Chapter 53: Entering Jing Huan Mountain

Her two hands gently hugged Feng Feiyun, and her head was nestled against his chest; she appeared to be tranquil and happy.

However, Feng Feiyun was shocked. He couldn’t fully adapt to this sweet feeling. Even though he normally called her his wife, these were just teases. If he truly wanted to take her as his wife, then he knew there was a tribulation he had to go through.

Because a single Shui Yueting had caused him to lose all trust in women!

“Cough cough, this… If Little Sister really knew those were all lies, then don’t believe it anymore.”

Feng Feiyun quickly let her go. He opened the blanket and stepped outside, and then got dressed in a hurry.

Even though he was standing very far away from her, his heart couldn’t calm down.

He was not afraid of women wanting to kill him; he was only afraid of women treating him well!

Feng Jianxue’s eyebrows gently wrinkled. She hesitated for a moment, and then she said:

“The truth is, my real name isn’t Feng Jianxue. After foster father took me in, he named me Feng Jianxue.”

Her foster father was Feng Feiyun’s second uncle, Feng Wanli.

“Then what was your name before? Why are you hiding in the Feng Clan?”

Feng Feiyun’s thoughts were very meticulous, and he quickly came up with a possibility.

Between the big families, there were many chess pieces. One particular chess piece would be very well hidden, and they would play a greater role in the future. It was easy to see that Feng Jianxue was a chess piece that was secretly placed in the Feng Clan many years ago.

The higher her position in the Feng Clan, the more effective she would be in the future!

If she wanted to climb to a high position of the Feng Clan, then she would have to show all of her talents in the Hidden Dragon War. This was why she wouldn’t hesitate to use any methods to increase her power and cultivation, so she hired Du Shougao to kill Feng Yu in order to obtain the bamboo block.

She was searching for the spirit spring water inside the Mortal Life Cavern to use it to breakthrough again for the upcoming Hidden Dragon War.

Even though she only said one sentence, Feng Feiyun had speculated many different things.

Feng Jianxue said:

“I can’t tell you everything right now, Feng Feiyun; please don’t force me, okay?”

“Fine, I won’t force you! You will still be my wife!”

Feng Feiyun smilingly said.

Even though it was just a joke, Feng Jianxue was touched in her heart: “Brother clearly knows that I have detrimental plans that are especially disadvantageous towards the Feng Clan, but he can pretend to not know anything. Could it be that he really likes me? If he didn’t like me, then how could he not care about the clan’s safety?”

The more she thought about it, the redder her face got. Eventually, she revealed a timid expression. Her fingers wouldn’t stop playing with her sleeves, and she wanted to find a corner of the room to hide in.

“This person is truly my 'enemy.' If I really was Feng Jianxue, then I would definitely marry him and watch over him to not allow him to be a licentious son anymore… Oh heavens! How could I have so many nonsensical thoughts?!”

Her face became increasingly red!

She also didn’t know that Feng Feiyun, for a long time now, was not the real Feng Feiyun. Regarding the Feng Clan, his sense of belonging was not strong. Later on, even if Feng Jianxue’s identity was exposed and unaccepted by the Feng Clan, he could even stand by her side and become enemies of the Feng Clan with her.

He only cared for people who were good to him. He would not be chained or limited by the clan!

A whole night without speaking. The White Horse Inn also didn’t have any more strange events; it was like the dried corpses from yesterday were only a frightening nightmare.

Next morning, at sunrise, many people quickly went on the road to leave Dragon Stone Town.

Within this crowd, many people originally wanted to go to Jing Huan Mountain to find treasure and collect ores; however, after the events last night, these people didn’t want to enter Jing Huan Mountain, not even one step.

Of course, there was not a lack of courageous people, they were not deterred by the evil dried corpses. Instead, they wanted to enter the mines of the Yin Gou clan in order to find out the truth. Their hearts were curious about the temple under the ground and the matters that had transpired there.

These people became friends and went together. The cultivation of each person was not ordinary, but also not frightening.

Feng Feiyun and Feng Jianxue also left the White Horse Inn, and they went straight towards the ancient Jing Huan Mountain.

Because the big families were extracting all year long, there were many carriages going back and forth. This created a stable running trail. The bronze ancient heavenly deer carriage rushed on the old road like there was a heavenly wind blowing it along from behind. It quickly passed the group of cultivators, and they disappeared in the green lushful forest.

“Those two young people are really courageous. They dared to go alone on the road.”

“That young man’s cultivation is exceedingly high. He was able to destroy a dried corpse last night with just one palm. Of course he would be courageous due to his high talents!”


Feng Feiyun stood on top of the ancient carriage’s roof. The two flames in his eyes lit up; he was looking towards Dragon Stone Town disappearing in the far distance, and he could only see the qi image flying in the air inside the town like they were celestials occupying the sky.

Three hundred and sixty celestials forming a compass shape, encompassing half of the sky.

“Qi image of the Stars of the Last Generation… Du Shougao indeed came to Dragon Stone Town. It is fortunate that he didn’t go to the White Horse Inn last night.”

Feng Feiyun used his eyes to observe the Qi fortunes, and he felt lucky.

Feng Jianxue, with the black iron chains in her hands, lifted her head to look at him and surprisingly said:

“You also know how to observe qi images. This is a special skill of wisdom masters and treasure hunting masters!”

“Oh! It is only a different vision that can distinguish things, it is nothing too special.”

Feng Feiyun smilingly shook his head.

At this moment, the two could be viewed as understanding each other, and they no longer hid their cultivation. Last night, the two were embarrassed the whole time, and they didn’t speak a word to each other this morning. Until now, they have only started speaking again.

Feng Jianxue shook her head, and she said:

“There are cultivators that have powerful visions, but those visions are also divided into many types. Me practicing the Double Gaze Fragmenting Moon Sword; this is a power type. Other’s visions can see things a thousand miles away with just one glance; this is a spiritual type. However, to be able to see Qi and read the stars, this is definitely someone with great wisdom that does not only rely on vision, but also on the calculation of the brain in order to reach this step. These people are relatively few in number, but their success in the future will definitely not be mediocre.”

She seemed to have notice something bad, glared at Feng Feiyun, and she said:

“You can also see through?”

“Hehe! What do you think?”

The flames in Feng Feiyun faintly appeared, and he opportunely stared at her figure while happily smiling.


The sword lights in Feng Jianxue’s eyes condensed into an explosive black ray that turned into a sword edge that pierced straight towards Feng Feiyun’s evil eyes.


Feng Feiyun hurriedly tilted to the side to narrowly avoid this dangerous sword.

He jumped down from the ancient carriage’s roof, sat next to Feng Jianxue, and he withdrew the flames in his eyes. He smiled:

“You think too much, my eyes can’t see through anything. Plus, the biggest temptation of a girl’s figure is its mysteriousness. If I could see everything with just one glance, then what’s the point?”

“You have already seen everything of mine. Could it be that I am no longer alluring to you?”

Feng Jianxue blinked her eyes while her long eyelashes fluttered.

Feng Feiyun paused for a moment, and he said:

“That was a matter of when we were younger. Even if I saw it then, it was nothing special.”

“What about now?”

Feng Jianxue asked.

Feng Feiyun was a little stunned. He looked around and nervously swallowed, and then he said:

“Jianxue, can you not be so blunt like this? Even though we are in the middle of nowhere right now, I have been very polite recently; however, if you dare to take it off, then I will dare to watch!”

“Hmph, your head is always full of disgusting thoughts!”

Feng Jianxue said.

“Hehe, I’m only teasing you!”

Feng Feiyun’s laugh echoed throughout the mountain accompanied by the angry and chilling “hmph” of Feng Jianxue. The two seemed to have began pinching each other.

The bronze ancient deer carriage quickly went into Jing Huan Mountain, and they passed by countless peaks and valleys. The scenery in front of them finally changed, and a stone forest emerged.

The heavenly deer stopped. Feng Feiyun came out from inside the carriage, and he stood next to the stone forest. He looked at the bamboo block in his hand, and he compared it to the surrounding landscape.

“So? Is this the right place?”

Feng Jianxue came closer.

“There are a few similarities, but there are also some differences.”

Feng Feiyun looked at the scenery ahead, and he only saw a straight cliff in the distance. The surface of the cliff was smooth like it was split by someone’s sword a few hundred thousand years ago.

There were many giant stone forests under the cliff, covering dozens of acres. Each stone was dozens of meters high, and it weighed tens of thousands of pounds.

On the other side of the stone forest was a deep valley without a visible bottom, filled with white mist. There was a cloud crane flying straight up from below, but they definitely could not see the bottom of the valley.

“According to the bamboo block, the Mortal Life Cavern is located at the bottom of the valley.”

Feng Feiyun was standing next to the stone forest, and he stared towards the bottom of the valley wanting to use the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze to see how deep the valley was.

However, there was a strange force under the valley blocking his gaze. He could only see around one hundred zhang, then he couldn’t see anything else clearly.

It became increasingly strange. Could the Mortal Life Cavern really be under this valley?


Feng Feiyun focused on listening. He faintly heard that under the ground, there were melancholic voices very deep below like there were people around a few hundred meters under the ground, digging with a hammer.

Feng Jianxue naturally could hear this sound as well, and she said:

“This is the banging sound from the mines deep within the mountain!”

“The sound of mineral extraction could travel this far?”

Feng Feiyun asked.

“Sound in underground travels faster than it does in the air, so it can be heard even more clearly.”

Feng Jianxue continued:

“Plus, the underground mines stretch extremely far. It could be that the mine’s entrance was ten miles away but the diggers are extracting right beneath our feet.”

Feng Feiyun nodded, and he said:

“Our goal of this trip is for the spirit spring water from the Mortal Life Cavern. After we get the water, we will immediately leave Jing Huan Mountain. I have this feeling that not long from now, the entire Jing Huan Mountain will become a fierce location of death.”

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