Chapter 528: A Stimulating Event

The princess turned pale after hearing him as if she could see the destruction of Jin to the massive alliance. Her lips quivered: “What… do you mean?”

Feiyun raised the dudou and sniffed the enchanting fragrance of her body before dropping it on top of her to hide the two gigantic bunnies: “It is a time of chaos with heroes rising, the moment for a change of dynasty. Thus, the next successor is especially crucial. If this person can’t suppress the rising dragons, the dynasty will fall for sure.”

The Ascension Platform disappeared into his palm.

She quickly covered her chest, creating a huge valley in the middle. She sat up and turned around, revealing her sculpted back and said: “There’s nothing we can do about it. The Rex Competition is even more crucial. The current emperor could suppress the internal chaos but he would be distracted from training. Losing the competition would mean having to pay tribute to the other four dynasties, a state of perpetual inferiority.”

Feiyun sat down on the carpet and breathed in the nice scent again: “Long Shenya, Long Cangyue, and you all need to work together and drop your feud. But if I needed to pick one, you’re more suitable than the other two?”

A flash of surprise appeared in her eyes as she slightly turned her head and asked: “Why?”

“Long Shenya is certainly gifted on top of being a male with the Beiming Clan behind him. On the surface, he looks like the best candidate. However, this person is a coward, the mouth of a tiger but the courage of a rabbit. If Prince Hongye could scare him, the dynasty will fall anyway even after he becomes an Enlightened Being.” Feiyun said.

The princess snorted and said: “The dynasty is in disarray right now, right, he would certainly lead us to our doom.”

Feiyun continued: “Long Cangyue is mentally stronger on top of being intelligent, a real strategist who would use all means necessary. However, she is too cruel and vengeful.”

“You know her that well?” Princess Luofu still had her back turned towards him. The atmosphere suddenly became strange - they weren’t enemies or friends right now. In the next second, he could push her down and rape her; or they could have a talk about life and goals.

It came down to a single thought.

“I knew her long ago back in Grand Southern. She personally killed her fiance and threw his corpse into the river.” Feiyun revealed.

The princess replied: “A cruel person can be a king temporarily, but not for a generation.”

“You also have your own weakness.”

“A weakness?” She didn’t buy it.

“You’re too prideful.”

She snorted: “A king must be proud. One can’t be a king without this.”

Feiyun shook his head: “You’re arrogant to an unreasonable, viewing the rest of the world as your servants. If you don’t lose this personality, you will never become a good king.”

The princess gently bit her lips. Her long hair draped to the ground, partly shrouding her wondrous body. “Why are you telling me this?”

“Because the previous Divine King has helped me. He gave me this position, wanting me to help Jin get through this disaster.”

Her brows slightly moved up as she said with a smirk: “You want to help me become the next empress?”

Feiyun smiled back: “Princess, you’re overthinking this. This conversation is predicated on letting go of our previous feuds, which we have plenty of. Even if I help you take the throne, I’m sure you will want to kill me right away after you become empress.”

The glint in her eyes changed: “Feng Feiyun, our feud is not deep. No one can stop us if we work together. So, let’s drop the grievances. When I become Empress and you’re the Divine King, no one can touch Jin.”

Feiyun smirked and walked around to her front while gently raising her soft chin: “My ambition is not here. After the new ruler comes about, I will pass my position to someone else and leave the capital, or even Jin itself. We don’t walk on the same path.”

“What are you doing?!” She shouted.

His hand traced down from her neck to the collarbones then her exquisite breasts. An electric current stemmed from his touch, paralyzing her and made her breathing ragged. Her skin turned from white to red; her curves began quivering with beads of sweat.

“If you are my servant, then I can’t let you off so easily. I don’t care if you are a princess or a future empress, I will be teaching you for your first time.”

“You dare… Ah…”

He pushed her down and got on top before kissing her lips. His tongue pried open her teeth and touched her sweet tongue, causing her to moan.

She was entirely naked outside of her long hair in front of her chest. Her forehead glistened with sweat, complexion pink. She pinched his back in order to resist but it was useless.

Romance was in the air as the carriage circled above the capital.

“Whoosh!” A white ray landed right outside.

Divine Consort Hua has arrived with her pureness and grace. She cultivated the Supreme Refinement Scripture so she had the purest aura of the daoist doctrine. She stood under the moonlight with her hair down to her shoulder, looking like an immortal.

“Luofu, something big has happened.” Of course,there was a reason why she left the palace to find her daughter.

Feiyun was slightly surprised inside the carriage. He had stripped naked right now while lying on top of the princess. This consort appeared at the worst moment. If she were to see him on top of her daughter like this, he would definitely not survive past tonight.

Luckily, the carriage stopped the consort from seeing inside despite her amazing cultivation.

Feiyun called out the Ascension Platform to suppress Princess Luofu and finally pulled back his tongue. Her sweet fragrance still remained on his lips.

Meanwhile, the princess was heaving up and down while glaring at him and wiping off the leftover saliva.

Feiyun remained on her with a smirk on his face, whispering: “Say the wrong word and I will kill you first.”

She glared furiously at him and really wanted to risk it all. Alas, after an evaluation of the situation, she decided to recall her murderous intent and said softly: “Luofu greets you, Mother.”

Feiyun was as hard as steel, staring at the supreme beauty below him. He wasn’t afraid of her not listening and continued to caress her soft body, from her snow-white breasts down to her flat stomach then the grassy plain below.

The princess quivered and almost jolted up from the ground, top half first. However, Feiyun quickly pushed her down again while gesturing with his finger on his lips, telling her to be quiet. Then, his hand fell back down on her thigh.

She has never been touched by a man before so she was especially sensitive. Her legs crossed together like a fried dough twist.

The consort sounded angry: “Your groom selection will be nine days from now, and the competition method will be one of battle abilities. Whoever wins will take you as his wife, this is just a joke!”

“Ah…” The princess moaned.

Feiyun spread apart her thighs, feeling quite good about their suppleness. The spring scene in between was completely revealed.

“What’s wrong?” The consort slightly frowned.

“It’s… nothing. I just feel that damned Feng Feiyun is too evil, how can the groom selection be so simple?” The princess gritted her teeth as her hatred grew stronger.

The consort sighed: “It’s not his idea but rather Princess Yue and the nine ministers. Looks like Ji Cangyue and that old fox Beiming are working together to kick us off the competition for the throne.”

Meanwhile, Feiyun took his time placing a pillow beneath her bottom then grabbed her waist with both hands. The princess was still trembling with sweat everywhere, on the verge of breaking down but she couldn’t let out a sound.

Feiyun saw her pained appearance and quietly whispered in her ear: “Princess, you need to hold it in a bit from now. If Consort Hua were to notice, then she’ll come in to attack me. I, of course, am not as strong right now but your life is in my hand. She won’t dare to do anything because she places such high aspiration in you.”

The princess revealed her white teeth, wanting to bite him to death. Alas, there was no strength in her body.

Feiyun wasn’t afraid at all: “The consort did a good job maintaining her youthful appearance on top of being quite sexy, might be even prettier than you. I’m a scoundrel who can do anything, you shouldn’t bring her down with you too.”

The princess’ expression changed while imagining something terrible.

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