition. All the prodigies are here, real big shots, all just to marry Princess Luofu. Do you know the consequence after they find out she isn’t a virgin?”

He began contemplating.

She went on: “No one can cancel the competition and Luofu will marry another man. In fact, you’ll be personally sending her away, but all men are possessive. Whether you slept with her out of love or not, I’m sure you don’t want her to sleep with someone else.”

“You’re right, I’ll be quite sad whether it be Luofu or you sleeping with someone else.” He touched her chin.

“Then what are you going to do?” She smiled coldly.

“Only one solution, your death.” He smiled back.

Cangyue’s smile froze. She was smart enough to be afraid of this particular smile. There was only one solution - if she were to die, then their engagement would be nullified. Meanwhile, the Divine King must marry a princess, so Luofu was the perfect suitor.

This was another reason why Luofu was hellbent on killing Cangyue. 

“You really want to kill me?” She stood there without fear, only an unreadable tinge of sadness in her eyes. She didn’t believe that he would kill her over Luofu after she had done so much for him.

She didn’t know what kind of feelings she had for Feiyun, but each time he was in danger, she couldn’t help but risk her life to help.

A woman’s heart was impossible to speculate, even for themselves.

“Watch it!” His eyes turned cold with an erupting evil energy. He pushed her out of the way of an incomparably sharp sword ray piercing through the wall straight for where she was standing.

It was chilling, full of murderous intent.

“They’re not bad, infiltrating the mansion.” He unleashed another palm and destroyed the bronze sword and its energy.

He reached out to the void and dragged a black figure out before crushing his neck.

A loud scream came before stopping instantly. The black figure rolled on the ground with black blood coming out. The body was eaten away by some form of corrosive acid.

Cangyue was a spiritualist so her awareness was even above him. However, her cultivation and senses were sealed so she couldn’t detect the ambusher. She would be dead right now if he didn’t push her. From this, she could tell that he didn’t want to kill her.

“They drank poison beforehand and can commit suicide at a single thought, melting both their clothes and corpses. Looks like an assassin.” Cangyue deduced.

“It’s the number one assassin organization in Jin, Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace.” Feiyun had met several members so he was aware of their stealth and murder techniques.

He continued on: “The capital is unrest right now in this key moment so many want to kill me, who invited them?”

“Luofu, perhaps, wanting to kill me?” She said.

Feiyun disagreed and shook his head: “It’s not that simple to invite these assassins. She can’t organize this in such a short time.”

Meanwhile, more screams came outside. The eunuchs and maids lay dead on the ground before they could react.

Who knows how many assassins have entered the mansion? They were killing everyone on sight.

A group of guard wearing thick military armor was patrolling the mansion. For some reason, they stopped moving after a cold breeze. The armors became empty; all the flesh inside have turned into bloody ashes.

A powerful eunuch was sweeping the snow. His old eyes became serious as violet energy rushed out of his dantian to form a divine bell for self-protection. He felt the ripples in the air and uttered: “Who dares to infiltrate the mansion of the Divine King?!”

“Whoosh!” A penetrating ray shot out causing waves of ripples.

The divine bell got penetrated and a bloody line appeared on the eunuch’s neck before he fell down on the snow.

Scenes like this were happening all over the mansion. People were killed in a silent manner.

Not far from there on a stone pagoda, Long Shenya was at the top with both hands behind his back. He stared towards the king’s mansion with a faint smile.

“It has begun.” An old man dressed in a black robe came out from the void like a messenger from hell.

“What about the three marquises?” Shenya asked.

“They are camping outside the capital, not in the mansion. Feng Feiyun and Princess Yue will die today.” The old man’s hoarse voice sounded very similar to the cold wind.

Shenya smirked, feeling quite good about this situation.

Behind him were eight gray-haired men meditating. They were formidable wisdom masters, carving runes into the air to seal the space of the mansion and blocking all divination and calculation. No one could figure out what was going on inside.

Feiyun focused both his sight and hearing. He could see that this was an unprecedented danger for the mansion. These assassins didn’t spare even the dogs and cats. Several powerful auras were barely discernible, enough to instill dreadful chills.

The sounds of wind-breaking intensified with murderous intents, heralding the end of the world.

This sense of danger suffocated all the potential victims.

‘Looks like it’ll be hard to survive today.’ He thought to himself, having never felt such danger before.

He released the seal on Long Cangyue.

After her awareness came back, her expression quickly soured: “Nearly all the cultivators in your mansion are dead. There are assassins at the Giant level here on top of numerous other experts. All the exits are blocked too. Someone wants to take down the entire mansion, I don’t see how we can escape.”

She was more sensitive to the touches of death and could see no way out. They were already standing near the yellow spring in hell.

“Not necessary, as long as we can activate the formations left behind by the previous Divine Kings, we can still do something.” Feiyun spoke while unleashing two finger rays towards the northern wall. 

He pinned two black-robed cultivators wielding spear to the walls. They quickly corroded into bloody mush.

“Those aren’t assassins, look like a death squad groomed by a powerful clan.” Feiyun remained calm: “It’s looking worse and worse.”

The commotion here alerted the other assassins. Dozens of them began soaring over there. Some were strong enough to have black smoke oozing from their movements.

Cangyue turned into a phantom herself and rushed to the sky. She did a round and twelve corpses fell to the ground. Their cultivation was devoured, leaving behind only dry corpses with skin.

She was holding one assassin with each hand. Their energy soared towards her body, making her even stronger.

It didn’t take long before they became dried corpses too and got thrown away like trash.

Their black smokes, a form of energy, hovered around her body before being refined completely.

Feiyun could sense her growing stronger and stronger. This evil treasure-seeking art was something else, not tolerable by the cultivation world. Once people were to find out, they would never rest until she was dead.

These evil arts was created by a great researcher and treasure master, basing them on the cultivation methods of specters and capable of devouring others’ dao fruit and cultivation. Each time an evil treasure master came out, they would bring about a terrible bloodbath. 

They were hidden in the Spirit Treasure Section of the Grave Palace Treasure-seeking Record. Cangyue was lucky enough to come across them by accident and able to start this path of cultivation.

“Move, let me activate the formations.” Feiyun took out the King’s Order. 

It exuded explosive lights rushing to the sky before scattering down all over the mansion. More than ten thousand formations activated and lit up the whole place.

“Pluff! Pluff!” Many powerful assassins were caught unprepared and got crushed to a pulp by the formations.

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