Chapter 510: Peerless Fighting Capability

“I’m here this time to defeat the historical geniuses of your dynasty and take your most beautiful princess, Luofu, as my Prince Consort.” Crazed laughter came from the outside - clearly coming from Prince Hongye.

Someone else cursed and challenged the prince.

Feiyun and Jingyue were still in their pavilion - unmoving. A while later, a servant nervously came in: “The fifth young king took action, Nie Fenghan from the dragon palace of Jin River.”

The dragon palace was ranked 30th on the Great Powers List. It was another big sect so a young king from there wouldn’t be weak at all.

Jingyue said: “Prince Hongye is quite talented with a great sense in battle. Rumor has it that when he was born, he already had an inordinate amount of physical strength, far more than his peers. He’s unreasonable and prideful, cultivating the Golden Sacred Scripture, using power to prove his dao, no different from a beast. Ten years ago, he ripped a young king to pieces, so who knows how strong he is now?”

“He isn’t the number one at Sacred Spirit?” Feiyun asked.

“Many geniuses from the five dynasties gather there. Li Xiaonan and Gucuo from Jin are both studying there. Prince Hongye is the leader of the Qian students there, forming the Qian Alliance - one of the strongest organizations for the disciples.”

Normally, big clans and sects had more than 100,000 members or even more than a million. In order to survive and cultivate, they would form alliances with each other. This was naturally the case in Sacred Spirit Palace as well.

The five God Disciples were the top five members of the young generation. Hongye was one of them.

“Boom!” A loud bang came from the outside.

Another maid came in to report: “Fenghan lost in one move and can’t get up.”

“The Jin geniuses are all so weak like sickly patients, no one can handle a single move, can you even satisfy your own beauties? Haha, is there really no one who can take me on?!” Prince Hongye’s thunderous voice came about, crossing through the formations all the way to Pretty Jade.

“I’ll take you on.” A powerful voice came about. White rays shot to the sky and became auspicious red clouds.

A real expert finally got annoyed at Prince Hongye.

“Who is it?” Jingyue asked.

The third maid came in: “It is Yan Ziyu, the eighth genius on the upper list.”

He was the top expert of Wanxiang and hated evil people the most. Feiyun could predict that he would join in.

Despite his lower ranking, his actual battle potential should be nearly the same as Su Yun and Dongfang Jingshui. He fought evenly against Beiming Potian for three days and two nights. From this, one could see that their actual battle potential wasn’t that far apart.

This matter was pertinent to the Jin Dynasty’s honor, so the older cultivators were also watching from the shadows deeper in the clan.

“Rumble!” The sounds of battle began.

While staring outside towards the cassia garden, one could see lightning everywhere in the sky like a web with black clouds. The moon was nowhere to be found.

It looked like Yan Ziyu was going all out.

Feiyun heaved a sigh of relief after the two exchanged more than five moves. If Yan Ziyu couldn’t do that, no one in the dynasty could take that prince for more than ten moves. The guy would be quite frightening in that case. 

Jingyue was still emotionless in face of this all: “Feiyun, have you thought about going to Sacred Spirit to train? Given your talents, you will have better potential there.”

Feiyun was slightly surprised and smiled: “Why bring this up all of a sudden?”

Jingyue looked up at him and said: “Sacred Spirit and the Jin Dynasty are just different cultivation powers. However, Sacred Spirit is beyond your imagination, far above the five dynasties.” 

“The Jin is essentially a mortal kingdom before Sacred Spirit. If it wanted to interfere with the government, it could decide the next emperor instantly. However, the palace masters there believed that they are above the mortal coil and do not care for it, that’s why they only sent their disciples to the Jin Capital.”

“Furthermore, the ancient clans here are only third-rate powers compared to Spirit Palace, not worth mentioning. Do you know about the Rex contest between the five dynasties?”

Feiyun nodded: “A bit, every five hundred years, the five emperors would fight and use that ranking for the five dynasties.”

“That’s right, do you know where the location is then for that fight?” Jingyue asked again.

“Not too sure on that, don’t tell me it’s Sacred Spirit?” Feiyun frowned.

She nodded again: “Right. This Rex competition is actually headed by Sacred Spirit. In other words, the five dynasties are under the palace’s control, including the five emperors.”

The Jin Emperor was the number one in dynasty, a character in the legends. However, he still needed to listen to the palace to a certain extent. From this, one could see how influential it was.

“I see, the five dynasties might be independent and have their own sovereignty, they are still under the control of the palace. It’s like the palm and the five fingers. The five fingers, or the five dynasties, are outside yet still controlled by the palm, or the palace. And, the palm might be powerful but it still wants to use the five fingers to do bigger things. Both sides need each other.” Feiyun concluded.

She went on: “Right, the dynasty is naturally powerful, just not when compared to Sacred Spirit. If you can become a God Disciple at Sacred Spirit, you’ll gain even more resources. If you can surpass even this and become a Heaven Disciple, you can join even greater powers than Sacred Spirit. Many top talents from Jin would eventually leave the dynasty for Sacred Spirit in order to have a wider cultivation path. One can say that Sacred Spirit is the highest ranking power in the five dynasties. You won’t know how vast the world is without going there.”

Feiyun smiled and said: “I’ll go there, just not right now.”

“Boom!” The fight ended outside and the arrogant laughter of the prince echoed across the yard.

“Haha, thirty-two moves, not bad, you must be among the top at the dynasty. You are qualified to have me remember your name, state it!”

Yan Yizu had lost, only capable of lasting for thirty-two moves.

Feiyun was quite surprised about this. This guy was definitely strong and among the top of the young generation. This prince was actually this strong?!

“Hmph! If my White Swallow wasn’t stolen, I wouldn’t have lost so easily.” Yizu retorted, clearly wounded judging by his trembling voice.

The prince snorted back: “I saw that you weren’t using a spirit treasure so I only used 70% of my power. If I went all out, you probably wouldn’t have lasted more than ten moves.”

“Bam!” Yizu probably never lost before so this defeat was a great mental blow. He spat out a mouthful of blood before falling down to the ground.

This defeat made the geniuses in the dynasty feel their heart bleeding as well with shame, as if they were being trampled upon.

Three young kings came up next but lost to a single punch from the prince. They rolled on the ground like a gourd.

“Hmph. Today is Brother Li’s lover’s birthday so I do not wish to kill. Otherwise, I only need one punch to kill each of you useless brats.” The prince had fought several rounds but he wasn’t fatigued at all. He was still primed to go like an ancient dragon.

The geniuses here were all arrogant and proud. They couldn’t stand it any longer, including Long Shenya and Beiming Potian.

The prince wasn’t afraid at all and raised his voice: “I am good friends with Brother Li and he wishes to marry the Fourth Daughter of the Yin Gou while I want to marry Princess Luofu. Anyone who wants to stop me? Come and fight then.”

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