Chapter 527: Princess Or Slave

“Feng Feiyun, you win, you’re the number one.” Princess Luofu maintained a proud stance while looking to the side.

That’s a royal daughter for you, still so prideful after losing.

“It’s good that you’re aware, stop being so arrogant then. It’s a time of chaos with everyone rising. If you don’t know how to hide your skills or be more flexible, you’ll only lead this dynasty to ruins.” Feiyun used the King’s Order to raise her chin so that she would look straight at him.

He had no love for Jin. If it wasn’t for Long Chuanfeng, he would have left this place long ago. Too many people and grievances here - they only served to delay his cultivation.

The princess suddenly became as gentle as a wine maid and nodded her head, speaking with a gentle tone: “Thank you for your guidance, Divine King.”

The proud swan has turned into an obedient quail - this caught Feiyun completely off guard.

He coughed and said: “No problem, no problem.”

With that, he put away the King’s Order and headed for the door.

Suddenly, the princess’ eyes turned cold as she used her soulbound artifact to backstab him.

Feiyun didn’t expect for the obedient quail to turn into a leopard. He had no choice but to use the King’s Order again, not having enough time to even turn around.

“Boom!” The order’s power didn’t activate completely so it got knocked to the ground. Feiyun’s hand got lacerated with blood dripping down.

“Another move of pretending to be meek and weak then backstabbing someone, huh?” Feiyun turned serious. If it wasn’t for his quick reaction, his corpse could be lying on the ground right now.

“You taught me just now.” The princess was holding a crescent blade with golden runes flowing on the surface.

“You’re a fast learner.” Feiyun waved his hand and the order came back to his palm. The princess also attacked by using eight fiery dragons from the carriage. These were created from second-level hell flame. Even a half-step Giant would burn to a crisp after being touched.

Feiyun quickly used his movement technique to dodge the eight dragons. However, the space inside was too small. One of the dragons still touched his arm and burned the skin layer.

“Bang!” The princess threw out her crescent blade. It spun in the air with incomparable sharpness. Its power engulfed the entire area while causing sparks to go flying.

Feiyun also took out his soulbound artifact, the Ascension Platform. It turned into a tablet and repelled the blade.

The moment it came out, the princess’ soul was shaken. She became pale and even her seals were slower.

Feiyun took advantage of this and used the platform to lead the eight fiery dragons towards her.

These dragons could burn a half-step Giant to death. She regained her composure while being assaulted by this heat wave and formed another seal to send them back into the carriage.

“Poof!” The heat was too much from the second-level hell flame with an immense destructive capability. Though it didn’t touch her, it pretty much burned her entire dress.

She channeled a spirit glow to expel the fire on what was left of her dress. Her flawless body was exposed, only the pale blue dudou was left behind. This was no ordinary item since it could survive the heat. It barely covered her full breasts that seemed on the verge of popping out at any moment.

Her exquisite waist was no longer hidden. The bottom part of the dudou was triangular, enough to hide the place between her thighs. It certainly wasn’t enough - just a bit of movement would cause it to flutter, revealing the beautiful scene beneath.

Feiyun was standing before her now. She coldly said: “Haven’t you taken advantage of me enough today? Turn around already.”

Why would he ever do that? He held his chin and took his time looking at her: “A content man would miss out on too many things. Princess, your dudou is quite sexy, three pink peaches too? That’s cute.”

The princess looked like an exquisite jade statue with well-defined collar bones, thin waist, soft to the touch, long legs - all of this would shake the soul of a spectator.

“Feng Feiyun, you can leave now and I will pretend that nothing has happened today.” The princess was shuddering with rage. She needed to get him to leave or it won’t end pretty today.

“How can we act as if nothing has happened.” Feiyun shook his head and smiled: “I was leaving earlier but you made me stay. I don’t want to leave anymore now.”

“You don’t think I can summon experts to kill you?” The princess angrily gritted her teeth.

“Go for it! I’m sure many will want to see your half-naked figure with only a dudou.” Feiyun teased.

She decided to go all out. So what if he had seen everything as long as she could kill him right now? A dead man tells no tale.

With a slight jolt, her dudou got flicked forward to reveal everything underneath - capable of causing an instant nosebleed.

Feiyun continued to dodge while taking advantage of his speed. She couldn’t catch up at all and only gave him a visual feast in the process. 

He dodged and praised her various body parts at the same time.

She knew that this wasn’t working and stopped in order to call out the eight fiery dragons again but Feiyun was ready this time with the Ascension Platform.

He didn’t expect to use the platform to stop her. After all, her cultivation was not that much weaker than her. His goal was to use it to stop her fiery dragons.

Thus, her collapse took him by surprise. She got down on her knees and couldn’t move at all when he used it this second time.

‘What’s going on? Another trick? No, she’s too proud to get down on the ground like that.’ He noticed that something was wrong.

The princess looked as if she was in great pain while struggling with futility.

“I see. She offered a strand of her soul to the tablet. It’s in the platform right now so she’s only a slave.”

A beautiful soul was now floating in the air and kneeling towards the platform with reverence in her eyes.

This was something similar to a ceremonial worshipping pact for a demon - a master-servant relationship.

Back in the ancient past, humans were still quite weak since they didn’t understand cultivation and had a prehistoric tribal life. However, the demon race has been flourishing for numerous years. If the humans wanted a similar power, they needed to worship a great demon as a god by offering their soul and becoming a slave.

The demon became a tribe’s god while its slaves were the witches and sorcerers. This demon would also serve as the spiritual totem of the race.

The Ascension Platform worked in a similar manner to these ancient ceremonies.

Feiyun had refined it into his soulbound artifact so he was now is master. This, of course, meant that the princess was his slave and needed to follow all of his commands.

After realizing this, he laughed and thought to himself: ‘This proud royal daughter is mine now, get ready for a lesson.’

“Princess Luofu, lie down.” He commanded.

She couldn’t resist at all and lied down on the carpet with her legs straightened. Her breathing became rapid: “Feng Feiyun, what are you doing? Why is the tablet in your possession?!”

Feiyun came over and began touching her cheek: “You can’t tell what I want to do yet?”

She opened her mouth, revealing her perfect, white teeth and bit his hand.

Feiyun shouted: “Let go.”

She wanted to bite a piece off but still needed to obey. Her soul was under his control, so same with her body.

“Feng Feiyun, a man wouldn’t bully a woman…” She had no choice but to try the soft route.

“I’m bullying my woman, that’s quite manly.” He laughed.

“Pah! Who’s your woman?” She denied.

Feiyun shook his head and raised his platform while sighing: “Your soul is mine now, so you are actually my slave. Calling you my woman would be too much of a compliment.”

He was assaulting her pride to teach her an unforgettable lesson.

“I’m the daughter of the Jin Emperor, the future empress, you dare to call me your slave?!” The princess managed to get halfway up but was forced back down again after a shout from him.

He pulled down her dudou, revealing her perfect body and towering breasts - plump like two ripe peaches: “Princess, life is unpredictable. You can be at the very apex and fall down to the abyss on the next day. The most powerful could also be killed at any moment. Since the start of time, there have been countless dynasties and the inevitable rotation of the. The richest dynasty fell overnight, so many royal daughters and princesses became slaves raped by the invading army; toys for the nobles and generals of the new dynasty, then taken to the army camp or brothels. A princess from a fallen regime is worth less than shit!”


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