Chapter 490: Unconcealed Assassin

“Are you afraid?” Feiyun grabbed Xiaoxiang’s cold hand and calmly said.

“I’m… not.” She said.

He ripped out his sleeve and gently tied it around her eyes before carrying her on his back. He used Swift Samsara and turned into a specter to join the fight again.

All 9,932 beast souls were activated right now. Roars emanated from his body and made the earth tremble.

“Boom!” Feng Feiyun showed no mercy as his red glowed slightly red as if bleeding. Each time he unleashed a palm, one guard would fall down. One head exploded like a watermelon while another had their heart blown out of their body. Some got rendered into a bloody mist entirely.

In just a split second, eight have fallen, subjected to a terrible death.

Xiaoxiang was actually quite courageous. Though she could hear the miserable wails and sounds of flesh and bones breaking, she still bit her teeth and didn’t utter a single yelp. She didn’t want Feiyun to be distracted.

“Die!” With eyes as ferocious as a beast, Feiyun turned his sight on Aunt Qin.

This old woman has pushed it. Only by killing her would he be able to remove Xiaoxiang’s inner demon.

“Hmph! Fool!” Aunt Qin sneered. Her hunchback body disappeared like a ghost.

Feiyun’s palm only shattered her remnant shadow while she was nowhere to be found.

“An incorporeal technique?” Feiyun’s brows raised as he used his Heavenly Phoenix Gaze. 

Despite her hiding technique, there was no escaping. He raised his hand and the Infinite Spirit Ring flew out of his thumb. Six diagrams automatically flew out and dazzlingly attacked the empty space.

The ring was at the second rank now so it was several times stronger than before. The bright rays from the diagrams made the ground crack in several places.

“Boom!” Aunt Qin was forced out by the ring’s attack. The stick in her hand turned into a gigantic snake and managed to stop the remaining force.

“Pluff!” A white draconic ray flew forward and severed her left hand. The energy then devoured it completely.

Aunt Qin screamed and tried to run.

“Whoosh!” The tip of his white saber was still dripping with blood. He immediately gave chase with an emotionless glance.

The other young experts knew that Feiyun could use the King’s Order one more time so no one wanted to be the first to attack.

“Everyone, attack together or he’ll get away!” A shout came from the shadows. 

A one-meter-thick pillar of light rushed forward causing the air to twist. Everything turned to ashes in its trajectory.

It was a sword ray condensed from violet energy with an incomparable sharpness. A historical genius was certainly behind this offense.

“Dragon King’s Third Slash, Sun Piercer!” Feiyun unleashed a white arc from his saber, also one meter thick. It looked like a powerful rainbow rushing through the sky.

The two rays slammed into each other and resulted in a blinding explosion.

Feiyun saw the attacker and unleashed another slash with both hands. This person dressed in black was standing at the top of a tall tree. He was relaxed with an extraordinary aura. He raised his finger and a large maelstrom resembling a dragon tornado emerged as a defensive measure.

He could casually perform a dao art so quickly? Just how powerful was he?

“Whoosh!” Nine stars more than one-hundred-meter-long fell from the sky just like nine little mountains, carrying immense power.

This was the spirit treasure, Nine Stars. A young king used it to attack Feiyun.

These experts in disguise were all amazing with incredible battle power.

Feiyun directly took out his vessel and channeled its power. This force grew bigger and bigger until it reached the limit. Next, he threw it straight at the sky, nearly destroying the fabrics of space.

“Boom!” The nine stars were blown flying back, unable to withstand the mighty vessel.

A shadow screamed miserably and fell down from the sky. At the midway point, this person finally stabilized and didn’t fall to his death. He heaved a sigh of relief, thinking that he had escaped with his life.

Suddenly, Feiyun stomped straight on his head and made his body sink into the mud.

Next, Feiyun removed his veil. Though his head was cracked and stained with blood, Feiyun could finally see the guy. This was someone who was close to Xiyue Lanshan back in Supreme Beauty Pavilion. Feiyun then kicked his chest to rupture his heart.

“Such a powerful spirit treasure, this ship is mine!” Another figure in black suddenly appeared behind Feiyun. A black mist condensed in his palm and turned into a black sword. He then slashed it vertically for Feiyun’s head.

“Boom!” Feiyun swung the vessel back and a massive wave of energy came forth. It shattered the black sword and destroyed the black veil. However, there was a golden mask beneath; only a young pair of proud eyes were shown.

This person wasn’t afraid at all. He waved his hands in the air and created a crimson cauldron. It was more than thirty meters tall with draconic and phoenix runes carved on the surface. It was as red as fire and emitted fiery waves while flowing through the air.

The vessel shattered this cauldron but couldn’t hurt the guy.

This was one of Feiyun’s strongest attacks right now. He could only use it nine times a day but it still failed to kill the opponent.

How many among the young generation could actually have this cultivation?

Despite using the phoenix gaze, Feiyun couldn’t see through the person's disguise. All of these people weren’t using their own techniques so there was no way of guessing their identity.

Tonight was the best time to take Feiyun down. There wouldn’t be another opportunity like this again.

“Whoosh!” A sharp glint as fast as lightning aimed straight for Feiyun’s speed with amazing accuracy.

The opponent was simply too fast. Feiyun couldn’t see his figure at all, only the saber.

Feiyun stomped on the ground in order to flip backward. Alas, the saber still left a bloody mark from his throat to his ear. The opponent was fast and stealthy. This must be another top-ranked member of the young generation.

The guy’s figure disappeared again.

‘It’s an assassin.’ Feiyun thought.

The opponent appeared behind Feng Feiyun. He was dressed in black but there was no veil hiding his figure. He coolly stood on the street with a long shadow created by the moonlight.

Black energies hovered around him; his blade was rusting as if it hasn’t been polished in a long time.

“The Unconcealed Assassin, Du Shougao!” Someone recognized his face.

Want to kill someone now? Find Du Shougao. 

This was the best young assassin of the Pinnacle Fate Ending Palace. He never actually assassinated someone before and always did it in an open manner, hence his title. He was fifth on the lower list right behind Ling Donglai. However, in terms of battle abilities and murderous potential, Donglai was certainly not his match.

Feiyun was higher than Donglai on the list but against a scary opponent like Shougao, there was no guarantee in staying alive.

An assassin’s ability to kill was far beyond his fighting prowess and cultivation.

Feiyun touched his wound and turned back while lifting his saber. He stared at the foe and smiled: “What an interesting night, an assassin without a mask while the non-assassins all hide their face.”

“Feiyun, this is the second time you have escaped from me.” Du Shougao declared then turned and left.

“You only use one slash to kill someone. If the slash didn’t kill and the guy was down and crawling on the ground, you would still spare him. You will never attack twice in one day unless the opponent was aiming for your life.” Feiyun was aware of Shougao’s style.

“Have to take care of people’s problem after getting paid. I might try again tomorrow, remember, no one has been able to escape three times from me.” Shougao said before disappearing into the night.

“The best assassin? Pretty useless. Feng Feiyun, I’ll be the one to kill you then!” A brutal voice came from the sky.

A gigantic palm strike descended. It was covered with an amalgamation of bloody liquid, mist, and clouds.

Feiyun took out the King’s Order. Seven golden figures came out and unleashed an attack at the gigantic palm. They crushed it easily and a miserable scream resounded. Another assailant dressed in black got rendered into a bloody rain.

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