Chapter 498: Beginning Of Death

A spirit vein was the accumulation of energy and momentum of the world. It contained the energy veins, providence, and other natural laws.

This particular one beneath the capital was called a “Dragon Vein” because it was the largest in the dynasty and contained a massive amount of providence. It allowed the capital to have peace and prosperity. Thus, those who came to the capital could enjoy the thickest spirit energy for cultivation. 

The Dragon Vein flowed beneath the ground like a surging golden ocean.

More than thirty cultivators from Beauty’s Smile were led by their lord, Wan Huazhu. They sat on top of a millennium spirit beast with a protective barrier. The beast jumped into the Dragon Vein and swam through this massive wave of energy.

It was powerful enough to withstand the maelstroms in this vein. The other beasts living here hastily made way for it.

The cultivators within this barrier could hide their presence so the imperial experts could sense them at all. A glance or using their divine intent would only spot the beast, not the riders on top.

The beast was escaping far away but the Feng and Destruction experts were nowhere to be found. Feiyun did a risk analysis and took the risk. He summoned his vessel and jumped into the Dragon Vein.

The power of the vessel has yet to be activated so it floated on the raging current like a regular boat.

The old and melancholic boat with its eighteen broken sails continued forward through the waves.

The diagram of the Dragon-horse floated above in order to protect the ship from the murderous gales in this place.

“Pavilion Lord, Feng Feiyun is after us.”

An old woman at the back of the beast spotted Feiyun.

Wan Huazhu turned back and was quite surprised to see the guy. There were many dangers in the vein so without this beast, she wouldn’t dare to enter it. Feiyun was only at second-level yet he was fine and well right now? Truly shocking.

She quickly realized that the ship was the thing protecting him. It had an aura that even the Dragon Vein was afraid of.

“He’s suicidal going by himself.”

“That’s perfect, our pavilion is destroyed because of him. Blood for blood then.”

A beautiful woman wearing a moon robe with rippling eyes and breath as sweet as the orchid took out an ancient sword. She drew more than one hundred sword mantras and unleashed a ray towards Feiyun.

Feiyun was leaving marks behind for reinforcement and suddenly, he felt a terrifying sword slash coming for him.

His eyes narrowed as a plume of fire issued a phoenix cry. Two blinding rays came out like fiery chains and shattered the sword slash.

His Heavenly Phoenix Gaze had reached a high enough level to unleash rays capable of contending against a spirit treasure.

“Pluff!” The rays struck the woman and shattered her sword mantras. Blood began dripping out of her eyes.

“Xinlan, back off. You’re not his match.” A hunchback old woman blocked before her and raised her decrepit finger to unleash another ray.

The old woman was far stronger than the young girl earlier. The ray was able to gather the energy of the Dragon Vein to culminate in incomparable sharpness.

Feiyun used his Samsara Steps to dodge it. The ray struck the vessel and its power got absorbed, unable to damage the ship in the slightest.

“Bang.” Feiyun landed back on the vessel and slowed down.

The cultivators on that beast were immensely powerful. The majority was at Heaven’s Mandate while Wan Huazhu was a Giant. Feiyun was relying on his speed to stay alive or she could destroy him with one move.

The other old women were quite amazing too, infinitely close to being half-step Giants.

“Hall Lord, if we don’t take him down, he’ll lead the army right to us.” One old woman said.

Huazhu also attacked but inside this Dragon Vein, the power of a Giant still became weaker. Plus, she couldn’t cause a big commotion or the experts from the royal clan would figure it out right away.

“I’ll go kill him, everyone, go on ahead.” A fifth-level old woman took the initiative and flew above the Dragon Vein to attack Feiyun.

A fifth-level was no joke, she could reign an entire domain by herself or take up a high position in a great power.

Feiyun took out the King’s Order. Seven golden figures came out and slammed her into the river, leaving her grievously wounded.

The power of this insignia right now could damage a fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate cultivator.

“Rawr!” A strange beast living in the dragon vein as long as a gluttonous dragon with scales all over its gigantic head swallowed the old woman.

The majority of these beasts were ancient breeds that could survive in the Dragon Vein. Plus, they utilized the vein to grow several times stronger than those outside.

Nevertheless, the cultivators from Beauty’s Smile were nowhere to be found now. 

A millennium beast was on the same level as a Giant, cultivation wise, but was even stronger in combat. Its speed was naturally amazing and could fly dozens of miles away in a split second.

Feiyun gave chase with his vessel again. Due to the aura of the Myriad Beast Physique, the other beasts in the river also steered clear of him.

He sent out his divine intents in order to find the other cultivators. Alas, the energy here was very chaotic on top of the complicated terrain. He could only sense things within a hundred miles.

“Oh? This is…” He found a floating corpse inching closer.

He swung his sleeve and a light came out to pick up this female corpse. It has been burnt to a crisp by nefarious energy.

The moment he touched the corpse, a bone-chill sensation struck him. This corpse energy was trying to invade his body.

He channeled his bloodline and a phoenix flame expelled this energy from his body.

“That’s their number one courtesan, Mo Xinlan, why did she die here? What the hell did they meet?”

Xinlan was at the fourth-level and was quite talented. Without the King’s Order, Feiyun wouldn’t be a match for her. Alas, this beautiful and powerful lady has turned into a corpse.

It made Feiyun much more cautious about the unknown danger ahead.

“Hmm, such a great nefarious energy of death in her corpse; even the beasts don’t want to eat her. No wonder why she floated all the way down here. Did they meet something up ahead?”

Feiyun’s ring floated in his palm while the six diagrams emitted a faint light. He was ready for anything coming up ahead.

“Boom!” Suddenly, the corpse turned evil with a green glow in her eyes then attacked Feiyun.

This corpse was as tough as steel; it had experienced the second level of corpse transformation.

“Second transformation already? She must have been struck by a powerful corpse energy, actually, that’s might be why she died in the first place.” Feiyun had this thought before using his ring to blow her back into the Dragon Vein.

An energy gale in there crushed the corpse into black dust, quite a pitiful end for a beauty. When she was alive, she was the focus of the show, beloved by all. Now, not even a strand of hair remained.

Feiyun was used to death so he wasn’t shaken at all and moved forward.

A bit later, two more female corpses appeared - one old and one young. They were inside the vein with oppressive death energy in the form of black smokes. These beasts living in the vein all ran away. They could sense the danger.

They drifted by the vessel and he could recognize them. One of them was an old woman near the half-step level.

He took a deep breath and went on. Occasionally, one or two corpses would come by. Six was the highest number; all these corpses were turning black.

They were on the verge of turning into Corpse Evils.

“The entire group got annihilated?”

Suddenly, a spirit beast roared ahead with powerful shockwaves from a fight rushing by.

Feiyun quickly gave chase to see which monster had taken down so many experts. [1]

1. Is it the Evil Woman? She was messing with a vein when we last saw her.

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