Chapter 509: Prince of Qian

Dongfang Jingyue was in the main branch of the Yin Gou under the current clan master. Thus, she was the jewel commanding all attention during her birthday.

Ordinary people couldn’t see her so easily, but Feng Feiyun was also the Divine King. Yiye wasn’t in the position to reject him so he went to report. If Jingyue agreed, then he would take Feiyun to see her.

“This place is special, it has given birth to an amazing character.” A divine flower emerged in her eyes and stared at the clouds, capable of seeing through everything in this world.

An amazing character coming from her was certainly something more than an Enlightened Being. Feiyun became more cautious - clans as ancient as the four here must have produced some super big shots. One couldn’t judge them based on outward appearances.

A while later, Yiye came from the main pavilion and smiled at Feiyun: “The Fourth Lady wishes to see you in Pretty Jade Hall, Divine King.”

“Thank you for sending the message.” Feiyun said.

“No need to thank me, our Fourth Lady has quite a temper and it’s not that easy to see her. Ling Donglai and Li Xiaonan came but she didn’t bother to even see them. It’s clear that the two of you are good friends.”

Feiyun wanted to walk with Yiye into Pretty Jade but the Evil Woman followed right behind him like bees on honey.

Others might have not met her before but Jingyue did back in the southern region. If that damned woman were to see her, it would be big trouble.

He paused and said: “Miss Xiao, I’m not going anywhere, how about you wait at the cassia garden for me?”

She stared with a killing gaze before saying: “I’ll wait right here. If you don’t come out after an hour, I’ll go in and drag you out.”

She was standing beneath the stairs and spoke so chillingly that frost began to form in Yiye’s ears. His soul seemingly froze over and became afraid of this woman.

“What the hell, I’ve seen heretical masters before but that wasn’t bad. How can her words make me shudder like this?” Yiye had trouble breathing.

Feiyun channeled his energy and shattered the layer of frost on his body into powders. He smiled and joked: “My older cousin is always like this, always controlling me with her domineering personality.”

The keen Yiye could easily tell that this wasn’t the case but still helped out: “Miss Xiao, the wind is bad here, you should go to the main reception hall…”

“No need, I’m fine right here.” After another sharp glare at Feiyun, she stood before the majestic gate to the actual residence of the clan like a pillar and closed her eyes to cultivate.

“Don’t worry about her, let’s go.” Feiyun said.

Dongfang Jingyue was the main character tonight so she should be outside greeting guests. However, she was still inside Pretty Jade all by herself, aloof. She held her pipa and played a moving tune.

A white lentigo was attracted by the song and landed on her shoulder while happily chirping in harmony with the pipa. 

She stopped after Yiye and Feiyun came in; the lentigo was also disturbed by the footsteps and flapped around the hall twice before leaving through the window.

“What a melody - to bring the birds here too, your musical talents have reached a higher level.” Feiyun clapped and praised.

Yiye had left so only the two of them were left.

She had a white veil, only revealing her rippling and spirited eyes: “It’s unfortunate that it is not on the same level as Maestro Ye. My song can only bring about one bird while her song could gather an entire army.” 

She naturally felt that Feiyun attacked Beauty’s Smile with his army for Xiaoxiang’s sake.

‘Alas, her song will never be heard again.’ He thought about how she had left and became a bit sentimental: “Let’s not talk about that. I’m here to see you for something important.”

His ring was slowly rotating again. It always reacted to her after she got the white jade vessel. At this moment, the reaction was intense and it nearly flew out.

He had to forcibly suppress it. Inside the ring were seven ancient words corresponding with seven diagrams. Among them was the dragon-horse diagram; this one had joined with the spirit vessel as its guardian symbol.

Both the vessels had a mysterious background an extraordinary power. Could they be from the same source? Could another diagram among the seven match up with her vessel?

“What?” Jingyue asked.

“I want to go to the ancestral hall of your clan.” Feiyun said.

“Impossible, the hall is only meant for the main branch.” Jingyue refused instantly.

He continued: “It’s to see the picture you talked about.”

“Duo Village?” She was slightly intrigued.


She contemplated for a moment before answering: “It’s not up to me. I only saw it by accident when I was younger and not even sure if the picture is Duo.”

Feiyun slightly frowned.

“Boom!” Suddenly, more than one hundred rays shot to the sky shattering more than twenty defensive formations on the island.

The quaking came from the cassia garden along with a sneer: “Haha! This is a historical genius, the strongest of the Jin Dynasty? Can’t even handle one move.”

This voice traveled quite far so these two could still hear the explosion. A master had certainly taken action.

This was the Fourth Lady’s birthday with many seniors coming to celebrate. Someone actually dared to cause trouble?

“What happened outside?” Jingyue asked her servants outside Pretty Jade.

A sixteen-year-old maid anxiously came in and reported: “A, a barbarian came, and said he wanted to defeat the prodigies of the dynasty.”

Feiyun released his divine intents in order to scout. Alas, his powerful intents could only travel across this pavilion and were stopped by an invisible formation.

There were numerous formations in the clan. Even an Enlightened Being couldn’t see past it. This was the power of an ancient clan.

Jingyue said: “Alright, calm down. What barbarian? From where?”

The maid composed herself: “This barbarian is so tall, three meters! With arms as big as buckets and a waist as wide as the city wall. His skin is black like the bottom of a pot and his weapon is a large rod. He called himself a prince from Qian and defeated four young kings earlier, only needing one move each.”

Feiyun said: “There are many historical geniuses here, this prince will be defeated soon.”

“A historical genius joined in and also got rendered unconscious after one move.” The maid was scared, never seeing such a ferocious character before.

Feiyun inquired: “Which historical genius?”

“The ninth on the lower list, Xiyue Lanshan.”

Feiyun had fought him before so he had a good idea on the guy’s cultivation. He wouldn’t necessarily be able to defeat him with one move, let alone subduing him completely. This prince of Qian must be quite powerful.

The maid continued: “He looks to be a good friend with Young Noble Li Xiaonan and is also a disciple from Sacred Spirit.”

“He’s here too?” Jingyue raised her brows.

“You know him?” Feiyun asked.

Jingyue slightly nodded: “To be able to beat someone like Lanshan with one move, it must be the strongest of the Qian Dynasty, Prince Hongye.” 

“Right, right, he called himself Prince Hongye.” The maid nodded repeatedly like a chicken eating grains.

Qian and Jin were neighbors with the Ancient Jiang Prefecture in the middle.

The people from Qian were similar to the barbarians there and could grow up to four meters tall.

This prince was the strongest among the young generation there so his cultivation must be quite something.

Feiyun asked again: “He and Li Xiaonan are both from Sacred Spirit, which one is stronger?”

Jingyue replied: “The two of them are part of the five God Disciples. Hongye’s master is a palace lord so he has a top third-ranked spirit treasure, his battle potential might be higher than Xiaonan. Of course, Xiaonan is good at hiding his true abilities and they are good friends, never fighting each other in the past. Who knows which one is stronger?” 


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