Chapter 499: Third-ranked Spirit Treasure

“Boom!” A black energy of death billowed over like the night curtain and caused the Dragon Vein to turn and churn.

It slammed into the vessel so Feiyun cut his palm and swing his blood over. It ignited into flame and extinguished the engulfing energy.

“Bam!” A corpse was blown flying over his head and slammed stuck into the stone wall.

Feiyun glanced over and was slightly shaken. It was Wan Huazhu, a real-deal Giant!

The pavilion lord has fallen in this Dragon Vein.

The danger ahead could kill a Giant so Feiyun hesitated about moving forward.

The cries of the millennium spirit beast came about.

“Rumble!” A monster resembling a golden flood-dragon was running away. Three heads have been severed and six claws out of eight were gone. Half of its body had been cut off so only the front half spanning for several meters was running away.

This beast was powerful enough. As long as its soul was still there, it could still survive a decapitation.

This was a frightening scene like a beast running away from hell. The wounds had black smokes oozing out of it. The malefic energy of death was invading its body.

“A beast like this is tougher and faster than a Giant but this is still the result? It might have escaped but it won’t be able to refine that malefic energy. Death is inevitable.” Feiyun continued to watch the beast running like crazy on the river.

Despite its injuries and the malefic energy inside stopping it from using ten percent of its power, Feiyun right now couldn’t suppress it at all, not even with the King’s Order.

“Its strength is draining away; the malefic force must be eating its vitality. Just one more hour and it will be dead then I can grab its soul.”

“Refining this soul could boost my ring up to the third rank.” Feiyun was tempted but he remained patient and simply watched.

He was right. After an hour, the beast became increasingly slower as if it had fallen into a quagmire. Its scales were dark; life force sapped away by the malefic force.

“Such mighty death energy, even a millennium spirit beast can’t stop it.” Feiyun took out the King’s order and directly attacked the beast.

It exuded a golden light and split the beast in half.

“Boom!” A beast soul more than seventy meters long rose from the corpse. It had three heads, eight claws, and three wings. A great pressure came out in the form of radiance.

Just the soul alone was powerful enough. Feiyun wouldn’t have dared to get close if it wasn’t for the malefic energy eating away at it.

He fought against this soul that was growing weaker by the minute. Its cries became softer and softer, it wouldn’t be long now.

“Not good, the King’s Order is weakening too.” The order shouldered the wills of the previous kings. In order to use them for the most powerful attack, he needed to empower them with spirit stones.

The energy from these spirit stones was on the verge of depletion.

He put away the order and activated his own beast souls. He gathered the energy into his palm and did a full force attack, blowing the beast soul away.

He didn’t give it a chance to regain its breath so he continued forward, each strike encompassing the power from his entire body. After seventy-eight consecutive palms, the soul finally stopped moving.

Feiyun was also heaving and panting after using too much spirit energy.

It wasn’t easy taking one of this level down even though his phoenix soul was quite intimidating against other beasts. Today, he had all the advantages so he could finally take this one down.

He took out the ring and activated the six diagrams. A terrible black plume came out.

Formations circled on the ring and made the black light even stronger just like a black sun.

“Activate!” Feiyun used the vessel to suppress the ring and forcefully open a hole. A maelstrom began to suck the soul of the millennium beast into the hole.

“It must reach the third rank. It must!” Feiyun murmured.

A third-ranked treasure was fundamentally different from a second-ranked one, like the difference between a teenager and a toddler. Meanwhile, a fourth-ranked treasure was a fully armed general. This was a gap akin to the distance between heaven and earth.

“Just a little bit more, this soul isn’t enough to upgrade it.” Feiyun was slightly disappointed.

The ring was now at peak second rank, just one inch away from being a third rank. 

“The golden strings!” Feiyun thought about these golden spirit strings.

The spirituality inside was amazing, enough to materialize into these strings. This could perhaps be the origin of spirituality.

Just one string was enough for a pseudo-treasure to gain its own spirituality and become a first-rank spirit treasure.

Now, the ring was just a bit from reaching the next level. Perhaps the spirituality inside could propel it just enough. He quickly took out the spirit stone and took out an exquisite string. He activated the hole of the ring again and inserted the string.

It quickly melted into a golden ocean of spirituality. The ring’s spirit has risen again.

Feiyun was ecstatic and quickly inserted a second, third, fourth, fifth, and sixth! 

“Boom!” The ring finally transformed with heavenly hymns and cries of beasts.

The ring floated upward and spun while issuing resonating clanks. It had reached the third rank. The six diagrams became even more realistic, seemingly capable of forming six oppressive momentums.

Feiyun channeled all of his energy just to wake up the ring. Formations circled around and a white ray shot out for eight hundred miles, killing an eight-hundred-year beast in the river.

“Haha!” Feiyun laughed. With this weapon now, he could have something to go against the members of the upper historical list.

Feiyun walked up to the corpse of the beast and used his stone saber to carve out a core around the size of a fist. Only spirit beasts had these spirit cores, similar to the dantian and violet palace of cultivators. It contained the purest spirit energy and dao laws of the beast.

These cores were too rare because there weren’t that many spirit beasts in the dynasty, not to mention killing one and taking its core.

“I’ll reach third-level in just two days with this core.” Feiyun’s foundation was ready, only missing spirit energy. The core was full of energy and easy to absorb. 

He had 73,000 strands of violet energy right now in his palace. At 100,000, he would reach the third level.

With that, he would definitely grasp the power to compete against the upper geniuses. The majority of them were at the fourth level.

His talents were naturally greater than them due to his Immortal Phoenix and Myriad Beast Physiques. These two things allowed him to jump a level and compete against them.

He put away the core and glanced further down the river. Death energy was billowing there as if a vast power was hidden inside.

He activated his phoenix gaze. The vision crossed through the energy and sure enough, there was a supreme beauty meditating inside while floating on the Dragon Vein. Her black hair flowed like a waterfall with a body as magnificent as jade. Though she was surrounded by death energy, she also exuded a white and holy glow just like a moon goddess.

She was absorbing the essences and energy in the Dragon Vein in order to strengthen her body that was becoming increasingly resplendent.

Feiyun was shocked to see her, ‘why is she here?! Refining the vein’s power for her own gains? Looks like she had turned the imperial guardians here into her corpse slaves too for protection.’

Suddenly, he felt a chill emanating down his body. Something was now glaring at him.

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