Chapter 531: Bi Ningshuai’s Return

As fair as a rose and as gentle as the serene plains, Nangong Hongyan leaned on Feiyun’s shoulder and said softly: “Very well. I’ll take care of things at Supreme Beauty then leave the capital to wait for you at Creek Town. We’ll leave Jin then, I’ll just go where you go.”

She was speaking from the heart, albeit with one sentence left out, ‘but I must gather the five divine garments first.’

He stared at her apricot eyes and could see the momentary flash within. He thought to himself: ‘Looks like she doesn’t want to leave the capital, what’s the reason?’

She was always elusive and impossible to grasp. Before Feiyun, she was a girl deep in love but more often than not, her hands were stained with blood and cruelty. She had offended many sects by killing their experts and prodigies.

‘Her enemies will attack her sooner or later, I need to become stronger in order to protect her.’ His thought was interrupted here by something Dongfang Jingyue said.

His lips moved but he decided against asking. ‘So what if she has the Nine Doves Gown? I have the spirit vessel so the demonic blood is not as big as a threat. It’s fine for a daughter-in-law to keep my mother’s item.’

He was convincing himself not to care about this matter, especially not to ask her about it.

She was gone now so he sat all alone with a spirit core in his hand, taking advantage of every second in order to break through fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate within fifteen days.


The Grand Chancellor’s mansion was the most extravagant place in the capital outside of the imperial palace - the home of the Beiming Clan.

It had more than ten thousand years of history, quite similar to the royal clan.

More than six thousand years ago, only prosperous sects and clans were in this region before the formation of Jin. At that point, the Long Clan, or the current royal clan, was on the same level as the four great clans.

However, an amazing character with great talents came out from this clan and conquered the rest.

This was someone full of legends and tales - the first emperor of Jin.

His followers were the ancestors of the eighteen marquises and the Beiming Clan. The Beiming played a great part in his eventual conquering of the land.

Beiming Moshou sat in a golden hall while flipping through a book. The lamp on the table nearby had a red glow - this was refined from using the bones of a seven-hundred-year-old orchid tiger. It had a faint fragrance that permeated the room.

Long Shenya and Beiming Potian stood respectfully in front of him. These were the top geniuses, one was seventh and the other fourth on the upper historical list.

Shenya was also Moshou’s grandchild, a big reason why he was able to become the current crown prince.

“In less than ten days will be the groom selection for Princess Luofu, how confident are you?” Moshou put down his scroll and stared at Potian with a profound gaze.

“One hundred percent.” Potian had an oppressive, icy aura. This coldness condensed into thirty-six ancient beasts that were roaring.

Long Shenya was alarmed to see Potian’s current cultivation. Who could actually match Potian right now among the young generation?

“Fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate. Good, this cultivation and confidence, more than enough to defeat anyone.” Moshou praised.

Beiming Potian stood there proudly and said: “Only Li Xiaonan and Prince Hongye can take me on. Princess Luofu is as pretty as a fairy, her talents and comprehension aren’t below mine either. In terms of status, a princess like her is virtually matchless. There are plenty of beauties around, but no one is on her level, so I will make her my wife.”

He exuded an unbeatable aura after stating this.

Moshou nodded and smiled: “If you can marry her, you’ll win a strong betting card for us too.”

Long Shenya also added: “Older Cousin, once you marry Luofu, you need to keep a tight leash on her so that she can’t compete with me for the throne.”

Moshou revealed his insight: “Potian is indeed at the top of the young generation, but Li Xiaonan is unfathomable. However, this person is in love with Dongfang Jingyue from the Yin Gou and will definitely not participate. Prince Hong Ye is still the biggest threat. I heard that he only needed thirty moves to defeat Yan Ziyu. What do you think about his cultivation, Potian?”

Potian’s expression became serious: “That prince didn’t go all out during their fight, he’s definitely at the fifth level. If we meet in combat, the result can be questionable.”

“Even Feiyun could repel him with one strike, how can he be that strong?” Shenya was skeptical.

Potian explained: “Feiyun wouldn’t be a match for him without the King’s Order. But that prince surely has something that can match the badge, so he can’t really lose to Feiyun. However…”


“However, Feiyun’s speed is insane, comparable to a Giant. Someone from our generation might be able to defeat him, but definitely not kill him.” Potian stated.

Moshou continued: “Do not let Feng Feiyun mature. He’s already frightening enough at third level. If his cultivation increases again, he will be a mighty enemy.”

Potian said: “I don’t care for killing and scheming. My only focus is on cultivation in order to marry Princess Luofu.”

Moshou nodded approvingly: “Very well, go to the Alchemy Pavilion to get some peak third-ranked Spirit Consolidation Pills and Soul Sealing Pills to solidify your realm.”

“Thank you, Clan Master.” He turned into after-image before disappearing.

Only Moshou and Shenya were left. The scene was quite strange because the two began speaking via mental transmission in order to avoid anyone else from listening to them.

“Thank you for your guidance, Clan Master. I’ll be carrying it out, Feiyun won’t live past ten days.” Shenya left with an aggressive smirk.


A strange atmosphere presided over the capital with undercurrents happening everywhere. Perhaps a massive change was coming.

At the Divine King’s mansion, Ningshuai finally came back.

Feiyun asked: “So? Did you do it?” 

Ningshuai was charred completely from top to bottom; smoke was still coming out of his head. When he opened his mouth, tiny puffs of fire would come out. His clothes were completely ashes at this point.

“Yes… in the beginning, but someone found me…” His hands were trembling. Speaking made two black, front teeth fell out.

“Someone from the Grand Tutor’s mansion?” Feiyun shot out a spirit ray to help him recover.

His wounds began to close while the internal organs show signs of life. He shook his head and said: “No, it was Honglian.”

“Xie Honglian?” Feiyun was surprised.

He was on the verge of tears with puppy eyes while nodding.

“Damn, that’s too much, I mean, for better or worse, you’re still her fiance. It’s like she wants to kill you… wait, don’t tell me… I see, don’t worry about it, women are clothing, brothers are arms and legs. Don’t worry about it, Brother.” Feiyun consoled. [1]

He started to sob now: “So you think she has another man too, wanting to kill her fiance so she can run away with that other guy.”

Feiyun was surprised: “Miss Honglian isn’t like that, I was thinking that the two medicines I want got taken by her?”

Feiyun didn’t care about the guy’s personal issues, only his spirit materials.

“Of course not.” Ningshuai suddenly became unaffected as if this had nothing to do with him. Not a single tear could be found any longer in his eyes.

“Then what the hell did you cried for?” Feiyun wanted to beat him up.

“Well, motherfucker, being beaten half to death by your fiancee is so sad and indignant, right? I cried to express my feeling and dissatisfaction.” He asserted.

“Hand the Serpent Flower and Dragon Knotweed over. I’ll share the Heavenly Core Pills with you after I refine them.” Feiyun said.

Ningshuai took out a six-thousand-year-old flower as big as a basin and as white as jade. It was resplendent with eighty-one petals, each had tiny dew drops on it - shiny like the stars.

“That’s not a Serpent Flower, this is a Water Dragon Flower, one this big has probably lived for up to six thousand years. This is extremely precious, you can’t find a second one in Jin.” This might be a wonderful alchemy material but Feiyun didn’t care too much because it wasn’t part of the formula.

However, he was curious - how did Ningshuai find it?

“Not this one? This one then?” Ningshuai took out a red flower the size of a fist, completely ablaze. The shape of the flame looked like a lively snake.

Feiyun shook his head: “This is a Crimson Grain that had given birth to a budding flower, must be three thousand years or even older. A great treasure for fire cultivator.”

“Wrong again?” Ningshuai continued finding more stuff.

1. A phrase saying that a woman is replaceable like clothing, arms and legs aren’t. The saying sounds much better in the original version

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