Chapter 524: Ten Thousand Lights

Dongfang Jingyue became different from before. A while ago, he could still sense emotions and desires from her. But now, she was completely void of them - an ascension allowing to shred her mortal bounds to become a true fairy.

Her location became mystical and shrouded with fog just like the large statue in the river. People couldn’t help themselves from wanting to prostrate down.

What did she just get in order to have such a big transformation?

“Feng Feiyun, don’t you have something to give me?” She stared straight at him and said.

He couldn’t describe it exactly but her stare was no longer the same as before.

“What?” Feiyun asked.

“Ten Thousand Lights.” She said.

This was one of the seven diagrams from the spirit ring, just like the dragon-horse one.

‘How did she know? What does she want it for?’ He wondered.

A jade ship was floating around her forehead, as bright as a moon. It flew out and massive energy in the form of a white pillar aimed straight for his black ring.

“Rumble!” The ring felt this energy and began to spin. The six ancient words fell down and turned into six diagrams. One of them got off the regular trajectory and headed for the jade ship.

Of course, it was the Ten Thousand Lights.

More than ten thousand plumes of light danced in the sky, not too bright. They surrounded the space around the ship and emitted a heavenly hymn.

This scene was magical just like the stars in the sky while the ship was the moon in the center.

Feiyun took a deep breath and watched in awe. He was completely right before. His bronze vessel corresponded with the dragon-horse diagram while this jade one was with Ten Thousand Lights.

What about the other five diagrams?

The ring was still spinning; a trace of connection was created between it and the jade vessel.

Jingyue’s eyes were bright like the explosions of the stars. She lifted her palm and raised the vessel while the lights were floating around her, causing her to stand out like a goddess. These lights would forever be eternal.

“The Ten Thousand Lights, burn the sky and the ocean!” She waved her sleeve and the vessel flew outward. The lights became even more resplendent like ten thousand balls on fire, wanting to incinerate everything.

The clouds dissipated while the earth dried up. Even the stones shattered with smoke flying everywhere. The ocean was starting to churn.

The world inside the painting was being destroyed.

“Whoosh!” The two of them finally returned to the old room. That painting caught on fire and became ashes.

Feiyun became serious and said: “What did you obtain in that painting?”

The jade vessel returned to her forehead and disappeared without a trace.

Her clearly-defined eyes on top of the veil were calm as she asked: “Feng Feiyun, do you love Shui Yueting?”

He was surprised. There were still specters screaming outside with gales coming in. However, the two in the room were silent.

He eventually answered: “You better not ask me about this, actually, don’t ever bring her up.”

“Do you not want to answer, or do you not dare?” She inquired again.

“I don’t think I need to talk to you about this.” He crossed his arms in front of his chest and said.

“Fine.” She stopped asking and flew out of the ancestral room.

She summoned her vessel and the lights floated around her.

The specters treated these lights like lightning tribulations and got the hell away. Even the Ghost Kings were threatened and kept a distance.

The two of them finally left this area under the protection of the vessel and the lights.

Jingyue reported what they found to the clan master. He was very serious about this issue and carefully investigated it before calling for Feiyun again.

“My apology, I didn’t expect for these ghastly things to be here in my clan. Sorry if it had scared you, Your Excellency, but it’s not a big problem. I have ordered several powerful treasure masters and Giants to come in and exterminate them.”

Feiyun glanced at Jingyue standing behind the clan master and requested: “I have a few words I wish to discuss with you in private.”

The clan master narrowed his eyes before speaking: “Yue’er, go fetch the eight spirit materials.”

She stared at Feiyun for a moment before leaving.

“Your Excellency, go ahead.” The clan master was very nice towards him and treated him as a peer despite their age gap.

Feiyun contemplated for a bit before speaking: “I’ve seen Miss Dongfang’s face.”

The clan master’s smile froze.

Jingyue was exactly identical to the Jin River Goddess. This was definitely a big deal. People would come asking for information and the clan, despite its immense power, wouldn’t be able to handle everyone.

He eventually sighed repeatedly while shaking his head.

Feiyun continued: “Please don’t worry, clan master. I will keep my mouth shut about this matter. It’s just that I have something I’m quite curious about and the trip to the ancestral hall only exacerbated it.”

“What is it?”

Feiyun asked: “What is the relationship between the river goddess and your clan?”

The clan master carefully chose his words: “I’m sure you have heard about Duo Village and tales about the goddess. Hmm, the truth is that it wouldn’t be inaccurate to call the goddess our ancestor.”

He stood up and brought him to their memorial hall. He shot out two rays of light and two paintings appeared on the memorial tablets. The girl in one of the paintings was identical to Shui Yueting.

This was a painting from ten thousand years ago.

Feiyun was shaken because he could guarantee that this was Shui Yueting.

The clan master continued: “The two people from Duo are our ancestors, Dongfang and Yueliang - a pair of brother and sister.”

“After Ancestor Yueliang disappeared, Ancestor Dongfang finally got married and started our clan. Here we are today after ten thousand years.”

Feng Feiyun’s mind was also flying back ten thousand years ago when he was her lover.

If she was indeed their ancestor, then how the hell did she get her incredible cultivation?

‘Why did I come back to life and return to her old place? Or, did I come back to life ten thousand years later?’

Feiyun felt that this wasn’t a coincidence.

For example, the large statue by the river had a trace of divinity. Ordinary cultivators would never be able to carve something like that.

He even felt that after reaching her peak state, Shui Yueting had returned to the dynasty for some reasons.

‘No, I forgot the most important thing, Dongfang Jingyue!’

He quickly asked again: “Clan master, did Dongfang Jingyue have a mother or did she came out from that painting?”

The clan master’s eyes flashed after hearing this. He sighed again: “So you found this out too.”

“So she really did come from the painting?” Feiyun held his breath.

The clan master nodded then shook his head: “She is indeed related to the painting, but she also had a mother from our clan.”

Feiyun became even more confused: “What do you mean? She has a mother but is still related to the painting?” 

“That I can’t answer you.” The clan master became a bit unhappy.

Feiyun realized that he was too impolite earlier. Ultimately, this was his clan’s private matters. Plus, he was questioning the authenticity of her birth mother? This was improper and no one would be happy to hear this.

He said apologetically: “Sorry, because this is very important to me. Please excuse my rudeness, clan master.”

The clan master smiled back: “It’s fine, it’s fine. If you still have questions, you can go ask her parents or wet nurse, or even the servants from our clan.”

If it was something else, he would certainly drop it because the clan master didn’t like it. Alas, he would continue to investigate this matter.

“Then I’ll go ask them.” He said and turned to leave right away.

The clan master called him back: “Please wait, Your Excellency.”

“Is there something else, clan master?”

“This is the forbidden ground of our clan, many disciples from the main branches haven’t even been here before. Earlier, I told you our clan’s biggest secrets. It shows that I don’t consider you an outsider.” The clan master smiled implicatively.

Feiyun wasn’t dumb and waited for the clan master to finish the second half of that sentence.

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