Chapter 515: Enlightened Being’s Resting Land

A platform floated above the ground with a diameter of twenty meters. This was a formation meant for battle.

Feng Feiyun and Ling Donglai stood on opposite sides facing each other.

These were the new prodigies of this generation - the heroes with many fans.

Feiyun had a peak third-rank spirit treasure but Donglai wasn’t scared at all: “Please be careful, Your Excellency, weapons don’t have eyes. Don’t blame me if something were to happen.”

“Of course, of course.” Feiyun smiled.

Donglai raised his hands and seven spirit treasures - flew out. Five were first-ranked; two were second-ranked. Their spirituality activated and shot out white rays.

Two black swords resembled two flood-dragons with sharp claws.

The purple ring continued to stretch and changed its form.

The bronze spear was stately and ancient.

A picture of an Enlightened Being was animated and ghastly.

A skeletal weapon emitting a macabre sensation with nefarious energy. Numerous formations and beast totems were carved on it.

A seven-story steel pagoda only the size of a hand - mottled with rust - had a green lamp inside.

These seven treasures floated around him while illuminating the place with their own colors like seven suns.

A few half-step Giants didn’t even have a spirit treasure yet he had seven. One could see that his providence and luck were simply unmatched.

Feiyun didn’t use the Heaven-raising Rod. It was a top weapon but he hasn’t refined it, unable to use even fifty-percent of its power.

He took out a stone crescent saber instead; seven feet long and was as wide as a door.

“Oh?” He noticed that there was a hole on the saber’s edge with shimmering light beneath.

This saber was extremely tough, since when did this damage happened?

He didn’t have time to investigate because Donglai had started attacking with all seven treasures at the same time.

Their power was coming in full force with a different spiritual image for each one.

Feiyun used his Swift Samsara and leaped forward while his saber left behind a trail of energy.

“Boom!” His constitution was tough enough to withstand the pressure of these treasures.

The saber rays slammed into the treasures, causing rambunctious detonations.

Donglai was smirking: ‘This guy is too careless, wanting to take on these treasures in this direct manner? Fine, I’ll send you off then.’

“Boom!” He had perfect control of his treasures.

Their light became even more resplendent like seven stars. They lined up and flew straight for Feiyun.

“Dragon King’s Fourth Slash, Sky Reign!” Feiyun could sense that Donglai wanted to kill him.

Beasts roared inside his body as if it was a wild expanse within. Massive power emanating from his blood and bones came out, allowing his slash to crack one of the spirit treasures.

“Bam!” Spirituality oozed out of the purple ring from the crack.

‘Why is the saber so sharp now, capable of damaging a spirit treasure?’ Feiyun glanced back at his saber and found that the hole on the edge was getting bigger, same with the metallic glow.

This didn’t deter Donglai’s offense at all. Feiyun remained focus and swung his blade again, releasing a white dragon.

A second treasure was cracked - the pagoda now had a small gap in it.

These treasures were made from the finest materials so they were certainly tough. No damage would come after several thousand years. Even a Giant would find it difficult to break one.

Feiyun was only at third-level Heaven’s Mandate yet he did it twice in succession? Was he really this powerful?

Donglai didn't buy this at all: ‘It has to be that saber!’

The cultivators in the garden were surprised too. Even if Donglai was very lucky, these were treasures and not mere cabbages.

“What is that weapon?” 

“It’s just a stone saber!”

“No, there are two metallic glints on the edge, there’s something inside the stone layer.”

A Giant using a Dominating Armament could easily shatter lower-ranked treasures. This certainly wasn’t the case here. Just how sharp was this saber?

He got it from Immeasurable Tower in the hand of a statue. The Evil Woman who also came from there stared at the saber. She had a look of skepticism while remembering something else.

“Boom!” Feiyun’s vitality surged with power.

“Third Slash, Sunpiercer!” A white dragon flew to the sky before coming straight down on the third treasure.

It was a picture of an Enlightened Being made from Golden Turtle Strings, a hundred times tougher than steel. The ghosts on the surface were shattered and turned into smokes, disappearing with the wind.

This third treasure was completely crippled - even the spirituality was killed.

Donglai was feeling the pain. After all, these could be defining treasures in a great power to be pass down for generations. Alas, they kept on dropping to Feiyun’s saber.

Donglai recalled the remaining four along with two broken ones, letting them float around him.

Feiyun was ready to fight on and laughed: “Your turn!”

He leaped up while clutching the saber with both hands. Beast souls flew out of his arms and went for the blade. They condensed into a massive ray heading for Donglai’s head.

Donglai had no choice but to use his six treasures to stop the attack.

“Boom!” Four of them were directly shattered by the attack and fell down like scrap metals.

Only the two second-ranked black swords were fine. Alas, they became dimmed with damaged formations.

It didn’t take long before Donglai lost five spirit treasures, a massive loss.

Feiyun didn’t give him a chance to breathe and unleashed an even stronger slash. He could faintly hear a metallic ringing inside, more like the sound of waves instead of wind breaking.

Donglai was surprised by the effectiveness of the blade but he didn’t panic at all. He recalled the swords into his sleeve before reaching forward with his palm. A thick group of black clouds condensed in the surrounding space.

The area turned dark. There was a hill floating inside these black clouds.

“Boom!” It took the slash and trembled; sparks went flying everywhere.

The saber vibrated with a crack on the blade. Feiyun’s hands also went numb after his slash got stopped, seemingly having struck a mountain made of steel. He quickly retreated to a safe distance.

Donglai said: “Feng Feiyun, this mountain is taken from a resting place of an Enlightened Being. His dao laws permeated into the soil and stones; I spent a lot of effort to refine this into a treasure. It has the dao of an Enlightened Being, your blade can break a spirit treasure, but it won’t do any damage to this mountain.”

The resting places of Enlightened Beings were highly contested in the cultivation world. However, Enlightened Beings were very rare. Only one would appear every several hundred years or so. One returning to the earth in such a good condition was even rarer, akin to finding a precious gem randomly on the ground. Only someone with the most amazing luck would be able to find them. 

Ling Donglai was such a person. Being lucky was also an ability; this was the reason for his continuous victories. No wonder why he wasn’t afraid at all to challenge Feiyun.

He began slamming this mountain at Feiyun, causing the formations beneath to quake and break like glasses. The black runes of an Enlightened Being floated around the mountain with black strands of energy oozing out from below.

These black strands were the remnant power of the being, capable of piercing through everything.

Feiyun backed off with haste and occasionally slashed the mountain, doing minuscule damage with little powders coming off.

His saber was becoming smaller and smaller. The blade itself had seven cracks with golden rays slipping through. They had strange runes floating inside, seemingly very archaic.

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