Chapter 497: Soul Of An Enlightened Being

The blinding blue ray in the sky acted like a resplendent moon. This fourth-ranked spirit treasure was hidden in thick layers of mist so one could only sense its formidable power, not its appearance.

Someone wanted to hide this incredible weapon from prying eyes. It was certainly a great power secretly helping Beauty’s Smile.

Eight Giants worked at the same time to increase the power of this fourth-ranked spirit treasure so they were able to push back a ninth-level Giant like Ning Fengxian. Even his lightning failed to stop it.

“All of these Dominating Armaments are very famous. I just need to see its shape to know who is helping Beauty’s Smile.” A cultivator gazed inside the blue light but it blinded him. Blood dripped down his cheeks as he screamed.

“Boom!” The weapon flashed again and released a rain of light. So many soldiers were crushed to a pulp along with their armor.

Two Divine Commanders at fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate held their spear as if they were holding a dragon. They were still ready to fight against the incoming attack. Alas, the flashing light turned them into bloody specks.

This power was simply unstoppable. Even a regular spirit treasure would be broken instantly.

“Again.” Ning Fengxian and Buddha Maitreya glanced at each other before going again.

This daoist and monk were unfathomable after cultivating for many years. They had plenty of exquisite methods belonging to the two doctrines.

“Sacred Dao Art!” Fengxian’s body was covered with daoist laws and an immortal river flowing beneath him. A holy flower gathered on top of his head and unleashed a sacred technique. Billowing clouds surrounded the weapon instantly.

“Unaging Scripture!” The child-like monk sat in the meditative pose in the sky and placed his palms together. He began to chant Buddhist scriptures as golden words spewed out of his mouth. They turned into a golden river and smashed into the sky.

The two of them combined were still having a hard time stopping this weapon. The two arts were quickly subdued.

The weapon continued to grow stronger as the eight masters in the distance continued to pour in their power.

“They have Super Giants controlling this weapon so it can exert its full power.” The monk and daoist were pushed back repeatedly. They were certainly stronger than the enemies but the weapon disparity was too great.

The army was at risk of being routed and the heretical experts hiding in Beauty’s Smile would be able to escape.

“Bi Ningshuai, let me borrow your Blood-being Exalted Pot!” Feiyun shouted and made Ningshuai fly out of one of the palaces.

This palace was naturally the treasury of Beauty’s Smile. This damned thief has taken more than half of it for his own so now, as he was flying out to answer Feiyun’s call, spirit stones kept dropping out of his robe.

He quickly picked up these stones and said: “It can’t see the light or the Yang World’s King will come to the capital and peel off my skin.”

“If you don’t take it out right now, I’ll be the one peeling off your skin.” Feiyun threatened by grabbing the thief by the neck.

Feiyun had the spirit vessel which was a holy artifact, countless times more frightening than a fourth-ranked spirit treasure. However, his low cultivation made it impossible for him to use it to its strongest extent. 

Only when he reached the Enlightened Being level would he barely be able to use it. Thus, lending it to Ning Fengxian was impossible as well since the guy wasn’t capable of waking the vessel up.

The light in the sky gathered into a boundless ocean. It wanted to rush out of the Sacred Dao Art and Unaging Scripture. The monk and daoist have tried their best but it was useless.

“The pot got taken by Honglian, it’s not on me right now.” Ningshuai said emotionally: “We’re good friends so I would help you if I could. Hey, hey, let go of me now, my spirit stones are still on the ground.”

“Men, capture this thief and throw him into the capital’s prison for me.” Feng Feiyun called two soldiers over. They directly put a fetter around his neck and wanted to take him away.

“No! Fine, I’ll let you borrow it then.” Ningshuai cried and took out the pot for Feiyun.

“Thanks.” Feiyun smirked.

The pot was the Yang King’s best spirit treasure. It was full of evil energy and looked just like a skull with blood gushing out like a faint ocean. Just holding it gave a shuddering sensation.

Feng Mo said that Yama’s skull was taken by the Yang King. Perhaps he used it to refine the skull into this particular weapon.

Feiyun didn’t think too much and jumped into the sky, intending of handing it to Ning Fengxian.

Meanwhile, a raging battle was tearing the sky apart. Everyone felt suffocated as if the sky was falling down.

Both Fengxian and Maitreya retreated with wounds on their body. This was due to their great cultivation and pure vitality. If it was a different Giant, just the light of the weapon would turn them to ashes.

“Senior, you can borrow this Dominating Armament.” Feiyun threw out the exalted pot.

He wasn’t worried about Fengxian taking it away because everyone knew that it belonged to the Yang King. Who would want to provoke such a monstrous existence by stealing it?

Fengxian took it and could feel its power. He said with surprise: “Exalted pot! I see, with this armament, I’ll take down several Giants today then.”

A majestic power erupted from Fengxian. His robe turned into a firmament as he empowered the pot. It exuded its own power and made the sky tremble.

This was the real power of the pot, countless times stronger than the previous attempt when Feiyun and Ningshuai were using it.

A ninth-level Giant was quite a powerful master in this world. Now, he also had a Dominating Firmament. The guy went up to the sky and fought against the blue ocean. Sparks went flying and even the fabric of space was being torn apart.

Feiyun pulled Xiaoxiang dozens of miles away. The pressure remained so he took out his ring and Thunderfire Jewel in order to stop the shockwaves.

“The capital is the center of the Jin dynasty with numerous great powers, but not more than five can possess a Dominating Armament. It has to be the Beiming.” Feiyun’s eyes turned cold.

That clan’s Nether Ice Grinder is a Dominating Firmament, very similar to the blue expanse in the sky right now.

Another monstrous wave came from a different direction. The martial army was sieging the depth of the pavilion.

“Boom!” A yellow ray shot to the sky and broke the spatial barrier. It seemed to be traveling in to the sea of stars above.

This power of an Enlightened Being was even more monstrous than a Dominating Armament. Numerous soldiers from the army were turned into bloody mists.

“Shit! There’s an Enlightened Being hiding in Beauty’s Smile?!”

“That’s definitely the power of an Enlightened Being, so damn strong!”

Feiyun also felt this aura. If there was really an Enlightened Being in beauty’s Smile, the entire army could be routed despite having the number advantage.

“It’s just a soul, I’ll take you on!” Battler declared with a golden glow around his body, making it look just like bronze.

Feiyun heaved a sigh of relief: ‘There aren’t that many Enlightened Beings around, even Mount Potala only has one on the other side of the dynasty. There’s no way that this person would be here at the capital right now.’

Nevertheless, this soul was still quite powerful. Only someone at Battler’s level could take it on. Others would lose after the first exchange.

The casualty was great for the heretical experts hiding in the pavilion; many were from the last generation. Today would definitely go down in history.

They began to retreat and followed Wan Huazhu deeper inside.

“There’s something else lurking in Beauty’s Smile?” Feiyun became curious.

“I know! There must be a treasury there. They want to take the treasures and run.” Ningshuai’s eyes lit up with only treasures in his mind. Despite the looming dangers in that location, he still wanted to run over.

Xiaoxiang hesitated for a moment before speaking: “I… I heard that in that far location is an imprisoned millennium spirit beast. Every month or so, Earth’s End would send many slaves there to feed the beast.”

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