Chapter 495: Kill!

Today was the Flower Competition. Beauty’s Smile was preparing jade flower pots while the slaves and maids were prepping the stage. None expected for something like this to happen.

The gate of the pavilion had nine Grand Profound Formation, capable of stopping an all-out attack from a Giant. Alas, they have crumbled right now, broken by the war banner.

A crack starting at the entrance led all the way inside. The upper echelon was alarmed since this development was too much.

“The Martial Army is inside!”

“Feng Feiyun is attacking!”

“Didn’t the Grand Chancellor say that this was impossible? What the hell is going on?!”

Feiyun was in full armor with a great saber resting on his shoulder: “From today on, Beauty’s Smile Pavilion will disappear from the capital!”

“How impudent! If anyone dares to take a step forward, I’ll make them bleed!” A slightly old and thin figure rushed out of the pavilion. He had a gold crest with a qi image of a divine soul.

This was a half-step Giant named Lu Yun. He stood proudly on a high wall and stared down at Feiyun in the front.

“Keke! Ignorant fool!” A black shadow rushed out from behind Feiyun. Now, this was an actual Giant - a senior from Destruction Corpse Cave who just happened to be staying at the capital and was asked to come and help by Feiyun.

Huo Xinbing had a black corpse-controller cloak with a dark smile on his face. He flew to the sky and unleashed a frightening dark ray.

“Rumble!” A corpse talisman landed right on Lu Yun’s head and slammed him down the wall, resulting in a grievous and grotesque injury.

Just one move alone from this Giant shattered several dozen defensive formations. Three more jade palaces were crushed so more than one hundred weak cultivators died on the spot.

Lu Yun was aghast after seeing this and ran deeper into the pavilion’s territory.

Xinbing took off his cloak and threw it forward. It turned into a death pouch sealing the entire sky and pulled Lu Yun inside.

The pouch flew back and became smaller in Xinbing’s palm. It jumped and contorted with a miserable scream from Lu Yun.

“Keke! A half-step is enough to create a powerful corpse.” Xinbing sounded like a ghost as he spoke.

Normally, Xinbing wouldn’t carelessly hunt half-steps to create corpses because this was an immoral matter that would incite backlash or an all-out war between two powers.

This wasn’t the case today. He had the Divine King behind him so he could boldly kill people. The consequence would fall on Feiyun so he didn’t need to worry.

He turned Lu Yun into a black corpse that came out from the pouch. For other people, this corpse was useless but these corpse controllers considered it a priceless treasure.

“Anyone else wants to take me on? I’m in the mood right now.” Xinbing turned at the pavilion and roared.

“Rumble!” Golden clouds rushed out of the pavilion with a palm reaching for his head.

A Giant from the pavilion has taken action with immense power causing the air to quake.

Xinbing was not afraid at all and laughed before rushing forward using corpse-controller techniques. The ground cracked and three Corpse Monarchs at the Giant level came out.

They were as tough as steel with round eyes coursing with lightning. Even their teeth and fingernails had a metallic shimmer.

Xinbing and these three corpses fought against that other Giant. The world quaked with the roars of the corpses.

“Pluff!” Eventually, the corpses had the upper hand and knocked the opposing Giant flying. He spewed out blood causing the air to burn like a wave of fire. Xinbing used his cloak in order to capture this Giant just like before.

“Rumble!” This Giant wasn’t so easily refined. He used a forbidden technique and unleashed a white ray that broke through the cloak then ran for the pavilion.

As he was running, Battler Marquis slammed him into the ground. His corpse exploded into several pieces with blood burning the air again.

Too damn strong!

A Giant was killed with just one slap. This scared the experts in the pavilion to the core.

“What a waste!” Xinbing murmured and blew out a cold gale to blow away the fire on the corpse. He stored the big pieces of flesh away.

Money couldn’t buy these valuable fleshy bits so he naturally wouldn’t waste it.

It didn’t take long before a half-step and an actual Giant have fallen. The crowd was shocked, aware that the pavilion wouldn’t be able to escape this disaster today. Blood was about to run like rivers.

A beautiful woman stepped out of the pavilion with beautiful decorative pins and jewels in her hair. Her waist was thin while her facial features were impeccable. Moreover, her cultivation was also at fourth-level Heaven’s Mandate. [ref] 

Mo Xinlan bowed towards Feiyun and said softly: “Your Excellency Divine King, our Lord knows you are here for Maestro Ye. If you withdraw now, she will personally bring the maestro to your mansion and apologize.”

“Who are you?” Feiyun sneered.

“I’m the number one courtesan of Beauty’s Smile, Mo Xinlan.” Her pretty eyes blinked with the rippling waves of autumn.

Wan Huazhu sent her here to negotiate because she was both beautiful and strong.

Feiyun insisted: “You’re not qualified to talk to me, tell your lord to come out.”

Her smile froze with her plan being ruined so she had to leave.

Huazhu came out from the tallest building with several old men behind her. She looked at Feiyun and said: “Your Excellency, I am here to accept the punishment. As long as you call back your troops, we will acquiesce to any demand.”

Feiyun still had a cold smile: “You think I will take your words? This is only buying time. Hand Xiaoxiang over and I can leave your corpse intact.”

Feiyun almost lost his life to this wily lady who sent out four half-steps for him. How could he have vengeance for this?

She was only surrendering to buy time for Mount Potala and the Grand Chancellor to come help. He wasn’t fooled by this attempt.

Her expression darkened: “Feng Feiyun, do you know who is our backer? You won’t be the Divine King for long if you touch us.”

“Just the heretical Mount Potala, you think I don’t know?” Feiyun was undeterred by the threat and raised his King’s Order: “Martial Army, heed my order. Attack Beauty’s Smile and kill all non-surrendering combatants!” 

The army rushed forward after the order with surging bloodthirst. The powerful members went in front to attack the formations and break down the walls.

Their bloodthirst frightened the mind as one palace went down after another. There was no stopping them.

“Kill! Kill!” The sounds of steel and battle raged on.

Feiyun also joined the fray. Those loyal guards couldn't stop his blade at all. His path was ladened with bloody corpses.

“Rumble!” The experts from Mount Potala finally came out - three Giants and eight half-steps.

“Three old monsters from the mountain, five hundred years of cultivation and up. They’re top members among Giants.”

They all had spirit treasures - a bloody mountain, bloody river, and a bloody spear. They were notorious in the cultivation world, even heretical cultivators shivered after hearing their names.

They were actually hiding in Beauty’s Smile in order to wait for the chaos at the capital. This would be a powerful fighting force.

Battler declared without any fear and went to fight all three by himself: “Today is your funeral, Bloodcloud Trio.” 

He simply relied on his fists. Each attack made the trio vomit blood; it was not an even fight at all.

There were also Giants and half-steps under Battler in the army with the ranking of Divine Commander. The remaining heretical experts couldn’t take on these fierce soldiers at all.

Furthermore, 80,000 chariots with loud rumble slowly pushed for the pavilion like 80,000 meat grinders. Cultivators at Heaven’s Mandate had no chance of stopping them.

This was a formation created by an army of more than ten million troops. Even Giants would have to run before this might.

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