Chapter 502: Trouble

“Perils and dangers as I broke through the waves and wind on top of the surging Dragon Vein and massacred beasts while subduing powerful enemies.”

“The dregs of Beauty’s Smile were all experts but with each swing of my King’s order, another dozen fell down. Another swing? Another group crushed.”

“This fight lasted for two days and two nights with seven or eight Giants dying indignantly, turning into spirits beneath my saber… Cough, that’s not to say they weren’t strong enough, it’s just that they picked the wrong person to mess with.”

Feiyun told the story in such an animated manner while gesturing nonstop with his hands and feet. The three royal experts were astonished while singing praises.

“In the end, I met the most terrible enemy. He towered at one hundred meters with fingers as big as pillars. His shout exploded like the thunder and one stomp from him could trample the earth. I had to fight him for three thousand rounds before pushing him back. Damn, he was ferocious and still injured me despite my defensive techniques.” Feiyun sighed disappointedly.

The story ended right when they made it to the Divine King Mansion.

Feiyun said: “Gentlemen, would you like to stay for a bit so I can show my hospitality and gratitude for helping?”

Eastern Attendant smiled humbly and spoke with his high-pitch voice: “We can’t. Now that you’re back safe and sound, Your Excellency, we must report to the palace.”



Feiyun said disappointedly: “I see, we’ll meet again in the palace then.”

After bidding goodbye, the experts ran for the imperial palace. Feiyun stood outside and watched them leave with a smirk before entering the mansion.

Dealing with these three experts wasn’t a problem for him at all.

Along the way, the experts glanced at each other and smiled. The guest-minister said: “What a disappointment. This so-called number one genius of the dynasty is only the king of bragging, completely shameless.”

“Haha, of course his tongue would be better than others in order to become a Divine King at such a young age. Alas, true experts don’t rely on their words to survive.”

“Let’s go, make our report and leave it to the emperor to decide.” Eastern Attendant had a ruminative flash in his old eyes. He felt that Feiyun was purposely hiding something but he did investigate in secret earlier without seeing anything strange. Perhaps he was overthinking it.


Feiyun headed for the most clandestine room in the mansion right away. He activated the barriers there in order to hide everything inside before taking out the figurine clamped in his armpit.

“Whoosh!” A blinding white light flew out of the figurine in his palm. It gathered together and a beautiful woman dressed in a white Buddhist gown embroidered with a lotus flower showed up. Her brows were well-defined and nose well-sculpted. A shiny glow remained on her slender body as if she was a jade sculpture.

She glared sternly at him while slightly resembling a ghost due to her long hair.

Feiyun saw dazzled and in the neck second, he felt a chill. She had him by the neck.

“Your Excellency, please don’t be angry! I had no choice due to the circumstances earlier! I had no intention of disrespecting you!” Feiyun remained relatively calm.

Her murderous intent was quite strong so the entire room was freezing up with white mist everywhere.

‘This goddamned woman, does she have a fetish for choking?’ Feiyun had already come up with a way to deal with this but being grabbed by someone who could crush Giants was still a bit scary.

Her dark eyes met his. Ordinary people would have been scared to death but Feiyun met her gaze straight on.

After a while, she said: “Hand that ancient ship over.”

She tightened her grip and suffocated him with her chilling aura. She was naturally talking about the azure vessel.

“Ah… the vessel has been offered to a big shot… don’t look at me like that, I’m telling the truth. Otherwise, how can I be the Divine King right now? You need to trade treasures for status in the Jin Dynasty.” Feiyun was certain that she didn’t know much about the politics of the dynasty so he chose to go this route.

She didn’t give a damn about the dynasty and politics, only her own cultivation and the heavenly dao. That’s why he said he bought his ranking; she wouldn’t know if he was lying or not.

However, she naturally wouldn’t believe him so easily after their past encounters, only her own eyes.

“If you dare to lie to me, I’ll crush you into nothingness.” Spirit energy traveled from her finger through his veins and blood. It was searching all around him.

“Your Excellency, killing me would only alarm the Jin Emperor, you must rethink it!” He stammered and let her energy freely flow through him.

He knew that she would try to do something like this so he had hidden it in his spatial stone and sealed it completely.

She recalled the energy and loosened her grip. The vessel was indeed not inside him.

Given her murderous nature, she would have killed him already. Alas, she didn’t wish to disturb the Jin Emperor since she wanted to absorb the Dragon Vein even more. Nothing good would come of bringing the emperor into the fray.

Her eyes suddenly shifted towards the pouch on his waist. 

He could sense it and became quite nervous. If she were to find the vessel inside, he would lose both the treasure and his life. [1]

He quickly grabbed the stone and started to cry in a pitiful manner on his knees: “Your Excellency, you can’t be thinking about taking my spirit stone? Last time, you stole my Daomization Stone, now you want my spatial stone too? My, my life is so terrible…”

Snot and tears were coming out with heart-wrenching words.

She shifted her gaze and asked coldly: “Who did you give the ship to?”

Feiyun stopped crying and stood up: “The current Grand Chancellor, Beiming Moshou.”

“He’s very strong?” She inquired.

“Of course, he’s the master of one of the four clans, the leader of the three directors. Even the big shots from the cultivation sects are wary of him. Alas, before you, he is only a speck of sand, a drop of water, just one slap from you can blow him flying.” Feiyun flattered.

She gave him the side-eye and continued: “Your innate talents are not bad, if you can focus on cultivation, your achievements will be great. Stop focusing on these mundane power struggles, it will only slow you down.”

She actually spoke normally to him just now!

Feiyun was shocked. The murderous Evil Woman actually said something like this?

‘Looks like the Good Corpse and the True Self in her body are fusing with the Evil Corpse so she has a trace of humanity now, no longer an embodiment of killing.’ Feiyun thought.

He hid his thought and said: “Everyone has their own desire. Coming into the mortal world is also a type of cultivation. Surpassing the tribulations of life will allow one to become an immortal or a saint. Some have done this before.”

“I shall spare you today as payment for the karma of taking your Daomization Stone in the past.” She swung her sleeve and the formations instantly opened. She disappeared without a trace.

The difference in cultivation was too great, he couldn’t see her movements at all.

“Your Excellency, take care! Let me know once you get the vessel back!” Feiyun heaved a sigh of relief after sending this god of death away.

If she were actually coming to Moshou to ask for the vessel, it would be such a fun show to watch.

Having weak cultivation left one no choice but to use these lowly means. One wouldn't live long without doing so.

The master of the phoenix clan naturally wouldn’t resort to such wretchedness or pitifully crying on the ground. This was naturally Young Master Feng’s doing.

“What?! Maestro Ye left already?” Feiyun met Buddha Maitreya and Ning Fengxian in his mansion.

He naturally needed to thank these two big bosses for their help.

“Benefactor Ye left a message for me to give you. She said, born in shackles but her mind shall be free with the wind. She appreciates your saving her and will never forget it.” Despite looking like a child, this monk spoke with a touch of vicissitudes, as if he has seen through everything in this world while holding his Buddhist beads.

“Why did you let her go? It’s so dangerous alone.” Feiyun was worried for her but he knew why she wanted to leave.

“Buddha teaches, everything is up to the heart. Once the heart wants to leave, nothing could hold her back.” The monk placed his palms together and chanted with his eyes closed.

Feiyun didn’t finish listening and had rushed out of the mansion to give chase.

He was aware that the two of them were from two different worlds, and that he couldn’t give her the life she wanted. Alas, he was too worried to leave her alone.

1. Lol, Feiyun is an idiot, too confident in his own intelligence

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