Chapter 504: In The Court

This wasn’t an imperial court of a mortal kingdom. Each of the officials here was quite powerful with qi images looming above.

Even the civil officials had used spirit medicines. They had a different essential aura compared to everyone else, akin to peaceful immortals.

Above the court was a firmament with white clouds and golden tiles on top of a dragon diagram personally drawn by the emperor. It emitted a terrible yet awe-inspiring prestige.

The three directors and nine ministers were all present. Each of them was still in great spirit; old but not decrepit. 

The Grand Tutor, in particular, didn’t wear an official robe but a slightly-red daoist gown with a lotus on it.

Feiyun slightly skirted past him and could sense a massive divine intent surpassing everyone else in the court.

Eight marquises were here with two from his faction, Elephant and Lion Marquises. Battler wasn’t here while the other marquises were camping far away from the capital.

He spotted Princess Luofu among the crowd as well. She dressed in a noble style right now with a long cloth draping over her shoulders. She didn’t have a veil today so her supreme beauty was for all to see.

This was his first time actually seeing her but he could recognize her instantly due to her proud aura. Other women couldn’t compare to this domineering presence at all, not even the officials here.

The third beauty of the dynasty was worthy of her rank. A group of officials were behind her talking; this was her faction.

The Crown Prince, Long Shenya, was walking behind the Grand Chancellor with his own group of officials including marquises and members of the nine ministers. They were quietly discussing something and seemed to be very familiar with each other.

Of course, the court also had neutral members such as the Grand Tutor and Grand Preceptor. Many officials would bow to greet these two.

This was the aura of a superior and combined with their unfathomable cultivation, everyone naturally feared and respected them.

Feiyun glanced around a little bit and got a good idea of the officials here and their chosen factions.

“Your Excellency, the situation isn’t optimistic today.” Elephant Marquis stood behind Feiyun and said.

Feiyun was dressed in his court official today - a golden imperial robe with a majestic crest. He looked quite exceptional and heroic with a smile on his face: “It’s fine, it’s fine, they can’t scare me.”

These officials would steal glances at him occasionally. They clearly were pointing their spear at him- a prelude to the incoming storm.

Elephant and Lion were both top officials under the Divine King Faction. The previous king gave them the order to fully support Feiyun but they felt that he was too young and won’t be able to deal with these old foxes in the court.

Feiyun, on the other hand, remained unperturbed: ‘Politics and power struggle? We’ll just see about that. I won over the seven phoenix queens back then to become the clan master, no need to fear these guys.’

Loud noises came from the outside. Some became surprised after seeing the newcomer - Princess Yue.

In the past, only the Crown Prince and Princess Luofu were allowed to participate in the court, but now Princess Yue was here too?

The significance behind this made others take a deep breath. It looked like the spot of the next successor has a new challenger now.

“Your Wife greets you, Your Excellency.” Long Cangyue performed a feminine court salute at Feiyun.

Princess Luofu and the current Crown Prince also looked over with a cold glint in their eyes.

The Grand Preceptor also slightly opened his eyes for a split second before resting again.

“The Jin Emperor is here!” The eunuch in the palace announced while standing below the main throne before kneeling down.

The court became soundless with everyone becoming solemn. They all kneeled outside of Feng Feiyun and the three directors and shouted: “Greetings, Jin Emperor, may your reign be everlasting.”

Meanwhile, Feiyun stood coolly. The Grand Chancellor stood in the center with the Grand Preceptor and Grand Tutor standing to his sides.

Beiming Moshou slightly glanced at Feiyun with an implicative smile in his eyes.

“Whoosh!” A massive imperial aura descended. The imperial throne erupted with a golden light just like the sun.

Everyone could feel this immense pressure like a meteor crashing down and shuddered uncontrollably. Only the three directors could easily deal with it due to their powerful cultivation.

Feiyun was the weakest so everyone thought he would be forced to the ground. Beiming Moshou thought this as well, that’s why he smiled strangely at Feiyun earlier.

However, he was disappointed after looking over at Feiyun. The guy was still fine and well, even turning towards him with a smile.

Moshou smiled back and looked at him as if to say - not bad at all.

“Rise and take your seat.” The emperor recalled his aura back to his body.

The officials quickly took their seat. All 360 positions were filled up for this meeting.

Feiyun and the three directors were the closest to the emperor.

“Your Majesty, may I report?” The commander of the nine gates stood up and bowed.

“Permission granted.” The emperor said with authority.

The commander began: “The captain of Unbreakable, Zhang Chonglin, a mighty soldier under my command, has been killed for no reasons two days ago. His corpse was desecrated on the street, so I beseech you, Your Majesty, to punish the murderer.”

“Killed by whom?” The emperor inquired.

The commander angrily glared at Feiyun: “I accuse Divine King Feng Feiyun of killing high officials and causing chaos to the capital.”

Another person stood up: “I also accuse the Divine King of mobilizing the Martial Army into the city without permission, ending with heavy casualties and massive property damage. According to my analysis, more than ten thousand cultivators in the capital were killed, more than one million injured.”

“I also accuse the Divine King of disrespecting the royal prestige by causing trouble in the capital without any consideration for you, Your Majesty.”

“I also accuse the Divine King…”

More than ten officials with a furious expression demanded Feiyun’s abdication. Some even said that he had disrespected the emperor - a crime punishable by death.

All eyes were on Feiyun since he was under attack from all sides.

Beiming Moshou stared at him again, wanting to see his disturbed expression. Alas, the guy was disappointed because Feiyun was still as nonchalant as ever and even nodded back at him.

‘Keep smiling, you won’t be able to for long.’ Moshou thought that dealing with a kid like Feiyun was all too easy.

“Emperor, I also have something I wish to say.” Feiyun spoke.

“What is it?” The Jin Emperor asked.

Feiyun boldly declared: “I want to hit someone right now.”

The court clamored after hearing this. Some started laughing, especially the accusers. They thought that Feiyun was an idiot for doing so.

“Feng Feiyun, you might be the honorable Divine King, but the court is not the place for you to do as you please.” The Nine Gate Commander shouted.

“Is that so?” Feiyun took out the King’s Order and said: “The first-generation Jin Emperor once said that the Divine King can supervise the dynasty. With this order, a Divine King can beat a tyrant if necessary or subdue evil officials. And you certainly look like an evil official, so I’m quite certain I’m allowed to hit you right now.”

“You!” After seeing the order, the commander was startled and quickly spoke to the emperor: “Your Majesty, please know that I am absolutely loyal to the dynasty and you.”

The emperor in his throne showed no emotions. Who knows what he was thinking right now?

Cangyue stepped out from behind Feiyun with a notebook: “From my evidence gathering, Xie Yao has been the Nine Gate Commander for two hundred years. He has accepted 972 spirit stones as bribes, 472 different gifts from various cities and neighboring countries - each gift more precious than the previous. I accuse Xie Yao of being corrupted and unfit of holding military command, disrespectful towards the emperor for taking bribes. A crime punishable by death.”

“And the evidence?” The emperor asked.

“Right here in my hand.” Cangyue handed the book to the main eunuch.

Moshou wasn’t moved by this at all. The dynasty has been established for more than six thousand years. The officials and nobles loved extravagance and vices. Virtually everyone was taking bribes and building wealth. However, they had an implicit understanding with each other and never brought this up in court. Thus, it wasn’t hard for Cangyue to gather evidence. 

For a mortal kingdom, this was definitely a big crime. However, for the powerful and vast Jin Dynasty, it wasn’t a big deal at all. Each official here had their own sect backing them up. Dealing with this would only create more trouble so even the emperor turned a blind eye to it.

‘Thinking of killing me with such a trivial crime? So naive.’ Xie Yao thought to himself.

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