Chapter 514: Ling Donglai’s Challenge

The party wasn’t over after Prince Hongye was gone. Feiyun sat by the lake again together with the scholar, Su Yun, and Wolong Sheng.

The Evil Woman was naturally frightening right now. Even a top prodigy like Wolong Sheng was scared of her, not daring to speak.

Feiyun secretly tried to heal the minor wound earlier after sitting down.

Suddenly, the crowd became loud. It turned out that Dongfang Jingyue and Dongfang Jingshui were coming. These two attracted everyone’s attention, especially Jingyue and her white dress contrasting her black hair. She walked with a transcending temperament.

All the young cultivators here were clicking their tongues from amazement while stealing glances at her.

“That’s the Fourth Lady; her aura is indeed flawless. Maybe even Nangong Hongyan is inferior to her in this regards.”

“She’s only nineteen but is especially strong. I can’t tell her cultivation at all.”

“Well, she has trained at Sacred Spirit while keeping a low profile. Maybe in terms of beauty, Hongyan can’t match her either.”

“All the guys here are crazy about marrying her. It’s the same as gaining the support and endless resources of the Yin Gou.”

Jingyue stole the spotlight right now and amazed everyone.

Ling Donglai was especially ecstatic and quickly went forward. He bowed his head like a gentleman and showed a smile as bright as the sun: “Nice to see you again, Fourth Lady. I wish you a happy birthday and an eternal spring for your kingdom-toppling beauty.”

Donglai was one of the most excellent prodigies nowadays. He had the best providence and ample talents on top of being a Divine Commander at such a young age with a sizable army under his control.

Jingyue remained distant and returned the gesture with a slight nod.

Jingshui looked like a bodyguard next to her and declared: “Today is my sister’s birthday, I’ll throw out whoever dares to cause trouble again.”

He was actually ready to fight Prince Hongye earlier but the guy left right when he got out. However, the prince was invited here by Li Xiaonan. Jingshui was clearly aiming at Xiaonan with this message.

Jingyue went near the lakeside where Feiyun was sitting and said: “Prince Hongye is the number one expert of Qian. Your Excellency, your sending him away won prestige for Jin, so please accept my drink.”

She also glanced at the woman sitting next to him and immediately recognized who it was. She chose to be silent.

Feiyun didn’t expect for her to personally give him a toast: ‘Looks like she knows the Evil Woman is here.’

He stood up and smiled while taking up his own cup: “You’re too kind, Fourth Lady. Prince Hongye was rude towards our prodigies and annoyed me, so I taught him a lesson.”

Donglai was also annoyed right now, at Feiyun. Earlier, he only got a slight nod from Jingyue but Feiyun got a toast.

The great disparity in treatment left him exasperated. He took a cup and came forward: “Excuse me, I also want to give the Divine King a toast.”

Feiyun and Jingyue couldn’t finish their toast so they held their cup awkwardly in the air.

Nevertheless, Feiyun smiled and raised his cup: “Divine Commander Ling, you too?”

Donglai stood next to Jingyue and said: “You were very heroic earlier fighting against Prince Hongye. I’m a bit itchy after watching, will you be willing to spar with me too, Your Excellency?”

Others couldn’t see that Feiyun was wounded but Donglai was versed in the three mantras of the Dao Ancestor so he saw it full well.

This guy was only putting on a strong act - a paper tiger. This was the reason why he dared to challenge Feiyun, given the guy’s strong momentum at the moment.

If he could defeat Feiyun right now, he would seize the prestige of Feiyun’s earlier victory. It was the best chance to become the hottest character.

Others would say, so what if Feiyun defeated Prince Hongye? He still lost to Ling Donglai.

‘Jingyue will definitely have a better impression of me, then I’ll use this momentum to ask the clan master for her hand in marriage.’ Just thinking of this left him with a sweet feeling like eating honey so he smiled.

Feiyun rubbed his chin and acted dumb on purpose: “What’s the point, Divine Commander?”

Donglai pressed on: “Your Excellency, you surely know that you are third on the lower list while I’m the fourth. I’ve been wanting to fight you for a long time now.”

This was a suitable reason. If Feiyun were to refuse now, he would seem like a coward.

Donglai continued on: “Plus, Scholar Heaven Calculating is here too, I feel like it is time to change your list.”

He was a calculative person and rarely acted in this bold manner - a striking contrast.

Many thought that he was insane. Feiyun managed to push the prince back yet he still dared to challenge Feiyun?

Only Donglai realized what he was doing. Feiyun was no match for the prince. Plus, the guy was wounded too. This was his best chance.

The scholar was amused: “If Divine Commander can defeat the Divine King, then it will show that my vision was incorrect and I will certainly change the list.”

Donglai was sneering in his mind but said politely: “Your Excellency, will you satisfy my wish and have a fair duel with me? If I lose, I’ll be even more convinced of your greatness.”

Feiyun replied with a smile: “Today is the Fourth Lady’s birthday, we need to show her some respect and not cause too much trouble, wait for another day.”

This only made Donglai think that Feiyun was seriously injured and didn’t dare to fight. He pushed it further: “Just drinking alone is meaningless, we will need some entertainment. Don’t tell me you are afraid?”

All eyes turned towards Feiyun.

Feiyun was also sneering at the guy in his mind, ‘this Donglai guy isn’t simple at all, probably noticed my wound from earlier so trying to force the issue. Little does he know that Prince Hongye got a strong constitution, but my phoenix physique is even better. I’ve nearly recovered completely now, if he wants to fight, I guess I’ll entertain him.’

Feiyun had just broken through the third level and wanted to test his current battle capabilities.

Right now, he was not a match for Prince Hongye because the guy was at the fifth level. That was indeed a top cultivation realm for the young cultivators, but this didn’t mean that Feiyun was weak.

The majority of the upper list was at the fourth level. Only Xiaonan was firmly situated at the fifth level. Dongfang Jingshui, Beiming Potian, and Su Yun were extremely strong as well. It was a secret whether they were at the fifth level or not.

They have stopped at peak fourth level for a long time, perhaps one of them had broken through without announcing it. Once reaching the fourth level, all of them would be just as strong as Prince Hongye.

Feiyun was probably weaker than the top five members of the upper list, but he was certainly capable enough of going against Long Shenya or Yan Ziyu.

Thus, he wasn’t afraid of this challenge from Donglai at all.

He purposely showed reluctance and pondered for a bit before speaking: “If Brother Ling truly wants to, then I’ll be disrespectful by refusing any further.”

Having heard that, Donglai became ecstatic and wanted even more: “Well, let’s make this fight even more interesting then.”

“What do you mean?”

Donglai powerfully said: “The winner can tell the loser to do anything.”

“Even telling them to bark?” 

“Of course.”

“That’s a little too much.” Feiyun had a difficult expression.

Donglai would never let go of a chance to teach Feiyun a lesson and pressed on: “Are you afraid of losing, Your Excellency.”

“Alright, so be it.” Feiyun raised his brows as if he had finally made up his mind.

People saw him pushing back Prince Hongye earlier with one swing so he was naturally mighty. They thought that Donglai must have something up his sleeve as well to have the confidence in challenging Feiyun.

One was the third and the other the fourth ranker on the lower list. This was a fight worth watching.

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