Chapter 520: Ancestral Hall Of The Yin Gou

“Clan Master, His Excellency is here.” Dongyang Yiye guided Feiyun to the right place then left instantly.

This was a forbidden ground of the clan; only the real members from the main branch could be here. The strongest descendants from the clan learned the dao here and left behind indelible marks.

The wrinkly clan master stroke his beard and revealed a warm smile: “Your Excellency, your talents are peerless in this generation. It is an honor of a lifetime to have met an excellent prodigy like you.”

Feiyun went up next to the pond and smiled: “You are too kind to this junior, Clan Master. Please don’t call me Your Excellency, just Feng Feiyun is fine.”

“Hmph, idiot.” Dongfang Jingyue saw his attitude and murmured to herself.

The clan master smiled and gave an order. Servants brought over eight jade plates with smokes and resplendent glow. One could see eight spirit items inside, full of spirituality and rippling waves.

These were eight different ingredients for the Heavenly Core Pill. All were rare and precious - two of them were more than five thousand years old.

Feiyun was ecstatic to see them. That’s the Yin Gou Clan for you, capable of finding these eight rare ingredients. The resources of an old clan were unfathomable.

He calmed down and said: “May I ask for the price, Clan Master?”

The clan master smiled and gently shook his head: “Priceless, can’t be bought with money.”

Feiyun was surprised to hear this.

“But, Your Excellency is our friend, so we can give you them, priceless or not.” The clan master changed his tone.

There was no free lunch in this world. Feiyun became careful in order to avoid being tricked by this wily geezer: “Please tell me the cost, our faction can handle anything.”

The clan master said: “We talk about money too often, and it’s not suitable before a genius like you. How about we change the topic, I heard Yue’er said that you want to visit our ancestral hall?”

Feiyun glanced at her real fast before answering: “I have something important to check, please allow me to do so.”

He was mindful of things relating to Shui Yueting and would infiltrate this place eventually even if the clan master refused right now.

Contrary to his expectation, the clan master agreed right away: “It’s no big deal if it’s you, Your Excellency. Yue’er, take His Excellency there. We’ll talk about the eight spirit ingredients afterward.”

Jingyue didn’t like Feiyun and said: “Clan Master, outsiders can’t go there…”

“It’s fine, it’s fine, take my badge. The sages there will let you in.” The clan master had a smile on the whole time and took out a white-jade insignia with a carving of a golden dragon - the symbol of the clan.

Jingyue accepted the insignia and stared at Feiyun. She spoke with an impolite tone: “Follow me!”

Feiyun smirked, not minding at all and happily followed.

Dongfang Jingshui wanted to tag along but the clan master yelled at him: “Where do you think you’re going?”

“Grandfather, I’m also curious so I want to take a look.” He said.

The clan master said: “Read the situation and quell your curiosity, let the two go alone. You stay here and watch the fish with me.”

Jingshui didn’t want to at all but there was nothing he could do. He felt that letting his little sister go with a degenerate like Feiyun to the ancestral hall was very unsafe. But of course the clan master had his reasons.

This ancient clan had produced several Enlightened Beings before. One among them was mighty enough to reign in his generation. Because of this, the island had plenty of horrifying defensive lines created by Enlightened Beings.

Even an Enlightened Being wouldn’t be able to do anything to the island with all of these things left behind by their ancestors.

The ancestral hall was one of the forbidden grounds on the island. This building wasn’t here at first but experts eventually moved it here.

It had a special significance to the descendants here, similar to the Highest Shrine of the royal clan.

The two of them came to the outside and saw many formations here. White mist filled the place and one couldn’t see ten steps ahead.

Feiyun opened his heavenly gaze and could see a mountain deeper inside with waterfall streaming down.

Suddenly, a massive power surged over and blocked his view. An old voice came about: “Who is peering into the ancestral hall?”

An old man walked out of the mist so Feiyun quickly recalled his gaze.

Jingyue took out the insignia and handed it to the old man while telling him the reasons. He stared carefully at Feiyun before letting them inside.

She was just as beautiful as the mist and led the way. She walked gracefully like a butterfly: “You better play nice in the ancestral hall or you’ll activate some taboo things. It’ll be problematic.”

She wasn’t familiar with this place, having only visited once during her youth. The memories were distant now, only know that it was desolate and a bit similar to some remote villages.

Feiyun wasn’t here to cause trouble either, only wanting to find some pieces of evidence.

“We’re here.” His exceptional spirituality could sense that something had changed. The ground here was different from before.

The ancestors of the Yin Gou didn’t only bring the building but also the land surrounding it to this island.

He used his gaze and saw many strange things around - souls were flying in the air. One hut was in the middle with nothing inside, resulting in a scary atmosphere. Being lost in a place like this and seeing this building would truly scare someone.

Jingyue saw him stopping and followed his gaze: “What are you looking at?”

She didn’t see the hut. Only the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze on top of knowing treasure-seeking arts made it possible for him to see these strange things.

Feiyun withdrew his gaze and said: “Of course I’m looking at you, Miss Dongfang is as pretty as a flower. Even prodigies like Ling Donglai and Li Xiaonan are head over heels in love with you. Just walking next to you could make so many people jealous, so I need to look carefully.”

She could see the faint flame in his eyes - clearly a vision technique. Her expression shifted as she dodged to the side and coldly uttered: “What are you looking at?”

He knew that she had misunderstood and dispelled the technique: “Don’t misunderstand. My heavenly gaze technique can peer through things, but definitely not your clothing right now. I am a man of character.”

A man of character? Feiyun? Definitely not. She became angrier and thought about how he said that he needed to “look carefully”. 

She gritted her teeth and activated a white barrier around her: “I’ll dig out your eyes the next time you use a heavenly gaze around me.”

Feiyun knew that he had messed up. The more he spoke, the worse the situation would get but the truth was that he was really innocent earlier. He murmured: “Am I really such a bad guy? But it’s not like I haven’t seen you before.”

Back in Grand Southern, he had seen her upper half completely in order to suck out the corpse poison. This was another reason why she was so annoyed with him.

The atmosphere around her turned cold after this old matter was brought up. It looked like she didn’t only want to claw out his eyes but also sever his arms and tongue.

“Cough, I didn’t say anything.” Feiyun quickly tidied his robe and put on a dignified appearance as if he was a gentleman.

She was still suspicious and decided to let him lead.

Feiyun saw several strange places along the way - tombs, runes, floating lamps…

This ancestral hall was quite bizarre as if many have died here during a disaster.

Though they have been hidden, Feiyun could still see using his Minor Change Art.

‘Right, if nothing big happened in the past, these ancestors wouldn’t have moved it to White Jade.’ He thought.

“Stop! I think the painting is on a wall in that building over there.” Jingyue shouted with a ruminating flash in her eyes.

Feiyun looked over and saw old, tiny buildings. It was dark and deserted, unlike the current clan.

There were several dozen buildings - they were real, not illusions. Inside was completely quiet, deserted for several thousand years. They have only lasted this long due to the protection of the formations.

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