Chapter 512: Digging A Pit

A prince was prestigious and had the nobility of the royal clan. However, he was far from being comparable to the Divine King in Jin.

This was a role only below the emperor. Even prince and princesses need to perform a greeting ceremony when meeting Feiyun.

Prince Hongye was a guest but he still needed to do the same.

“Rumble!” Eighteen members of the Martial Army came. Each had heavy armor with a long spear, resulting in an oppressive armor. 

They surrounded the prince and ordered: “Surrender or die!”

“Surrender or die!”

These elites roared like thunder. The prince might look like a brute but he was quite intelligent and knew that something was amiss.

Normally, older cultivators couldn’t interfere with him and Feiyun, especially not the army. However, Feiyun had accused him of three crimes - disrespectful towards the princess, rude to the Divine King, and looking down on the Jin royal clan.

These three crimes were enough to imprison him.

This was no longer a youthful competition but Feiyun using his status to carry out the law. If the prince were to resist, it would bring about the resistance of the Jin experts. Even if they were to kill him, they could say that he was resisting and got rightfully killed in the process.

The prince was strong but the massive army would still pulverize him since this was still Jin’s territory. He naturally could deduce all of this.

However, being imprisoned here would harm his dynasty’s prestige and people would mock him to no end back in Sacred Spirit. This was unacceptable as well - quite a dilemma.

The prince was lamenting and cursing his situation, ‘what a ridiculous dynasty, letting such a young brat become the Divine King?’

If the current Divine King was still Long Chuanfeng, then he wouldn’t come out against a junior due to his reputation and status. Thus, the prince wouldn’t have feared anyone.

However, Feiyun was young just like him!

Princess Luofu who was still restrained by the prince glanced at Feiyun, not expecting for her savior to be Feiyun.

He certainly didn’t like her. Alas, he was part of the royal clan so he needed to maintain its prestige or it would reflect badly on him too.

Ultimately, he had no choice but to join as the current Divine King despite the prince’s frightening cultivation. Adding another enemy like this wasn’t a wise decision and he wasn’t so leisure.

The prince rolled his eyes once and said: “So it’s His Excellency, the Divine King of the Jin Dynasty. Ah, I didn’t recognize you earlier, but of course, it’s not really my fault. I mean, who would have thought that the great Divine King would be, haha, a little junior.”

The prince knew that Feiyun was trapping him but he couldn’t change his arrogant nature.

Of course, he had his own reasons behind this statement. He wanted to tell everyone that the disrespectful was unintentional. It was just that the current Divine King’s cultivation was too low so he didn’t recognize the guy.

The one to be blamed is Feiyun and his crappy cultivation fooling him. In other words, he even insinuated the that Jin lacked talents and needed a junior like this to be their king.

Feiyun was not a traditional king and didn’t give a shit about maintaining an acceptable grace. He pulled up his sleeve and cursed: “Motherfucker, you dare to look down on me again? Rope him, I want to introduce him to my palm. If he dares to resist, then get the troops in here and deal with him!”

Prince Hongye wasn’t aware of Feiyun’s personality but Li Xiaonan was quite familiar. Not long ago, Feiyun ordered his army to flatten Beauty’s Smile just because of one woman. This shocked all of Jin - only he would do something illogical like this.

He was the one who invited Prince Hongye here, so if Feiyun were to use his army to kill the prince, the responsibility would fall on him as well. He had no choice but to mediate.

He came forward with an amazing aura and said with a smile: “Your Excellency, please calm down, this is only a misunderstanding. Like the Crown Prince had said earlier, the prince and princess were only playing around. Brother Hongye, what are you waiting for, let go of the princess. This joke is getting out of hand.”

Meanwhile, he also emitted a secret message to the prince: ‘This Feng Feiyun guy is bizarre and audacious to the extreme. He’ll do just about anything, so please just back off for a bit. Later on, it’ll be too easy for you to deal with him.’ [1]

Nevertheless, Feiyun could still hear the message due to his forty divine intents, four times that of an ordinary person. It was too easy for him to listen in.

The prince loosened up and let go of the princess: “Ah, my apology for scaring you, Princess. This was indeed just a bad joke.”

The princess turned into a phantom and appeared behind Feiyun. She touched her neck and snorted: “Your cultivation is higher than mine, but if we were on the same level, you would never be my match. I shall remember your name and sooner or later, I’ll let you taste a terrible death.”

The proud princess never accepted defeat. She was only twenty while the prince had cultivated for at least fifty years so she was naturally unconvinced.

Xiaonan smiled and changed the topic: “Your Excellency, isn’t it time to call back the troops now? Plus, today is Jingyue’s birthday, no need to make a big deal out of a couple of spars.”

All in all, Prince Hongye was the best young expert of Qian on top of being a God Disciple from Sacred Spirit. Even if he were to go to jail, he would be released eventually.

Furthermore, this had nothing to do with Feiyun. He didn’t need to escalate this beyond control just because of a prideful woman like Princess Luofu.

He coughed and said: “But I’m still shuddering, scared when thinking about what happened earlier…”

Xiaonan understood right away: “Brother Hongye, what are you waiting for, give the Divine King one thousand stones to make him feel better.”

“My mansion has no lack of spirit stones, why would I want more?” Feiyun whistled with no sign of fear at all unlike earlier. He was clearly blackmailing the prince.

‘Greedy bastard!’ The prince thought to himself before looking at Feiyun with a cold expression: “What will it take to make you feel better, Your Excellency?”

Feiyun revealed a strange smirk and pointed at the thick rod the prince was holding: “This rod doesn’t look bad at all. My mansion actually doesn’t have one, so I want it.”

The prince’s expression sank. This rod of his had an amazing origin. A grand blacksmith from Qian used all of his blood and the materials for a fourth-ranked treasure to create it. Alas, Just moments before completion, something happened and it damaged 8 of the 108 formations within. The treasure became a peak third rank instead.

Nevertheless, it was still immensely powerful - a priceless treasure.

The prince snorted with a grin: “This is the Heaven-raising Rod, a peak third-ranked spirit treasure, capable of upgrading to the fourth rank, weighing in at 98 million pounds. If you can take it from my hand, then I shall gift it to you.”

He thought that Feiyun was only a greedy king who came into his position with luck. He didn’t believe that this guy could pry the rod from his hand. Plus, the weight of the rod made it prohibitive.

“You’re a man of your word?” Feiyun raised his brows and smiled.

“Always.” The prince stressed.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun was forty times faster than someone at the same level. He was as fast as a Giant right now so Prince Hongye and Li Xiaonan were far from being his match.

The prince only saw a remnant shadow; Feiyun was nowhere in sight.

“Not good!” The prince quickly channeled his spirit energy but it was too late. His rod was already in Feiyun’s hand. The guy was too swift.

This was a top treasure in Qian, the strongest weapon beneath the fourth rank. They couldn’t let an outsider take it.

“How bold!” The four magnates attacked at the same time.

They were the top experts of Qian with the magnate title so they could naturally sweep through older cultivators.

The Qian Emperor sent them here with the prince in order to lower the morale of the Jin Dynasty. Thus, their cultivation was certainly top-notch.

They used techniques capable of moving the stars in the sky in order to kill Feiyun. The formations in White Jade activated as a response to the shockwaves.

The young prodigies were forced to the ground by this monstrous power.

Meanwhile, Feiyun chose to run and hid behind the Evil Woman. She couldn’t quite dodge it in time and had no choice but to raise her hand, knowing full well that Feiyun was taking advantage of her. A vast expanse of stars flashed between her brows before she unleashed a finger strike.

1. Telepathic is a better localization, but I hate doing this. What if later on, they go to a different world with psychic users and telepaths?

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