Chapter 518: Evil Core Ascension

“Earthguard Seal.” Donglai formed a mudra with an explosive golden glow.

It turned into a bell with an old monk sitting on top, drawing circular runes.

“Buzz.” The bell spun and emitted terrible gales.

“Bam!” The weapon essence in the form of a sky piercer struck the spinning bell.

Massive energy resembling a tornado started from the tip of the weapon reverberated back towards Feiyun’s hand.

Earthguard Seal was a Buddhist technique learned only by the most intelligent people. It could send someone’s power back straight at them.

The sky piercer turned into liquid and flowed back towards the same place to form a white shield to stop the backlash, resulting in a deafening explosion.

The bell shattered and the essence melted again before turning into a sharp saber. Feiyun slashed down with both hands.

Donglai could sense its sharpness and become alarmed. He retaliated by sending out nine dao seals; each was a supreme technique but all were shattered.

This slash was unstoppable with an undodgeable speed!

He had no choice but to swing his kasaya upward. It became bloated, turning his body five times as big as before.

“Boom!” A white ray in the form of a roaring dragon shot out and destroyed the defensive barrier of the kasaya. Donglai’s body became deflated like a popped balloon and was blown flying straight through a palace wall.

Bright blood scattered on the ground.

“Cough…” Donglai came out, completely covered in dust with blood dripping down his lips.

His iron armor had a plate cut down where the arm was. Blood was also running down his wrist.

If it wasn’t for the kasaya, that slash earlier would have rendered him into a pulp.

Violet energy continued to empower the Ascension Platform. Feiyun lifted his weapon essence and said: “It’s a disgrace to its previous master that his kasaya has fallen into your hand.”

“You spoke too early, I’ve yet to lose.” Donglai didn’t accept defeat. How could he lose despite being so lucky?! No way!

He unleashed the three mantras of the Dao Ancestor, creating a massive yin yang trigram above the lake.

The sky turned color; winds and clouds were everywhere. Waves assaulted the dragon lake. This was another incredible technique of the daoists. It channeled the worldly energy and laws from the surrounding area into a holy technique.

“What?! Donglai’s providence is being suppressed, he might actually lose today.” Scholar Heaven Calculating’s eyes lit up as he watched the energy and cosmic changes to read someone’s fate.

The Evil Woman also noticed something; her starry gaze fixated on the violet energy strands floating in the sky.

Feiyun just needed his weapon essence to break through all laws in the world.

“Boom!” He waved his hand and the essence flew out like a meteor, thrusting through the yin yang trigram and blowing Donglai flying for the second time.

He was thrown away even farther this time with blood gushing out of his mouth.

Feiyun recalled the essence and slowly walked forward: “So what if you are lucky and possess incredible treasures. Your battle power is simply no match for me.”

Of course, this wasn’t the truth. Donglai was immensely powerful, virtually invincible at the same realm. Feiyun only wanted to strike down his confidence and battle intent.

Donglai had trouble standing up after the second loss. He staggered backward with blood streaming down the ground.

Having never faced such a setback before, each of Feiyun’s words echoed in his mind, causing his scalp to tingle.

“No, no, I cannot be defeated!” Donglai said that but his eyes flashed of horror.

Someone who has never lost before would be afraid after being stopped repeatedly. They would start to question their own abilities.

Feiyun laughed and said: “I didn’t even need to use the King’s Order to win yet you don’t accept that you have lost? Only a piece of trash that has some luck?”

“No, I haven’t lost!” Donglai’s eyes turned dark with light carrying a tinge of blood coursing through his skin. His red kasaya began to flutter like a large banner and issued holy explosions.

“Boom!” A red-as-blood pillar pulsed from his head and reached the sky. His power was rising continuously.

“This guy cultivates an evil art too - this skill is called Evil Core Ascension.” Dongfang Jingshui became serious.

Ling Donglai was not only versed in the daoist art and Buddhist techniques, but also the lost techniques of the heretical sects. These were treasures coveted by all.

“What is this technique?” Jingshui was also an evil cultivator and said: “It is leaving behind a foundation, a core in the user. A forbidden technique that could invoke one’s evil affinity to break through. He is at a peak third-level right now so he’s using it to push himself to the edge in order to reach the fourth level to fight to the death.”

Someone else replied: “Looks like he’s still quite determined. I think his mentality is his weakest characteristic, but it’s not that easy to break his confidence.”

Donglai’s power kept on rising along with the blood pillar carrying an evil affinity. His eyes turned fierce as he swung the kasaya down at Feiyun.

Feiyun was ready to fight as well and met it head-on. His weapon essence turned into nine sabers that unleashed different techniques.

“Raa!” Donglai resembled a mad tiger without fear of death and rushed towards the nine sabers. The sharp energies lacerated his flesh but he didn’t feel any pain at all as he lunged for Feiyun.

The blood only strengthened his will to fight and evil affinity.

“Let’s go!” He swung the kasaya down, releasing numerous Buddhist rays.

Feiyun could easily dodge this but he chose to face it head on by unleashing three palm strikes! “Boom! Boom! Boom!” 

Donglai had the kasaya and Feiyun had his Infinite Spirit Ring. These treasures were only acting as defensive barriers; they were contesting in a physical manner without flashy techniques.

Each blow resounded like metals hitting each other.

Feng Feiyun knew that Donglai was about to reach the fourth level so he didn’t want to give the guy a chance to rest. He must crush the guy to the ground and never give him the chance to raise his head in the future.

Feiyun condensed the power of five dragon-tigers. Their images came crashing down.

Donglai retaliated with the same force.

“Rumble!” The ground beneath them began to split.

Feiyun’s shinbone was as tough as divine metal while his flesh as resilient as diamond. Donglai blocked the kick but his palm got pulverized. The flesh on his arm was about to fall down while his fingers were showing bones.

The Immortal Phoenix Physique and Myriad Beast Physique were too tough. Donglai wasn’t a match for them at all.

He spat out blood and staggered backward. Each of Feiyun’s palm strike made him stumble and shudder as if struck by lightning.

The kasaya couldn’t protect him completely so his blood poured down like the spring.

“Screech!” A hymn of a phoenix came about.

The shadow of this beast flew out of Feiyun’s body and turned ablaze before starting its assault in the form of a punch.

Donglai got blown flying again with three more bones breaking.

His steel helmet was broken now so his long, black hair fluttered chaotically to the wind. He threw it down and became serious: “Evil Core Ascension - fourth level Heaven’s Mandate.

Mists of blood suddenly exploded all around his body and destroyed his skin and flesh. They gathered into an evil energy that entered his dantian.

Lightning currents channeled around him with black smokes coming out.

His Immortal Foundation and evil core were co-existing inside the dantian. He had two God Bases that eventually opened two violet central palaces. One was black and the other white.

The young cultivators were astounded to see this. No one would believe that someone could have two palaces if they didn’t see it with their own eyes.

“Cultivating two different dao for two palaces at the same time. Only a top genius could do this; he’ll be able to double his power at the same level.”

“A dual cultivator - dao and evil, quite rare.”

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