Chapter 500: Refining The Spirit Core

A dangerous sensation pricked his back. It came from the bottom of the Dragon Vein so Feiyun used his divine intents and felt that a terrible power was coming for him.

A creature with scales all over its tail, spanning for over a hundred meter, surged from the vein.

“Whoosh!” Feiyun was as fast as lightning but he barely dodged the attack. His robe got stained by a mucus-like liquid and corroded into ashes.

“What is that? A beast or a spirit beast?” Feiyun recalled the vessel and leaned against the wall like a bat while looking at the surging river.

“Rawr!” The roar of the beast made the wall vibrate continuously.

The vein was connected to all of Central Royal. Because of the dense energy here, there were many powerful beasts and even spirit beasts living inside.

The aura just now came from a spirit beast, much stronger than the one from Beauty’s Smile.

“My millennium core must have led this lord of the vein to this place.” Feiyun speculated.

He had two ways to survive at this moment. One, to yield the core to this monster and use that opportunity to escape. Second, relying on the Evil Woman.

Both methods were relatively dangerous. Of course, the first would mean losing the core and making it much harder to reach third-level Heaven’s Mandate.

The second was even more dangerous. After all, awakening the woman would incite her wrath and at that point, having ten lives still wouldn’t be enough.

“Rawr!” The gigantic tail came again. Feiyun finally got a good look of it - it was a serpent with scales as large as a palm.

He used his movement technique and turned into a ray while protecting himself with the King’s Order to head for the death energy up front where the Evil Woman was.

He wanted to use her aura to scare this monster.

“Boom!” The King’s Order successfully repelled the monster’s attack.

Nevertheless, he was still blown flying into the thick death energy. He quickly used his ring to stop its effect.

The other cultivators from Beauty’s Smile were invaded by the energy coming from the Evil Woman and died. He didn’t wish to follow their footstep.

Though his Immortal Phoenix Physique was amazing at stopping this death energy, he still needed to be careful against the Evil Woman.

She was meditating and absorbing energy in the Dragon Vein as her hair fluttered.

There were six corpses in golden robe sitting behind her. They were all at the second stage of corpse transformation. These were the royal guards, all killed by her and turned into her slaves.

“Her aura is quite strong, that powerful monster doesn’t dare to come.” Feiyun stealthily approached closer to her in order to avoid the monster.

He was still staying thirty miles away because it was too dangerous up ahead. Just her pulsing energy up there could crush him to death.

The power of an Enlightened Being was unreal. Just a single breath from them could turn him into blood.

A single flick could kill a Giant from ten thousand miles away.

The monster didn’t dare to come closer and only occasionally howled.

“She’s stealing from the vein, hmm, with the blood of the billions of lives in the southern region, she might be trying to reach the fifth transformation.”

Feiyun was knowledgeable and had seen a Corpse Monarch at the sixth transformation before. He knew that each stage required a massive amount of energy just like a cultivator getting ready to withstand the tribulations. Being careless would end with death.

The fifth transformation required a great amount of vitality. Half of the citizens in Grand Southern have been massacred. Their blood permeated into the ground and turned into a river. This was her preparation for the next transformation.

The vitality was enough, she just needed energy now.

Ordinary spirit veins wouldn’t be able to handle this fifth transformation so she needed to use the plentiful Dragon Vein beneath the capital.

“She has that Daomization Stone so her probability of success is quite high, must be around ten percent.” 

From fourth to fifth, the probability of success was one percent. However, due to the stone, the Evil Woman increased the odds by ten times.

She cultivated the “Three Corpses Slashing The Dao” technique. If she could fuse all three forms together, her chance of success would be even greater.

Feiyun felt a bit down. The two of them were both experts in their last life at Heaven Emergence. Alas, her cultivation was coming back much faster while he was still stuck at second-level Heaven’s Mandate.

“No, she had cultivated for more than one thousand years while I’m only starting again for a few years, so of course I can’t match her right now. But I do have to do it faster, this woman has murder in her veins, she might even refine the entire dynasty after reaching the fifth level.”

Feiyun took out the tough-as-steel core with monstrous life energy inside. Carelessly using this wild energy could destroy one’s meridians and veins.

This thing was similar to a cultivator’s dantian. A cultivator who didn’t know how to use the energy inside could end up imploding. But of course, Feiyun knew how to use this core.

“After reaching third-level by absorbing this core, my cultivation will become so much better. Swift Samsara will be fast enough that even spirit beasts can’t catch up with me. Running shouldn’t be a problem then.”

Feiyun’s finger danced like a calligraphy brush as he carved spirit energy on the core, wishing to cover it with multi-layers.

After finishing this, he finally grabbed it with both hands. A maelstrom formed inside and spirit energy strands oozed out.

The core had much more energy than a regular spirit stone. Moreover, it had been refined by the beast so it was very easy to absorb.

Feiyun had 73,000 strands of violet energy and this number was increasing rapidly. Every minute, twenty more would come out in his dantian.

In just one day, 23,000 strands were born in his body so he was at 96,000 right now, closer and closer to third-level Heaven’s Mandate.

Meanwhile, the capital was in an uproar. Beauty’s Smile has been trampled into ruins. All the cultivators were frightened - this was their first time witnessing the power of the Divine King Faction.

On the second day of court, the palace was in a furor. More than forty officials from the civil and military branches accused Feiyun of misconduct. Among them were marquises and members from the Nine Ministers. They listed a total of thirteen crimes.

Alas, the guy who was the main character of this issue was nowhere to be found so they had to postpone this matter.

“You guys think Feiyun got killed by those pavilion experts?” A few prodigies were together - both men and women. All were young kings of this generation.

Ling Donglai was cutting his fingernail with a knife and sneered: “Intelligence stated that he had entered the Dragon Vein to chase after the fleeing experts but he still hasn’t come out.”

“If this is true, then he might be dead down there.” A girl with long yet thin brows and skin as white as snow said. She had a white flowery glow around her - this was a genius of the Daoist Gate.

“I heard the royal clan sent several big shots in there to find him. Even the emperor was paying attention to this. Several millennium spirit beasts down there were stirred recently. If they can’t find him in three days, he might be inside a beast’s stomach already.” Long Shenya said.

“Hmph! I hope he’s alive so I can personally defeat him.” Donglai has been annoyed because he was ranked below Feiyun on the lower list.

Shenya was surprised by the aggression and smiled back: “Divine Commander, I heard you have found another treasure recently so your cultivation improved.”

Donglai spoke without hesitation: “I made it to third-level.”

The ones here were shaken after this because Donglai wasn’t even twenty just yet. This talent was indeed comparable to those on the upper list. Even the current so-called number one genius, Feiyun, wasn’t as fast as him in terms of cultivation speed.

Donglai was amused by the face of these prodigies. In fact, he found a spirit grass in an ancient ruin to broke through the third-level. A while later, he found another ancient treasure and was at peak third-level now.

‘If I were to tell them that I’m about to reach fourth-level, what kind of face are they going to make?’ He knew better than to reveal everything.

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