Chapter 529: Bad All The Way

Her skin as smooth and white as jade as she laid there delicately, never having shown herself to a man like this before. She was a little lamb, waiting to be slaughtered.

Her dudou was thrown to the side but her skin was smoother and whiter than it. Only a royal daughter would have such a beautiful and enchanting body.

Everything about her was in plain sight, no longer the untouchable noble of the past.

She was covered in sweat - her round and supple breasts resembled two glaciers that have never been climbed before. Right now, they were being kneaded by Feiyun into all kind of shapes. He showed no mercy, leaving behind red marks on her breasts.

She twitched and quietly begged: “Feng… Feiyun, you win, you’re the number one on the lower list, let’s end this here… it won’t be good for either of us if my mother were to find out.”

Feiyun played with her long, black hair and blew on her ear: “The consort has high hopes for you, putting in all of her effort for your success. If I threaten her with your life, she wouldn’t even dare to move and will listen to everything I say…”

“You… scoundrel…” She wanted to bite him but he pushed her forehead down.

“Princess, you best be cooperative for the consort’s sake.” He played with her nose with an evil smile.

The princess has never experienced such humiliation, being toyed with in front of her own mother yet unable to call for help. This feeling was breaking this genius down to the core.

In the end, she closed her eyes as tears dripped out from the corners, wetting her eyebrows.

The consort naturally didn’t know that the daughter she was so proud in was being ridden by someone like a bitch. She put on a serious expression and continued: “The old fox will order Beiming Potian to come. That’s a heaven’s favorite with the Heavy Sword Dao and Beiming Ice Armor. The power of that sword art is unstoppable while that armor is the top defense at the same level. If he were to win, it would be quite unfavorable for us. Luofu, Luofu, are you listening?”

“Yes… of course…” She gritted her teeth, feeling a hot pillar-like object grinding between her legs, seemingly wanting to melt her soft spot. She tried her best to remain calm but her breathing was still ragged. It was hard speaking without giving off any hints.

The consort used to be from the Daoist Gate, world-renowned for her beauty several hundred years ago. Nevertheless, she was still as beautiful as before, even more alluring than before due to an added charm of maturity. She continued on: “Potian is a big problem but I’m worried the most about Prince Hong Ye who has just arrived at the capital. He is the top young expert of Qian, one of the five God Disciples of Sacred Spirit…”

“Yes… ah…” The princess was twitching continuously and almost shouted with pleasure. Fortunately, she was able to stop it but a quiet moan still came out.

So earlier just now, Feiyun grabbed her waist while forcing her legs open before inserting his formidable tip into her soft,wet region. Tight yet soft it was - giving an unbelievably comfortable sensation, a transcending pleasure.

There was no real way to describe it. Even someone as experienced as Feiyun almost got defeated instantly while issuing a quiet groan.

Too damn nice! Riding Princess Luofu was pleasurable to the bones!

On the other hand, the princess was feeling a stinging pain. Despite possessing an amazing cultivation, this was still her first time so her lower body went numb with pain. The worst part was that she needed to keep all of this inside.

Feiyun was a devil in her eyes right now.

Consort Hua could hear the strange noises inside the carriage. Her expression became skeptical: “If you marry Prince Hongye, you will have to follow him to that barbaric region, no longer eligible to compete for the crown-prince position.”

“Mmm… Mmm…” The princess was completely red all over as her lips quivered. She wiggled around, especially her stomach and breasts were heaving up and down. She tried her best to speak: “Prince… Hongye is quite strong, even above Beiming Potian. He swept through the young generation back at the Yin Gou Clan. If it is a martial arts contest, I’m afraid… no one will be his match…stop… it hurts…”

The few last words could only be heard by her since she was running out of air - her eyes were rolling up from pleasure.

A murderous flash appeared in the consort’s eyes: “There is only one thing we can do, seize the initiative.”

Feiyun slowed down after hearing this to carefully listen.

“What?” The princess mustered her strength again to reply.

“Kill Feng Feiyun. The emperor placed this responsibility on him, so if we kill him, this whole selection will be delayed and we’ll have more time to prepare. Plus, with his death, Long Cangyue will lose her biggest backing. From all angles, killing him is all positive and nothing negative for us.” The consort said.

Feiyun smiled after hearing this while looking at the princess below him. He gently wiped the sweat off her pretty face.

She lifted her head and bit him for the second time with a complicated expression - shame, annoyance, the joy of payback…

Blood fell down from his hand, similar to the blood streaming down her white-as-snow region...[1]

“I’ll leave this to you, it’s best not to let our people do this though. I must return to the palace, do a good job.” The consort turned into a gust of wind and disappeared into the night.

The princess finally heaved a sigh of relief. If the consort didn’t leave, she would have been ruined by Feng Feiyun too.

Feiyun became gentle and leaned down: “Princess, you still want to kill me right now?”

She breathed heavily to catch up, giving him one last stare before passing out.

When she woke up again, he was already gone. Her dudou and sharp pain covered her body. She didn’t have an ounce of strength in her.

Feiyun didn’t kill her.

This painful lesson has robbed her of her most precious virginity, but she had learned many things from this.

Only through pain and experiences would one grow even faster.

Feiyun was now standing outside the Grand Tutor’s mansion with a tidy appearance. He naturally knew the princess wouldn’t settle for a tie after this humiliating defeat, but he still didn’t kill her.

‘It’s better to keep her alive, no point in worrying about her with the Ascension Platform suppressing her.’ He thought.

The mansion wasn’t grand with tall walls like the Grand Chancellor or the Divine King’s mansion. This place looked more like a daoist architecture, simple and unadorned with bamboo trees and wood pieces. White pebbles paved a small path inside.

However, looking up and one could see lights and immortal energy everywhere. The stars seemed to be connected in a magical manner.

The qi images of the daoist doctrine included tall pagodas hovering above. People would think they were walking on a blessed land.

“A bit interesting, that’s one of the three for you.” He waited patiently.

A daoist wearing a green robe came out a while later. He had a soft pace and a crest covering his hair. His eyes were profound as he respectfully bowed: “I’m sorry for the inconvenience but my master has left the mansion yesterday. He hasn’t returned yet.”

Feiyun smiled: “Then when will he return?”

“Master didn’t tell me. Yesterday, he did a divination and knew that an esteemed guest would come today so he left the reception to me. Your Excellency, this way.” The daoist led Feiyun inside.

There weren’t that many members living in this estate, only nine direct disciples and thirty young students watching the alchemy garden. They cultivated the purest daoist laws. Even the young students were at first-level Heaven’s Mandate - quite amazing.

The one taking Feiyun in was the eighth direct disciple, Ling Yun. He had studied with the Grand Tutor for more than 120 years and had reached fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate. His talents were weaker than the other eight so he was responsible for the administrative tasks in the mansion such as receiving guests, buying materials, and taking care of the gardens.

1. The word here is censored, so I’m putting region. I’m sure we all know what it is

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