Chapter 526: Battle Inside The Carriage

“Pardon me?” The princess’ eyes resembled two jade springs. Though the veil was hiding her features, one could still see her tall nose, soft lips, and long neck beneath her tapered chin.

Suddenly, she became alarmed after noticing his eyes fixated on her private area. Moreover, there was a blaze inside so he was clearly using some heavenly gaze technique in order to see through her dudou.

“Whoosh!” She gritted her teeth and took out the Queen’s Order to throw it straight at Feiyun.

‘Damn him! He dares to peep at me?!’ The princess was afraid while thinking about the event just now. His despicable face clearly showed that he had impure thoughts.

Way too dirty and impure.

She was someone proud enough to make anyone who has perverted thoughts toward her suffer a terrible death. Feiyun, on the other hand, was doing it so openly. There was no way she could let this go.

He quickly dodged the attack. The power of the order destroyed the carpet on the floor but not the floor of the carriage. The formation there absorbed the attack.

This was a great artifact of the royal clan. Even a battle between Giants couldn’t hurt it at all.

“Princess, listen, you were the one who carelessly showed them earlier, it was only a glance.” Feng Feiyun was now sitting on the throne inside the carriage.

This throne was massive just like a couch with a white fur on top. The fur was soft enough to be from a five-hundred-year fox. The bad scent has been washed away by incense fragrance. Only the real nobles could afford this type of fur.

Feiyun crossed his legs with a smirk on his face.

The princess was now standing next to a pillar with her black hair draped down to her waist. With a cold flash in her eyes, the atmosphere inside the carriage turned cold: “Just a glance but with an activated heavenly gaze?”

Feiyun recalled the technique and his eyes became dark again. When he looked over at her once more, he couldn’t help thinking about the scene earlier. The flame from below surged once more.

He couldn’t explain himself because the princess was right. He indeed saw something he shouldn’t have and still hasn’t digested it fully just yet. Normal cultivators would die from a nosebleed. Even someone as experienced as Feiyun was still salivating.

“I was only checking your growth so that I could find the right groom for you… Ah!” He shouted and dodged. The large throne got a corner destroyed by the furious princess.

“A noble royal daughter should be more reserved or no one will want to marry you…”

“Boom!” A thick, yellow ray shot above him, burning a few strands of hair.

The princess raised her Queen’s Order again and aimed straight for his face while walking forward with her alluring figure.

Feiyun naturally wouldn’t just sit and wait for death. He used his own King’s Order. Seven figures emerged as retaliation. The explosion made the carriage shake like crazy.

Powers of a yellow shade engulfed the area inside.

A fierce energy wave made her veil fall down to reveal her breathtaking features. Eyes as pretty as a pair of immortal gems; long, slender brows; wondrous jade nose; red and soft lips.

This princess was proud and elegant like the most precious orchid. Looking at her at such a close distance left Feiyun in awe.

Her cold-as-ice demeanor left him thinking that she was similar to a middle-aged concubine unloved in the court. However, it was certainly an illusion because she was a prodigy almost twenty of age just like him.

Moreover, most women have cultivated an art to stay young so her true appearance was more of a sixteen-year-old.

A girl on the outside; the heart of an empress within.

Back at the Yin Gou Ward, her veil had been taken down by Prince Hongye. However, people were too far away and didn’t have the mind to worry about such a thing.

The third beauty of Jin Dynasty was indeed at the kingdom-toppling level.

If it wasn’t for her veil and the fact that she was usually inside this carriage, there would be even more prodigies coming to the groom competition.

She wasn’t that much shorter than Feiyun with her thin figure. Her legs were perfectly shaped and slightly visible beneath the long dress. If one could raise the skirt, it would be a real challenge to their self-control.

“Still looking?!” The princess - proud as a swan - took out the Queen’s Order again, wishing to ruthless eliminate him.

She had at least three reasons for being annoyed with him on top of his shamelessness - daring to disrespect her with his eyes. All of her hatred was coming out at this moment.

He did save her back at the Yin Gou Clan so she wanted to have a real talk with him. This was no longer the case.

Feiyun also wouldn’t back down just because the opponent was a princess: “If you want to fight, Princess, so be it. You’re first on the list and I’m third but I feel that there’s something wrong with it. Today, I will have you be on the bottom… cough, cough, so that I can pound you to change the order.” 

“We’ll see if you’re capable of doing so.” The princess wasn’t afraid at all. It was inside the carriage so she was the master. Even if his cultivation was stronger, he would be suppressed in this place.

Her white hands danced, causing white lightning bolts to appear.

Feiyun didn’t relax at all. She was indeed very strong, even more so than Ling Donglai. Just one careless moment would result in defeat, and that might end in death given her decisive and cruel nature.

“Boom!” Feiyun’s tough physicality and steel-like legs shattered her offense, one by one.

She thought that his biggest advantage was his speed which was nullified inside the carriage so she had the absolute advantage. However, she didn’t expect his physical strength to be so amazing.

Each palm strike had the force of a mountain, causing her arms to feel pain.

“Princess, see you later, I can’t play with you anymore, got other stuff to do.” Feiyun flew for the entrance in order to leave.

However, a blinding light suddenly erupted at the exit and a draconic formation stopped him.

“Want to run before this is over?” The princess snorted and unleashed sixty hand seals to control the power of the carriage.

Lightning bolts struck his body repeatedly.

However, they coursed through him and quickly disappeared.

“How can this be?! Why is your body so tough?” The princess was slightly surprised.

At this moment, it was tough enough to withstand three moves from a Giant. These bolts were mighty but not enough to take him down.

“If you insist on settling this, then I’ll entertain you.” Feiyun suddenly disappeared.

In the next second, he was behind the princess and reached for her.

His speed was simply too fast. She understood the unfavorable situation and rushed forward to dodge.

“Rttt.” Her dress was torn, revealing the pale blue undergarment inside.

“Scum!” Her beautiful arms were showing as well due to her golden dress being ripped in many places. People wouldn’t be able to contain themselves from having perverted thoughts.

“Not my fault, you’re the one who ran forward and tore it.” Feiyun said with a smile.

Her skirt was draped on the ground. Earlier, Feiyun purposely stepped on it so when she dodged forward, the dress naturally got torn apart.

He took advantage of this distraction and attacked without warning. 9,969 beast souls gathered in his palm as he aimed for her chest.

She performed a sacred law of the royal clan to stop this attack while taking two steps backward.

Feiyun rushed forward and unleashed twelve more palm strikes to force her into the corner.

“Queen’s Order!” She raised her order but he used his own to knock it flying.

“Clank.” It dropped on the ground.

The pain made it feel as if her fingers were broken. His speed far exceeded her imagination so she was fighting a losing battle.

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