Chapter 49: Don’t Be Afraid, I Am Here

“As they say, deep in the mountains there is solitude; would little miss like to accompany us brothers for a drink? Haha!”

A yellow bearded big man with a large bowl of alcohol in his hand directly approached Feng Jianxue. His big eyes were the size of a copper bell, and he stared at her with lust; it was as if he couldn’t get enough.

Feng Jianxue, standing behind Feng Feiyun, turned her head away, seemingly a bit afraid.

This made the big rugged men laugh even more. Two of them came and surrounded her, and he gave her a bowl to drink.

Although Feng Feiyun knew that this was part of her plans; however, in front of everyone here, they all thought that Feng Jianxue was his woman. If his woman was teased in front of everyone, and he remained indifferent, others would look down upon him.

“Cough cough! Everyone… She is my wife. Do you all know what the consequence of giving my wife a drink would be?”

Feng Feiyun said.

The three rugged bearded men seemed to just now notice him, and they all glared at him with hostility and an evil smile.

The three of them were all at the early stage of the Spirit Realm. On their muscular arms were heavy black steel gauntlets with a touch of forest camouflage. Every year, they escorted the spirit metal and traveled in the dangerous mountains and rivers. Fierce beasts and evil birds could be killed with their bare hands. They naturally knew their looks would be frightening to the beautiful young teens.

“Haha! What kind of consequence?”

One of them reached for Feng Feiyun’s throat.

“Bang Bang!”

No one saw what happened. The rugged man immediately flew and crashing into a corner wall; he flew out of the inn, and he was swallowed by darkness.

Feng Feiyun was still standing perfectly straight; it was as if he didn’t move at all from beginning to end. He arched his head up high, and he revealed a majestic pose.

The remaining two rugged men and the other practitioner guests became dazed. Even though they didn’t know what exactly happened, they knew that they had met an expert.

This young man was not easy to mess with!

The inn instantly became silent, and everyone’s eyes were focused on Feng Feiyun. Many were secretly guessing his identity. With such an extraordinary cultivation, he must be a young genius from a grand clan.

“Whoosh whoosh!”

The wall that was destroyed by the rugged man earlier became a huge hole and a cold wind blew in, causing everyone to feel the coolness.


A shrill and miserable scream came from the outside. This voice was mixed with horror, causing listeners to feel their hairs standing on ends.

However, this scream flared up and then immediately became silent; it was like something had bit his neck, and he couldn’t make any other sounds.

“This is the voice of Li San!”

The two rugged men that were surrounding Feiyun left and right realized that the miserable scream was from the man knocked out of the inn by Feiyun earlier.

What terrible thing did he see in the end?

Right now, the night curtain had completely fallen; Dragon Stone Town recently had not been calm. Even though the two rugged men were awkwardly huge, they were the careful type. They took down the two Goose Feather Grand Sabers, weighing one hundred jin each that were hanging from the wall, and they then rushed to the outside through the broken wall.

“Thump thump!”

There were sounds of metals colliding, and then there were two miserable screeches; silence came again.

There were experts in the inn that wanted to use the Thousand Miles All-Seeing Eyes to see the events outside clearly, but, no matter how much they stared, it was only a pitch black scene without boundary; it was as if it wanted to devour the souls of people.

The three rugged men at the early Spirit Realm concurrently disappeared in the night’s curtain, creating an eery atmosphere, suffocating the spectators.

At this moment, everyone inside the White Horse Inn was frightened. Someone quietly whispered:

“I heard recently there was an ominous thing dug out from Jing Huan Mountain. There were some unclean things that made it outside…”

“Don’t speak nonsense!”

Someone reprimanded. It was apparent that this was a taboo matter.

This time, Feng Jianxue was actually scared; she timidly said:

“From your perspective… Are there really monk’s corpses that eat humans?”

Two flames arose from Feng Feiyun’s eyes. He channeled his spirit energy into his pupils, and he activated the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze. Even the walls of the inn were seen through; he looked towards the infinite darkness.

A corpse stench from the far distance was blown in, carrying a strong decomposed corpse smell that caused the aura of the Heavenly Phoenix Gaze to be shattered.

The Heavenly Phoenix Gaze only managed to get one glance before it was instantly destroyed by the corpse aura!

Even though it was only a glimpse, he saw a scene that would frighten the souls of others. The eyes of the three rugged men were hollowed out by something, and their blood was sucked dry; it was as if the three were dried corpses taking a stroll outside of the inn.

It was like there was an unknown creature controlling their bodies!

“Oh heavens! Could this be the Corpse Controlling Technique of the Western Regions Prefecture?”

This thought suddenly came up in Feiyun’s mind, but it was quickly extinguished. If it was really a Corpse Controlling Technique’s user killing them, they wouldn’t take out their eyes or drink their blood.

Then what the heck is this demonic thing?


Not giving him time to think too much, a rugged man rushed in from the broken hole in the wall. His whole body was stained by blood, and he had hollowed out eye sockets. The blood in his body was sucked dry by an unknown creature, leaving behind only dry black flesh.

He couldn’t have become any more dead. He was akin to an apparition solder, and he headed straight towards a middle-aged man in the inn.

The middle-aged man’s cultivation was at the intermediate Spirit Realm level, and his reaction was very fast. In a flash, he took out a battle sword from his back, and, with both of his hands, he unleashed a powerful strike.

The strike’s destructiveness was quite huge; the blade broke the air, creating a sharp wind sound.


However, this sword struck the head of the dried man like it was hitting a layer of steel. A sound of metal hitting steel resounded as large sparks were emitted.

It was enough to crush a ten thousand jin boulder, but it couldn’t cut through the flesh of the dried creature!

The middle-aged man became extremely frightened as this matter was too strange! The rugged man was only of the early Spirit Realm level when he was alive. How come after death, his head became as hard as a diamond? Could it be that within that short amount of time, his corpse was already refined by someone else?


The power of the dried corpse increased an unknown amount of times, and its hand immediately knocked away the battle sword from the middle-aged man’s hand. The moment the sword reached the floor, the corpse immediately grabbed the man’s waist.


The sound of broken bones appeared!

The upper body and lower body of the middle-aged man split apart!

The stench of blood permeated the air; flesh and blood spewed everywhere, driving people to near unconsciousness!

“Oh god! What the hell is this monster? Could it be that we’re running into a person from the Corpse Controlling Cavern?”

A cultivator, frightened by the scene ahead, bellowed.

“Everyone has to fight this monster together, otherwise, all of us will die… Ahhhh…”

An older man wanted to organize everyone together to kill the dried rugged man; however, he was only able to say half the sentence when the second dried man had rushed in and tore him into two pieces with its steel-like hands.


The dried man opened its mouth, and he started eating the body and drinking the blood; it was as if it was enjoying a delicious meal!

Feng Jianxue almost vomited from seeing the scene. She hid in a corner while she shivered all over. Her beautiful face, capable of toppling a city, was as pale as a dead person in a coffin.

“Watch out!”

Feng Feiyun’s ears moved slightly, and then he quickly rushed forward and grabbed her slender waist with his two hands, lifting her off the ground.


Right after the two rolled to the side, the wall Jianxue was at earlier was shattered by another dried corpse, destroying the stone table on the ground as well.

If earlier Feng Feiyun didn’t throw her to the floor, then she would have been slapped into smithereens by this dried man.

“I-I’m… so… afraid!”

Feng Jianxue hugged Feng Feiyun’s neck tightly, and she buried her head into his chest. Her voice was trembling. She was frightened to tears.

Even though her cultivation was extraordinary, she was only a fourteen year old little girl. Essentially, she couldn’t compare to someone that had lived for two lives like Feng Feiyun. Her mind was relatively weak, so, when she encountered such a bizarre situation, it was natural that she would be scared into confusion and fear.

It was a visceral type of fear; she couldn’t pretend even if she tried.

Not only Feng Jianxue, but when the three corpses invaded the inn, everyone who was laughing cheerfully earlier had been frightened to the point of trembling with their whole bodies. Only three or five people were able to remain calm.

Feng Feiyun gently hugged her, and he stroke her silky black hair with his fingers. He kept her in his arms, and he said:

“Don’t be afraid, I am here!”

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