Chapter 51: Clay Buddha


The mud above the ground started to move, and it condensed into a five meter high statue of a clay buddha. The buddha eyes, buddha ears, buddha body, and buddha’s robe were meticulously brilliant and had bright auras; the statue exuded the charm of a supreme buddhist.

On the Clay Buddha were many long arms. Each arm was dried but awe-inspiring. They were in the shape of different buddhist palm seals, and, in the middle, there were layers of devilish flames.

Du Shougao’s experiences up to this point could not be considered little, but, at this moment, his whole body shivered. He couldn’t help but to stare at the devious yet awe-inspiring Clay Buddha.


Suddenly, this Clay Buddha statue flew up from the ground, bringing along rays of lightning straight into the sky, and it unleashed dozens of buddhist palms.

Du Shougao didn’t dare to stand still any longer. He channeled his whole body’s energy, and activated the power of the spirit saber in his hand; a saber aura like the galaxy split straight down the middle.

Meanwhile, the qi image “Stars of the Last Generation” appeared from his body, just like the celestials suspending above his head. It caused shock and awe with three hundred and sixty celestial’s power.

This technique was his strongest blow; it was even sufficient to level someone of the elder level into smithereens!


However, once this move was released, he felt as if his body was hit by a mountain. The corner of his mouth was ripped and blood spurted out like a spring.

His chest was struck by a buddhist palm, and it almost pierced through his body.

He had met many powerful cultivators throughout his whole life, but he had never felt a hopelessness like now. This was also the first time he fell to the floor, face down, without any hope of standing up.

The bones in his body felt like they were shattered. He wanted to persevere and stand up, but he couldn’t crawl upward no matter how hard he tried.


The five meter tall Clay Buddha dropped back down to the ground. It was spinning over to approach him like it wanted to kill Du Shougao.

“My life is over!”

Du Shougao gritted his teeth, and he closed his eyes.

Even though he was unwilling, but had no choice other than to accept his fate.


A shattering explosion resounded near his ears, like the rolling thunders. A ray of lightning from the sky struck down causing the Clay Buddha to retreat to the far distance.

“Could it be that someone will save me today? No, even if this person wants to save me, they will absolutely not be a match for this Clay Buddha!”

Du Shougao suddenly opened his eyes, and he saw a bright moon hanging on the willow; the faint brilliant aura gave off an infinite beauty.

A girl not tainted by the dust of the mundane world approached with her feet on the moon. Her long black silky hair fluttered in the night curtain. Her graceful posture was like a moon goddess, and in her hand was an ancient crimson fragrant lute.

A white veil, engraved with a seemingly alive butterfly, covered her beautiful face that was capable of toppling cities. Even though her face was covered, the presence from her body caused an assassin unfazed by physical lust, like Du Shougao, to shiver.

That blow was definitely Dongfang Jingyue using the power of the Haotian Spirit Mirror in order to push back the Clay Buddha.

Only the Haotian Spirit Mirror would have such godly power!

Her slender fingers slightly stretched forward. Spirit energy from the tip of her fingers overflowed and, along with the Haotian Spirit Mirror, they covered the sky.

Another lightning ray from the Haotian Spirit Mirror exploded towards the outside, destroying all of the arms on the Clay Buddha. Even its body was starting to crack; each of the large arms started to fall down to the black earth.


The moment when all of the arms disappeared on the muddy ground, an ancient monk appeared from the inside.

Inside the Clay Buddha was an ancient monk!

The ancient monk stood upright with both hands clasped together in front of his chest like a solemn statue, but the monastic robe on his body had soon decayed by more than half. The flesh on his body was dark like black paint, and there were some places that were empty, possibly from being eaten by ants or insects.

His face was also dried and withered. The locations where the nose and cheeks used to be were now bones, and, on his lips and forehead, there were some leftover flesh and blood.

This scene was truly scary; it was enough to frighten a coward to death.

Even though Dongfang Jingyue was a girl, she remained poised. She quietly stood there nodding her head, and she said:

“It seems like the news was not wrong. They truly dug out an ominous thing from the mines in Jing Huan Mountain!”

Dongfang Jingyue originally wanted to go to Violet Firmament Ancient City to find traces of Feng Feiyun, but she happened to encounter a messenger from the Yin Gou Clan; heard that a worldly horror had been dug out from the mountain. So, for the interest of the clan, she traveled the whole night to arrive at Dragon Stone Town.

As for catching the brat Feng Feiyun, it could only be put on hold.


Dongfang Jingyue activated the Haotian Spirit Mirror in her hand, and once again aimed towards the ancient monk’s corpse for her offense. She wanted to completely destroy this evil existence. However, this monk’s corpse was much stronger than her expectations as it was able to block an attack from a spirit treasure. At this time, it had fled into the darkness and out of sight.

“This was such a powerful demon; its power is not under a cultivator of the peak God Base realm.”

Dongfang Jingyue was not familiar with the terrain of Jing Huan Mountain, so she didn’t dare to carelessly pursue. She had to let the ancient monk escape.

“Assassin from the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace!”

The wisdom of Dongfang Jingyue and Feng Feiyun were similar, but her cautious nature was much higher than Feng Feiyun’s. Just a glance, and she was able to recognize the marking patterns behind Du Shougao’s ears.

This was a unique pattern from the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace’s assassins!

“Hmph! A woman!”

Du Shougao coldly scowled, and he didn’t try to hide the disdain in his voice. He slowly stood up from the ground. His back was still upright, but he was limping towards Dragon Stone Town.

He was stubborn and a type of person who didn’t want to lose to anyone!

“Today you saved my life. In the future, I will kill ten people in your place to repay this debt!”

Du Shougao didn’t turn his head around, and his voice didn’t carry any emotions.

Dongfang Jingyue said:

“You can help me kill one person, and that will be enough!”


Du Shougao stopped in his path.

“Feng Feiyun!”

Dongfang Jingyue couldn’t forget the shame from being knocked down to the ground by Feng Feiyun’s fist. That guy was truly a bastard.

With Du Shougao’s talent, as long as he stayed alive, then his accomplishments in the future would be unimaginable. If he had to kill someone, then this person would almost surely die!

At this moment, Feng Feiyun naturally didn’t know that Dongfang Jingyue had invited the most frightening assassin in the world to kill him, because, at this moment, even if your father Jade Emperor came, he would still definitely ignore him.

“Feng Feiyun, why are you wrapped around by a blanket like this?”

Feng Jianxue clenched her fist; she really wanted to punch him twice.

“I naturally have to be wrapped by a blanket when going to bed!”

Feng Feiyun didn’t feel that there was anything wrong with this situation.

“But didn’t you say that you wouldn’t sleep nude?”

Feng Jianxue’s face became contorted.

Feng Feiyun had soon jumped on the bed, stripped completely naked, and he tightly wrapped himself in a blanket. He happy smiled while he stared at Feng Jianxue.

“Being wrapped in a blanket can't be considered as sleeping nude!”

Feng Feiyun revealed his naked arm, grabbed her hand, and he then smiled:

“Jianxue, didn’t we used to sleep in the nude together when we were young? Just think about the old times, then you wouldn’t be so embarrassed now. Why is it that you are so bashful now as a grown up? And not as honest as you used to be?”

“Honest? If I was as honest as before, then wouldn’t you instantly take advantage of me?”

Feng Jianxue angrily stomped the ground; this Feng Feiyun was a person without shame.

“Yeah right, what advantages have I not taken on your body?”

Feng Feiyun laughed loudly; however, after seeing the increasingly unfriendly gaze from Feng Jianxue, he immediately changed his tone, saying:

“Wife, ah! It is best if Wife closed the door in order to get a good rest. Otherwise, how are we going to find the Mortal Life Cavern tomorrow?”

After hearing the three words Mortal Life Cavern, Feng Jianxue’s expression softened up. She said:

“Then you sleep on the bed, I will sleep on the floor!”

“Who in their right mind in this world would let a woman sleep on the floor?”

Feng Feiyun continued:

“We’ll both sleep together on the floor then!”

As soon as Feng Feiyun was finished with those words, he immediately jumped down from the bed, wrapped in his blanket. Feng Jianxue didn’t have a chance to react until she was already wrapped in the blanket as well, falling to the ground.

One had to know that Feng Feiyun was not wearing anything, so the feeling was absolutely stimulating.

At first, Feng Feiyun thought this was no big deal; however, after he got her wrapped as well in the blanket, he felt something was wrong. It seemed like when they were young, certain things were not as big. Hers were bigger in many places, and his was also bigger; it seemed as if it was not listening to its master’s command!

Feng Jianxue, who originally turned pale from being scared, blushed with her whole body, but, between her brows, a venerable image jumped about; it was like a fiery sprout spreading throughout her body.

Her whole person changed, and even her eyes became cold; it was as if she was a different person. No longer embarrassed, her fingers became like iron claws that directly aimed for Feng Feiyun’s throat in order to grab it; it was as if wanting to squeeze his neck broken.

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