Chapter 513: A Shocking Strike

The four magnates attacked a junior like Feiyun at the same time. They have cultivated for several hundred years and had plenty of techniques and battle methods. 

This was not a rash decision- they have decided that this was the best time to take the Heaven-raising Rod back.

Since Feiyun suddenly took the rod from the prince, they could kill him first then accuse him of a sneak-attack on their prince.

The seniors inside the clan, some from the royal clans, saw through the magnates’ plan. They were furious but it was too late to help.

Must they watch their Divine King be killed like this?!

Long Shenya had a smirk on his face and truly wanted Feiyun to die. It would greatly benefit him: ‘This Feiyun showed off too much and provoked these strong enemies, not as smart and careful as me.’

“Whoosh!” Blinding rays shot out from the Evil Woman’s finger and wove together to form a shuttle of energy.

This was a holy power without a trace of corpse energy and evil affinity.

“Boom!” The four magnates felt a sky pushing down on them. They became scared and tried to dodge. Alas, it was too late. 

They were blown flying and vomited blood staining their robe and face.

All fell to the ground at the same time and squirmed like dead pigs inside the pits. They moaned and groaned for a long time before crawling out, looking like bloodied beggars now.

This scene shocked to the very core. Everyone stared at her in unison. This kingdom-toppling beauty defeated the four magnates with just one finger and made them cough blood.

Where is she from? What is she so damn scary? How did Feiyun invite someone like her here?

Long Shenya’s eyes widened in disbelief while mumbling: “Impossible, impossible…”

Even the handsome Li Xiaonan was frightened.

The older seniors deeper into the island couldn’t trust their eyes.

Once the dust settled, Feiyun coughed and said: “My older cousin does not wish to kill on the Fourth Lady’s birthday, so she will spare the four of you.”

Prince Hongye said this earlier so Feiyun threw it back at him, a verbal slap to the face. All the prodigies in the dynasties were clapping as a response.

Meanwhile, Bi Ningshuai who was hiding in the crowd felt his jaw touching the ground: ‘This guy said his cousin was from a small village with nowhere to go at the capital?? This wretched Feiyun is not trustworthy at all, it’s good that I didn’t try to make a move on her or not even bone would be left of me right now.’

Today had left a deep impression on everyone - Feng Feiyun had a very strong older cousin.

“Prince, thank you for the rod, I’ll happily accept it.” Feiyun held the Heaven-raising Rod without any problem, showing off his powerful cultivation.

The prince was clenching his fists and stared sternly at him: “Haha! I see! Your Excellency is actually so powerful, do you dare to accept my challenge?!”

“You want to fight me?”

“That’s right, you are so talented despite your young age. Does your courage match your talents?” The prince praised Feiyun first before asking again, a sort of psychological egging.

Feiyun didn’t have any of it: “Who do you think you are? You’re not qualified to fight against me.”

Feiyun stated that the guy’s status was too low to challenge him.

The prince was already furious, never tasting such humiliation before. He had to let go of the princess after being threatened on top of losing the rod; his magnates were grievously wounded. Now, Feiyun was looking down on him too?

Feiyun continued on and gave him a mocking side-eye before waving at the soldiers: “Withdraw. Let’s go.”

“You’re not leaving!” The prince’s lungs were about to explode as he shouted.

His skin turned into a bronze color and became as hard as diamond, unleashing a fist straight for Feiyun.

He had channeled all of his anger for an all-out attack. The sharp winds pricked the skin from the pressure.

Feiyun had turned around but he was still paying attention to the prince and reacted instantly. He lifted the rod with all of his might, activating the formations and spirituality within for a full eruption.

“Boom!” 9,960 beast souls focused their monstrous power on the rods. 

Feiyun was now at third-level Heaven’s Mandate, no longer the same weak idiot as before. This was him going all out.

“Boom!” The thick rod swept forward and repelled the prince’s ferocious attack instantly.

Energy waves rippled with loud detonations like two mountains slamming together.

The prince staggered back ten paces before stabilizing with blood dripping down his arm. He couldn’t stop the attack fully despite his great cultivation.

“How … can this be…” He couldn’t believe this youth managed to stop him with one strike.

“Hmph, barbarian, you think Jin has no talents? Let this be a lesson to you. Cause more trouble and I’ll throw you in jail.” Feiyun stared happily at the rod and declared.

Alas, the truth was that he was secretly wounded and couldn’t attack again: ‘This damn barbarian is really strong, capable of stopping my full force attack with his bare arm. This powerful constitution… he must be at fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate.’

If they continued, Feiyun would lose for sure despite his third-ranked spirit treasure.

Nevertheless, he seemed to have the absolute upper hand right now. This truly impressed the young prodigies here.

“Feiyun is actually this strong?”

“I don’t think many on the upper list can beat him then.”

“What a badass! That’s our number one genius, showing this barbarian what’s what.”

Princess Luofu was close to him enough to feel the change in his blood flow, realizing that he had been wounded, unlike his leisure act.

The prince’s wound disappeared at a visible rate: “I didn’t use the Golden Sacred Scripture earlier and you had the rod, it wasn’t fair. Let’s go again!”

“A loser can’t demand anything. Don’t make me kill you with my peerless arts.” Feiyun fiercely responded.

The ignorant ones felt that Feiyun was too amazing and cool. However, the real masters knew that he was just scaring the prince.

His cultivation was mediocre at times but his schemes and tricks were quite decent.

“Due to my great status, I do not want to stoop so low and kill you. Don’t force my hand.” Feiyun rubbed his chin, looking like a lonely master without a true rival.

“I have torn apart half-step Giants with my bare hands. Killing you would only take a blink of an eye. Young man, leave now! Don’t throw your life away.” He was actually telling the truth this time so his sincere tone managed to scare the prince.

The prince didn’t wish to waste time any longer and snorted: “Your Excellency, I’ll accept my defeat today. But, I will marry your princess.”

Having said that, he stared fiercely at the other geniuses and declared: “We’ll meet again on the martial stage.”

He then helped the four old men and left the Yin Gou Clan.

Feiyun finally heaved a sigh of relief. There was no chance of winning if that prince pressed on: ‘Looks like I need to create the core pill even faster in order to reach the fourth level. After that, maybe I’ll be able to refine all 10,000 beast souls and truly finish the Myriad Beast Physique.”

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