Chapter 534: Coming Out

Historical geniuses were also divided into levels.

Feiyun’s constitution right now had exceeded all of the geniuses in Jin, but he still had a way to go before reaching the top. The Myriad Beast Physique would allow him to reach this peak.

This particular peak meant that one would be a supreme existence among this talent level. To go even beyond this required much more than innate talents and hard work.

The next level was called mythical - one would need to be a real favorite child of the heavens with amazing luck and successful adventures.

At the peak of grand historical, one could be a half-step Giant and kill a Giant or fight against a Super Giant - eighth-level Heaven’s Mandate.

At the Giant level, they would be unbeatable like a true king unless an Enlightened Being were to come.

As for a mythical genius? One would be able to kill a ninth-level Paramount Giant while only being a half-step. At the Giant level, they would be able to fight an Enlightened Being.

This level of genius was prohibitively rare. Not to mention Jin, even all five dynasties combined never had a peak grand historical genius, let alone a mythical one. They have never heard of this level either.

Feiyun was aiming for the peak level, not only to reign among the youth but also be able to fight against the older cultivators.

He wanted to become as strong as possible within the shortest amount of time and compete against the strongest of Jin.

“Raa!” A terrifying roar resounded. A massive thunder wave came from the vein, turning the entire place into a sea of lightning after quaking continuously.

Purple lightning bolts as thick as a cup came from the sky. This looked like the inception of the world, destructive and dreadful.

The 700 to 800-year-old beasts quickly ran away with fear in their eyes like birds startled by a bowshot. 

A ferocious monster was coming. A beast could still take in pills to lessen their cultivation time. 

Feiyun quickly took out the ring for protection. It was a third-ranked treasure now so it emitted five layers of barriers, each one reinforced by a diagram.

“A millennium spirit beast is coming.” He wanted to gather the nine last pills but it was too late.

An explosion came with a force causing parts of his body to cave in while his robe became tattered.

A ten-meter long claw reached out from the vein with sharp energy rays and purple lightning currents, on the verge of catching Feiyun completely.

Feiyun remained fearless and turned into a maelstrom. He captured the twentieth pill while escaping this claw.

He didn’t mind seizing food before the lion’s jaws. A millennium beast was comparable to a Giant.

It was furious to see its prey escaping from its clutch and roared, releasing thunderous waves. Nine lightning bolts surged for his head.

These bolts shouldn’t be blocked so Feiyun chose to evade them using his movement technique while taking in another two pills.

He had twenty-two right now, another six more were still floating in the dragon vein like six stars.

There was no way Feiyun would give up on these precious pills. Alas, a millennium beast was no joke. He was luckier earlier to grab one but he was truly playing with his life.

“Boom!” A white hand came out of nowhere and swatted the beast away like a fly.

The image disappeared as a slender figure floated down the dragon vein like a goddess coming out of a painting.

She gently moved her fingers and the remaining six pills fell into her grasp.

The Evil Woman has awakened. She was the only one who could so easily take down a millennium beast.

Feiyun remained calm and put away his twenty-two pills. He tidied his robe and said: “Thank you, Your Excellency, for beating down that animal. These six pills are the result of my lifelong effort and wealth; it is thanks to you that I get to keep them.”

Feiyun stood straight while reaching one hand forward with a sincere stare.

To which she responded: “Stop wagging your tongue in front of me. If you want these pills back, then answer my question.”

“Damn thief, I knew I wouldn’t be so easy taking something back from her.” Feiyun muttered under his breath.

“What did you say?” The Evil Woman’s beautiful and cold features were in the open. Her eyes flashed with a chilling glint.

He coughed twice and assumed a “please-do” pose: “Your Excellency, please ask. I will tell you all that I know.”

“Smart.” She gathered energy to form a golden cloud. A maelstrom emerged above her head: “Who are you, really?”

“My name is Feng Feiyun, male, nineteen years of age, from Grand Southern Prefecture, Bai Ling County, Spirit State City, I have an eighty-year-old grandpa and a sixteen-year-old sister…” Feiyun answered.

“Stop.” The Evil Woman reached forward and created a sword ray pointing straight at his forehead: “You dare to lie to me?”

Her bone-chilling aura made his blood freeze with ice powders. A layer of frost covered his neck all the way down to his feet.

Feiyun was not afraid at all: “I’m telling the truth, you can investigate and check all of this, Your Excellency. Many great powers have information about me since my birth, for example, what color underwear I wear to sleep, how many women I have slept with or good girls I have messed with…”

He was cautious because this woman had spotted something. Meanwhile, she didn’t believe him at all, having being fooled several times in the past.

“Then how do you know the demon race’s pill refinement method?” She didn’t recall her sword energy.

Feiyun calmly said: “Your Excellency, do you not know that I’m the demon’s son? My mother is a demon.”

“Nonsense. After the Myriad War tens of thousand years ago, the great demon races have left this land. Even if there are demons mingling in human territories, it wouldn’t be in a remote region like Jin.”

Feiyun was also aware of this war where the demon races, human tribes, and other mysterious beings were involved. It lasted for several thousand years, resulting in extinction for some races while others grew stronger.

In the end, some also left for other continents while the rest divided up the land, no outsiders were allowed to take a single step in.

Each race had its own territory. Because of this, if a demon were to enter the world of the human, they would face enemies everywhere. That’s why the Evil Woman didn’t believe that his mother was a demon.

Even in his previous life as a clan master, he had only visited the human kingdoms less than five times.

Feiyun shook his head: “The demons are the strongest and most populous right now. They can’t be expelled completely from our territories. According to the ancient text, a group of demons once caused trouble at Grand Southern and Ancient Jiang after the foundation of Jin. The first emperor personally led the martial army and took thirty years to expel these demons. This happened after the Myriad War. What’s your explanation?”

“How do you know the demons are the strongest and have the most members?” She asked.

“The books say so.” He replied.

She gave him a long stare, intending of seeing through him completely. In the end, she returned the six pills to him.

These were fourth-ranked pills but they weren’t that effective for an Enlightened Being.

“Thank you, Your Excellency.” Feiyun happily took the six pills.

She coldly said: “You’ve talked yourself out of this for now. I need to cultivate here for a bit more so you best keep your mouth shut about it or I’ll kill you even if you’re ten thousand miles away.”

“I wouldn’t dare.” 

Having said that, the Evil Woman continued to remove her evil blood and evil dao. Endless spirit energy surged towards her body, turning it crystal-clear.

Feiyun left the vein after finishing the pill process. Who knows how long it took but seeing the sunlight again was quite comfortable.

An old eunuch found out that he had left his cultivation session and quickly came over.

This was a confidant of the old Divine King and was very attentive and loving towards Feiyun. His cultivation was incredible as well; he took care of virtually everything at the mansion.

“The Divine Queen had visited three times, hoping for you to see her right away for an important matter.”

“Princess Luofu also came by twelve times, wanting to see you. It looks quite urgent.”

He also reported recent matters to Feiyun.

‘What, twelve times?’ Feiyun slightly frowned while rubbing his chin. What the hell did this princess want? Don’t tell me she wants to take me down or want me to take responsibility? Or one rape wasn’t enough and she wants more?


Here is an author’s note explaining some stuff that Chinese readers have asked. I saw English readers asking the same thing so here it is.

Author: Many people asked me why Feiyun doesn’t use techniques from his previous life. The truth is that the strongest thing about the demon races is their physique arts, such as Myriad Beast and Immortal Phoenix. As for actual moves, spells, and techniques, humans are still better at them with more variations.

Feiyun is in a human body right now so of course, he can’t learn all the higher techniques of the demon race just yet. Once he is stronger, he would gain the innate abilities and arts of the demon race.

And, some readers say that I probably look exactly like Bi Ningshuai… Damn… I am tall and handsome, don’t compare the author with a character, not right at all.

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