Chapter 511: Take Him Outside For A Beating!

Li Xiaonan smiled and said: “Brother Hongye is just very straightforward, don’t be angry, everyone.”

He seemed to be appeasing the crowd but was actually defending Hongye. The smarter people could see the contempt in his voice.

The prince continued: “This is a world of the strong; I heard the Jin Dynasty loves talents and is finding a groom for Princes Luofu so I am here. One, to see how strong the geniuses here are and how pretty the princess is. Alas, I’m disappointed now.”

Arrogant he was but his battle capability was quite impressive. Even Yan Ziyu could only take thirty-moves from him. This was more than enough to suppress the geniuses in Jin.

Someone suddenly laughed: “Hey, big guy, it’s like a punishment to the princess if you marry her given your size.”

The prince was more than three meters tall on top of having arms as thick as a water bucket. His thigh was pretty much a pillar while his chest covered with hair. The pretty princess looked too delicate compared to him - like a beauty and the beast.

The princess’ expression turned cold while emitting a murderous bloodthirst after hearing the sneer.

The prince smiled in response: “No problem, no problem, I cultivate the Golden Sacred Scripture and can change my size, certainly won’t be too rough on the princess.”

“Boom!” The princess reached out and utilized the Void Palm, a great technique of the royal clan.

Countless rays gathered in her palm to form a spatial void coming straight for the prince.

His eyes turned fierce and raised his metal rod towards the sky to shatter the void. Nevertheless, he still had to stagger one step backward from the shockwave.

She was the number one on the lower list and seemed to be even stronger than Yan Ziyu.

He praised: “Your cultivation is much stronger than those brats, I must marry you, haha!”

“You court death.” She took out the Queen’s Order and channeled its power. Black clouds began to descend causing the atmosphere to shudder.

Many geniuses were pushed back by this power but the prince remained undeterred. He laughed and took out a third-ranked spirit treasure to stop this power.

Meanwhile, the older cultivators were grouping in the clan to watch the fight in the garden.

“A God Disciple from Sacred Spirit is not bad, such amazing battle potential. He’ll become a conqueror once he grows older.”

“He’s too arrogant and is looking down on us, I want to teach this brat a lesson.” A middle-aged man wearing a violet robe said seriously.

“Brother Lanshi, let the young deal with the young. Plus, the four old men accompanying him are famous magnates in Qian; they’re protecting him.”

“The Qian Emperor is purposely sending them here on top of wanting to marry our emperor’s favorite princess. This is to lower our morale for the incoming Rex Competition.”

“Not only that, he wants to humiliate our cultivators in order to establish our prestige.”

The Grand Preceptor, Dongfang Hanlin, gave the order: Jingshui, come out and fight that prince to take the princess back. If something happens to the princess in our clan, we can’t answer to the emperor.”

“Yes, Grandfather.” Jingshui had his white rhino-armor on with a red cloak. Evil strands of energy emanated from him in an oppressive manner.

He cultivated both the dao and the evil art and was third on the upper list right behind Li Xiaonan, never tasting defeat before.

In the interim, Feiyun and Jingyue were also listening to the stream of maids coming to report.

“Princes Luofu is prideful and ambition, always wanting to the be next empress, she won’t want to go to that barbaric Qian place with the brute.” Feiyun said.

“Aren’t you responsible for her groom selection?” Jingyue replied.

“I’ve already delegated this task to Long Cangyue… given her personality, she might actually want to let Princess Luofu go to Qian.”

“Just for the throne.”

The other geniuses naturally didn’t want the princess to marry a man from another kingdom. They would feel shame from that. Feiyun didn’t have the same loyalty but he was still part of the royal clan. With the emperor in isolated cultivation, he had virtually become the highest ranking member. It would be completely unacceptable for him to ignore this.

“I’ll go take a look.” Feiyun came out to the garden.

“Princess, you’re still too young. If you had twenty more years to train, I’m certainly not your match then.” The prince was able to stop the Queen’s Order with his spirit treasure.

“Whoosh!” Despite his large stature, he was frightening fast just like lighting. He got in front of her and took her golden veil off, revealing an unbelievable face.

Skin as white as jade; eyes as bright as the stars; sculpted eyebrows like the willows; red lips like rubies.

Her nobility was wondrous - arrogance yet beautiful.

Few had seen her appearance so they were dumbstruck right now. She looked just like a fairy descending down to the mortal world.

Even Prince Hongye was shocked by her beauty. He had seen plenty of them but none could even match a finger of her.

“Princess, you are mine!” He laughed again.

She was furious since no one has ever been so disrespectful to her like this before. She summoned her imperial carriage and stood on top of it. The eight dragon souls began to attack the prince.

It was fast and powerful but he was even mightier and didn’t bother running. He stopped and lifted the carriage before spinning it around nine times in the air and threw it at the ground.

She was slightly surprised and wanted to use the Queen’s Order again. Alas, she felt a cold grip on her neck.

He had made it behind her and grabbed her neck, wanting to embrace her.

“You dare to be disrespectful?!”

“Barbarian, touch her hair and the royal experts will take your life!”

The young geniuses stood up and shouted but no one dared to do anything.

The four old men behind him sneered. One of them said: “Prince, no need to worry about the royal experts. If their seniors dare to come to attack you, we’ll make them stay here forever.”

These four magnates were confident about beating everyone here outside of the Jin Emperor.

The prince laughed before whispering to the princess: “Your Highness, my cultivation isn’t bad, right?”

She bit her lips while glaring at him with her bright eyes. If anger could kill someone, he would be dead a hundred times over already.

“Crown Prince, how can you watch your sister be shamed by a barbarian?!” A genius questioned Long Shenya.

Alas, these two were rivals. Shenya wanted nothing more than to marry Luofu off to Qian. Plus, Prince Hongye was too powerful. Shenya was on the same level as Ziyu so he was afraid of the prince.

‘I’m the current Crown Prince, I can’t afford to lose. Yes, don’t do anything.’ 

Shenya was still sitting and smiled: “He’s only joking with her, don’t be so tense.”

The crowd was vexed at his inability. He was indeed just a useless brat - exactly like Hongye described earlier.

‘A hero knows when to pick his fight.’ Shenya weighed the situation and decided that passiveness was the best choice.

“How impudent, where are you from, barbarian?! Men, capture this barbarian right now and throw him in the prison!” Feiyun was wearing his official uniform and rushed over.

The Evil Woman was right behind him.

Everyone looked over. Some prodigies were ecstatic: “His Excellency Divine King is here, he’ll be able to do something.”

Prince Hongye didn’t let go of the princess and sneered: “Brat, you dare to call me a barbarian, do you know who I am?”

“Do YOU know who I am?!” Feiyun was even louder than him, causing the ground to tremble.

The prince has never seen someone fiercer than him and became serious: “I am a prince of Qian, who the hell are you?!”

“Just a prince, huh? Daring to be so audacious before me? How bold.” Feiyun shouted and was already standing in front of Hongye. A group of military soldiers came over too.

“You dare to be so impudent?!” The prince’s eyes widened like two bells.

The four men behind him had a hawk-like expression. These magnates from Qian were extremely powerful and could kill Feiyun immediately.

Feiyun wasn’t afraid at all: “I am the one and only Divine King of Jin, you are a mere prince, not prostrating before me after visiting Jin?! This is showing utter scorn on top of shouting at me?! An even greater sin! Men, take him outside for a beating!” [1]

1. This chapter made me read the next one hundred chapters ahead, couldn't wait. I’m ruined now

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