Chapter 501: Third-level Heaven’s Mandate

The spirit energy in the Dragon Vein was dense enough to take on a pseudo-liquid form.

Feiyun floated above the vein with the core in his palm, still filled with energy. Strands of spirit energy continued to head for his body.

99,000 strands now!

Feiyun’s mind entered his own dantian and began to open his Violet Central Palace once more to open more storage space for energy.

Heaven’s Mandate was divided into nine levels.

Every three levels were a separate step. The first three only required cultivating this violet energy. When the central palace was open with sufficient energy, one could break through the next level.

Feiyun’s cultivation was at third level but he lacked the 100,000 strands of energy. Once he made this step, his central palace would be more consolidated.

His particular palace right now was as vast as an ocean with surging energy. It looked like the origin of a world.

“Boom!” Violet clouds shined the entire place with rampaging energy and temperature as hot as the sun.

Suddenly, the place exploded causing Feiyun to quake. A purple wave emanated with him as the center causing the entire Dragon Vein to tremble.

The maelstrom in his palm circulated even more since it required more energy. They entered his pores, veins, then blood before reaching the dantian. From there, they turned into violet energy and started refining his body.

It was increasing at an unprecedented pace. In the blink of an eye, - 99,100, 99,200, 99,300…

“Boom!” 100,000 strands.

The palace suddenly widened more than ten times. The strands of energy billowed inside just like 100,000 wild beasts.

He had reached third-level Heaven’s Mandate, allowing him to compete against the upper geniuses. Perhaps he would be at a disadvantage, but they were certainly on the same level now.

He stopped cultivating and found that he didn’t even use one-tenth of the core energy.

“A spirit beast’s core is comparable to a Giant’s dantian, enough to support me till half-step with a much faster speed than anyone else.” He put away the priceless treasure.

He took out the King’s Order again. It was completely depleted so he needed to refill it before using its power.

If he wanted to run away from those beasts outside, he would need the King’s Order again. He activated the formations within and placed a True Mysterious Spirit Stone in the socket.

The formations activated and absorbed the energy of the stone. In just two breaths, the spirit stone turned into dust.

“So fast? One of these is enough for a first-level Heaven’s Mandate to cultivate for two years.” Feiyun was pained and had to take out a second stone.

The same thing happened again.

The King’s Order was strong but it needed a monstrous amount of energy too. Feiyun placed a total of 743 spirit stones inside before the order was satisfied.

“Damn, this is wasting too many stones. Even an ore would run out right away.” For example, the previous Feng was a top power at Grand Southern. However, they could only produce around one hundred stones in their ores each year.

It meant that each replenishment would require seven years of accumulation from a regular great power. This naturally saddened Feiyun.

“Looks like I need to use it less because that’s enough spirit stones to buy several millennium grass.” He put away the King’s Order.

“Time to leave now, if I don’t come out, the world is going to go crazy.” Feiyun stood up and held the ring, ready to leave.

However, three rays were flying across the Dragon Vein. They all wore official clothing and were quite powerful.

The beasts were frightened by their auras so they hid at the bottom of the river.

“Eastern Attendant, it’s been two days now, the Divine King must be dead, we should just return.” An old man with a three-feet long beard said.

He was a guest-minister of the royal clan with the qi image of an ocean above him.

Next to him was a eunuch, one of the five main attendants of the inner palace.

“Oh? Look over this, such powerful energy of death. Is there a monster here?” The third expert said.

“Indeed, no wonder why Jin Emperor specifically told me to be careful when searching down here. Looks like His Majesty has detected this energy already.” 

The attendant took out a talisman given to him by the emperor. If he were to meet an unopposable power, use this talisman and the emperor would take action.

He became careful - a monster capable of causing trouble down here? It must be exceedingly powerful. One mistake and he would be done for.

Feiyun was happy to see the three experts. They were from the royal clan and looked like they came to search for him.

He put away the ring; there was no need to be afraid of that one snake monster with them around.

Suddenly, the meditating beauty opened her eyes and stared at Feiyun.

“Oh no, she’s out of her meditation.” Feiyun’s heart skipped a beat.

She stood up, revealing her slender and wondrous figure with a faint glow around it. Suddenly, she turned into a tiny stone figure and flew towards Feiyun’s hand.

The figure was exactly like her, carrying her beautiful features and tempting figure with a touch of coldness.

Feiyun instinctively wanted to throw this figure away.

“It’s best if you don’t move or your head will separate from your neck.” The woman’s voice came from the statue along with a cold wind chilling to his very soul.

Feiyun shuddered and nearly dropped the statue while screaming profanities in his mind.

“Big Sis, don’t do me like this, if you hide near me, I’ll be done with you if the Jin Emperor’s divine intents find us.”

The Evil Woman was certainly not afraid of these three experts but rather the Jin Emperor. After all, he was considered the number one right now.

His prestige was enough to deter the Enlightened Beings. This was the reason why true chaos hasn’t descended just yet.

The Evil Woman didn’t bother answering Feiyun.

He was in an impasse, not knowing what to do. In the end, he made up his mind and hid it between his armpit.

‘You’re the asshole first, don’t blame me for doing this. I’m already nice enough for not putting you in my underwear.’ Feiyun thought.

The three experts drew closer with a bright radiance like three gods.

“Strange, why did the death energy dissipate?” Eastern Attendant slightly frowned while holding the talisman.

Because the Evil Woman had turned into a figurine, the death energy naturally became fainter.

“Save me! Help!” The scream alerted the three so they ran over to see six corpses fighting Feng Feiyun.

These corpses used to be the royal experts here and have been enslaved by the Evil Woman.

Feiyun was full of wounds with dripping blood while screaming: “Help!”

“It’s His Excellency.” Eastern Attendant was the first to arrive. He swung his sleeve and unleashed golden energy to blow away three corpses, rendering them to pieces.

The other two experts also annihilated the remainders.

Feiyun was worried that these experts would notice her aura so he clamped his arm even harder: “Thank you, everyone. I appreciate it.”

Eastern Attendant had a doubting expression. He used his divine intents to look around before asking: “Your Excellency, what are you doing here?”

Him being here was quite strange. If it wasn’t for the corpses attacking him earlier, they would be suspicious of his intention.

“Well, it’s a long story. I almost died to those corpses earlier, damn, thank god you guys made it here in time. I will report your meritorious contribution to the emperor.” Feiyun tried to change the topic.

One of the more gullible experts laughed and felt quite good about it: “We are actually here under the emperor’s order to find you, Your Excellency. This is our duty, no need for any rewards.”

“No, a reward is completely warranted but first, let us leave this damned area then we can talk.” Feiyun spoke while flying for the exit.

The three experts from the royal clan wanted to investigate more but they didn’t wish to go against the Divine King’s goodwill so they followed him back to the surface.

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