Chapter 537: Caught Red-handed

The princess said: “You’ll come up with something because if you can’t, I will tell the world that I’m already your woman. If this mess were to come out, the emperor won’t protect me anymore in order to maintain the reputation of the royal clan and will execute the two of us. You better go do your thing.”

With that, she stood up as a sweet fragrance exuded from the slight movement. Her white dress fluttered as she left.

It might have looked like a negotiation but her move was quite ruthless, not only to Feiyun but also to herself.

Failure would end with death!

Feiyun’s eyes kept on changing before he decided to smile: “If the emperor knows of us, then you won’t need to leave the mansion tonight, Princess.”

“What do you want?!” Her expression changed as well as she stopped.

“Tomorrow is the groom selection already so we only have one day to prepare, we’ll naturally spend tonight to come up with a plan, so where are you going? Haha…”

Feiyun’s laughter was too familiar to her and made her legs tremble, recalling the terrible pain that night back in the carriage. 

Staying at the mansion was no different than staying at a wolf’s lair, will she stay or not?

She ended up deciding to stay. The two of them spent the whole night, from the study room to the private chamber, from the chair to the bed till the next morning.

She lay naked with her skin - shiny and jade-like wrapped inside a quilt. Her pretty eyes closed shut, shaped like a crescent moon. Her eyelashes curved ever so slightly while her delicate hair draped down her white neck. Her white cheeks had a tinge of pink now.

Feiyun’s hand was groping her supple breast while the other on her stomach with one leg on top of her, embracing her fully as if she was a newborn goat.

She couldn’t escape last night from his evil grasp. His two hands opened her two legs; a certain location between her exquisite thighs was slightly swollen and red. Both of her legs were without strength. One could imagine what she had to endure last night.

A regular girl couldn’t handle Feiyun’s powerful constitution. The moment she decided to stay, she was already mentally prepared.

Who knows if she fell asleep or was forced unconscious last night?

Her hand was on his neck while her lips actually had a slight smile. There was no sign of pride and nobility; she resembled an inexperienced girl tricked by an evil uncle into bed, telling her that it was a very fun game before doing her several times, bringing her to death and back. In the end, she had no strength to leave the bed. [1]

Morning came with snow fluttering once more. The cold winds made it past the city walls and stung people like blades.

A white-dressed woman rode the snow. She had a blue jade belt accentuating her thin waist. Tall and slender with a cold glare, even more chilling than the snow on the ground.

She walked through the main path of the Divine King’s mansion. The eunuchs and maids all kneeled to greet her.

It didn’t take long before she made it to the private chamber, standing in front of the incense cauldron to look at the two people on the bed and the clothes scattered on the floor. Her eyes were full of disbelief.

When Long Cangyue got here, Feiyun and Princess Luofu woke up as well - the alertness of experts.

“You two…” Cangyue’s eyes turned cold.

Princess Luofu turned into a ray and flew up from the bed with the agility of a snake demoness. She quickly put on her outer dress and covered herself before treating Cangyue like air. She made it to the makeup table and began to tidy her hair.

Feiyun didn’t expect for Cangyue to visit and smiled wryly: “You’re up early today, Princess Yue.”

Meanwhile, Luofu got done with her hair and began drawing her eyebrows, the outer dress was doing a poor job at hiding her body completely.

A black ray of death condensed at the tip of Cangyue's finger as she smiled back: “Tomorrow is the groom selection but the pure princess is now sleeping with the Divine King? If I were to expose this, the royal clan would lose all face. What do you think the emperor will do?”

Luofu’s crystal eyes slightly paused as she stopped drawing.

Cangyue waved her hand to open the windows before turning into a black fog, aiming to come out.

Luofu turned into a phantom again and gave chase but Feiyun was even faster. He reached out with amazing speed even before putting on his trousers.

Cangyue couldn’t make it out before Feiyun dragged her back into the room.

“Boom!” Luofu closed the windows and created formations to seal the room using her soulbound artifact.

The two of them knew better than to let Cangyue leave, especially given her personality.

“You won’t be leaving this place alive.” A crescent blade appeared in Luofu’s hand. She became murderous while standing on the mink fur carpet.

Luofu has always been imperious, not giving a damn about any man outside of the emperor. However, Cangyue found her naked with Feiyun. Her pride made her want to silence the girl.

Cangyue wasn’t afraid at all and gave a look of contempt: “I didn’t expect the famous Princess Luofu, beloved by all prodigies, to be a slutty whore.”

She aimed to infuriate Luofu.

“You’re dead!” Luofu unleashed a draconic slash with incredible sharpness.

She was number one on the lower list so her cultivation was no joke.

“We’ll see just how strong you are, I’ve been waiting for this.” Cangyue snorted and turned into a black ray. She touched the void and a sword fell into her palm.

This was a cultivator of the dark treasure-seeking arts who had devoured numerous experts. Because of a concealment technique, no one knew how strong she was.

These were the top two female cultivators of the young generation in Jin. The two of them were fiercer than other historical geniuses since they wanted to kill each other. Their murderous intent was shattering the spatial fabric.

Their attacks quickly shattered the formations erected by Luofu earlier.

Feiyun hurriedly took out the King’s Order, using it to seal this area or the entire building would turn to ashes.

The two were incomparably fast. The battle raged fiercely despite the size of the room. Their slender figures flew everywhere along with the sword and saber’s energy waves.

They weren’t that much weaker than Feiyun. If it wasn’t for the Ascension Platform suppressing Luofu back in the carriage, he wouldn’t have taken her down so easily.

She shouted: “Feiyun, what are you waiting for? We won’t live for long if she were to escape.”

He stood to the side, using the Infinite Spirit Ring for self-protection and began to contemplate. Princess Luofu was pretty much his ally now because she wouldn’t reveal this matter. This wasn’t the case for Long Cangyue.

The consequence of being exposed would be unimaginable, and Cangyue will do just that in order to get rid of Luofu.

“Rumble!” Feiyun called out the five diagrams of the ring. The power of the third-ranked spirit treasure stopped Cangyue from retreating.

Luofu also used nine different sacred techniques of the royal clan, causing Cangyue’s dress to be ripped in multiple places.

The two of them worked together and successfully subdued Cangyue. Feiyun finally sealed her cultivation, stopping her resistance.

Princess Luofu was quite decisive, unleashing a finger energy strike straight for Cangyue’s forehead.

“Boom!” Feiyun stopped her attack and said: “We can’t kill her.”

“Why, we can’t let this matter be known or we’re dead.” The princess didn’t back down. Only by killing Cangyue would she be able to rest easy.

Despite her captivity, Cangyue still sneered: “Daring to sleep with men yet not daring to let others know? Luofu, Luofu, looks like I’ve overestimated you before. You’re inferior to the sluts in the brothels. At the very least, those sluts are brave enough to admit it.”

Luofu became even more furious but Feiyun was stopping her: “Why can’t we kill her?”

“Because I say so, since when do you get to ask why so many times?” Feiyun coldly said with a tough attitude: “You can leave now, I’ll take care of this.”

“Feng Feiyun.. You… fine!” The princess scowled after seeing Feiyun taking out his Ascension Platform.

She acquiesced and put on her clothes, tidied them up, then left. She was only a slave before the Ascension Platform and couldn’t go against him.

The windows were closed again after her departure.

1. Not an actual uncle, just an older male

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