Chapter 525: Inside the Eight-step Dragon Imperial Carriage

Yin Gou Clan’s Memorial Hall.

The clan master stroke his beard and began: “Our Yue’er is our brightest jewel and you, Your Excellency, pays so much attention to her. I feel that…”

Feiyun interrupted: “Miss Dongfang is a good friend of mine, I think there is a misunderstanding, clan master.”

“Misunderstanding?” The clan master smiled and shook his head: “Yue’er had clearly told me what happened in the ancestral hall together, and other things as well.”

Feiyun slightly frowned: “What did she tell you?”

“No need to ask too much.” The clan master smiled again: “I’m not forcing you to make a decision now, just think about it carefully. The future belongs to the young generation and it will be good to have more backing in this chaotic time. Seize your opportunity.”

Having said that, the old man turned to stare quietly at the memorial tablets. He had said his part - it was up to Feiyun now.

Feiyun left and wondered what the old man was thinking: ‘The old guy was implying that he would help me seize Jin?’

He smirked, uninterested. Jin was coveted by many but his ambition didn’t end here. It wasn’t a place for a dragon like him. After taking care of his debts for Long Chuangfeng, he would leave this place with Nangong Hongyan.

But that’s easier said than done. Many people wouldn’t let him leave, such as the Feng Ancestor.

“No plan can be perfect the entire way, let’s just do my best one step at a time.”

He went to confirm Jingyue’s issue and saw her parents and wet nurse. All of these proved that she was indeed given birth to in a normal manner, not an existence from the painting.

Then what did the clan master mean when he talked about the connection between her and the painting?

“Feng Feiyun.” Jingyue’s voice, as clear as a bell, came from behind him.

The beauty walked out from beneath a cassia tree with her mist-like dress. One wouldn’t be surprised to see someone of her appearance ride the moon like a goddess at night.

Feiyun looked at her with a fake smile because Shui Yueting always came up in his mind after seeing Jingyue.

She waved her sleeve and eight rays filled with energy flew over. They were spirit grasses, three-petal flowers, the shiny gall of a dragon, and a bonescale with a fiery glow…

These were eight materials necessary to create his pill - all exceedingly rare. One would be hard pressed to find a second in Jin.

He happily put them away - this would save him at least one year in reaching the fourth level.

After doing so, no one from the young generation could touch him so he was rightfully elated.

“Miss Dongfang, how much does the clan master want to sell them for?” Feiyun asked.

She walked over with steps so soft that it looked like she was floating. The bird resembling a phoenix was perching on her shoulder. It stared at Feiyun with its red eyes and shouted: “Bad guy, bad guy!”

“Yun Ge!” Jingyue scolded and it stopped. She was in front of Feiyun now: “The clan master said to give them to you for free, and one free piece of information too, Your Excellency.”

‘The world can be this nice?’ Feiyun wasn’t used to her current gentle tone and coughed twice: “What information?”

“The demon regalia - Nine-doves Gown - is in Nangong Hongyan’s possession.” She revealed.

Feiyun disagreed right away: “No way, she would have given it back to me if she had it.”

“It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not.” Jingyue didn’t waste words and left, leaving a faint fragrance in the air that wouldn’t disperse.

“It’s up to you whether you want to believe it or not. Bad guy! Bad guy!” The bird circled around his head and repeated.

Feiyun frowned and pondered quietly before swinging at the bird. It got slammed down and started rolling on the grass while shouting: “Ah! Bad guy is really bad! Yun Ge is… dying…”

Its beak and eyes slowly closed.

It wasn’t till Feiyun left that it slightly opened its eyes again. After confirming that Feiyun had left the clan, it finally flew towards a red pavilion to be with Jingyue again.

She gently caressed its feathers with a starry flash in her eyes - an indescribable scene of beauty.

Feiyun didn’t see the Evil Woman after leaving. She probably left already since he was in there for too long.

He didn’t return to his mansion but rather the Grand Tutor’s mansion. He only had eight materials right now and still needed ten more.

The more main ingredients he could gather, the more effective the pill would be in boosting his cultivation. This was the reason for his trip.

“Rumble!” A golden ray accompanied by dragon roars and a massive aura interrupted him.

It only took the blink of an eye before eight dragon souls pulled an imperial carriage over and blocked his path.

This was a great treasure of the royal clan - the fastest artifact for traveling. Under full power, it could go across the entire dynasty in just one day. This carriage was magnificent and full of splendor, more of a mobile palace.

“You still haven’t left, Princess?” He tidied his attire and asked.

Even the Evil Woman couldn’t wait yet Princess Luofu was still around. This was certainly on purpose for something important.

“Your Excellency, where are you heading to? I’m going through here anyway, get on.” The princess answered.

Feiyun refused: “That’s no good, I don’t think we have the same destination.”

“Not giving me any face?”

“It’s really not convenient for either of us.”

“Get on.” The princess became stern with royal energy oozing out and made ripples in the air.

 “Fine, thank you for giving me a ride.” Feiyun acquiesced.

This royal daughter has been pampered since youth. No one has ever dared to disobey her before so pride became the result. She felt that she was above all and everyone should listen to her, lest they wish for death.

He wasn’t afraid of her but this wasn’t a good time for a fight. They were still near the dragon lake on top of it being late at night. A fight would attract the attention of the Yin Gou Clan’s experts. They would think that he tried to rape her and faced strong resistance. It would be terrible for his image and reputation.

The carriage looked just like a palace. There were eight dragon pillars inside, one meter thick. Curtains draped everywhere with a green cauldron in the corner releasing faint smoke. Of course, it was burning the best fragrance stick inside.

The princess was sitting on her throne with her face covered by a yellow veil. She said with an imperious aura: “Where are you going?”

“The Grand Tutor’s mansion.” He casually found a spot far away from the princess to sit down.

The girl was unpredictable so in one second, she could treat like an esteemed guest then try to kill you in the next.

Plus, they already had an ongoing feud. He needed to be vigilant.

The carriage flew up higher and eventually reached the capital.

This particular princess was nobler than the rest, a temperament privy to the daughters of the royal clan. The other girls from cultivation sects and clans couldn’t compare to her at all. There was a fundamental difference.

She eventually stood up after a long silence. Her golden robe was made from the finest spirit strands, more expensive than silk by more than ten times. It perfectly outlined her flawless curves.

Feiyun couldn’t help feeling astonished and took a better look at her towering breasts: ‘That’s the third-ranked beauty in Jin for you, really has the good stuff. Ahem, probably can’t hold it in one’s hand.’

He had slept with many women before, some were supreme beauties. Alas, they were just a little bit inferior to the princess. 

Any man would want to conquer her right away, overwhelmed with lust.

“The emperor gave you the responsibility of finding me a groom yet you delegated it to Long Cangyue?” Her eyes were cold and unfriendly. She was standing before him right now with a scolding tone.

Feiyun was sitting on a soft golden carpet. He lazily stretched and said: “Princess Yue is the Divine Queen on top of being your older sister. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with assigning this task to her. Don’t worry, Princess. She’ll find only the finest groom for you.”

She could easily tell that he was sugarcoating the issue so she slightly bent forward. Her black, crystal eyes gazed straight at his own: “If Long Cangyue dares to do anything, I’ll make her a widow. Try me.”

Feiyun’s eyes narrowed because she was very close to him and bending forward. An expanse of white revealed themselves above her dress. One could even see the great shape of her breasts behind the inner layer of thin silk.

Her faint fragrance made his throat run dry and his stomach hot. He couldn’t help using the phoenix gaze, causing embers to appear in his eyes. He got a good look - right, she really got the stuff!

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