Chapter 486: Dragons Devouring The Heaven

Everyone became disappointed since they wanted to hear Dongfang Jingyue’s tune with her pipa. Many prodigies sighed continuously.

Hongyan was on the verge of stomping her feet from anger. Feiyun had truly done it tonight so she was about to erupt: ‘Know that I will not like it yet you still choose to go in the same room alone with Dongfang Jingyue? Are you not afraid of me dying from popping a blood vessel?’

In her mind, Feiyun and Jingyue were old lovers. The interesting thing about old lovers was that even if they truly hated each other, the flame of passion could always be lit again. Thus, Hongyan was naturally alarmed.

It was as if there was a cat crawling on her heart.

‘Jerk! Scoundrel! You clearly got played by her before and hated her. Now, you’re staying all alone in there? There’s clearly still some feelings left.’ Hongyan bit her thin lips.

“Sis.” Xue Wu returned at this point.

Hongyan asked: “So?”

Xue Wu glanced at the palace and hesitated for a bit: “Sister Ye is not there…”

Hongyan clenched her petite fingers tighter and felt that she brought all of this pain upon herself by initiating this whole mess.

The palace’s doors were closed, nothing but darkness was inside.

“Poof!” A plume of flame lit up on Feiyun’s finger just like a spirit lamp in order to illuminate the dark palace.

Dongfang Jingyue held her pipa while leaning below a window. The faint light illuminated a jade reflection from her face so she looked very ethereal. She said: “Do you know why I want to do this in private?” 

“Do tell, my lady.” Feiyun politely said.

She flicked once on the pipa’s strings and a wave sound flew out, removing a layer on the limestone and left behind words.

This was the perfect mastery of sound, allowing her to write.

There were dozens of names on the ground arranged in a circle. Each occupied an area with different auras and glows, just like an astronomy board.

Feng Feiyun glanced at the ground and found this to be very familiar. Right, this was the astronomical sign of the chaos ahead, of dragons devouring the dynasty. However, Jingyue had listed the names instead.

There were a total of thirty-two names. Twenty of them were historical geniuses while the other twelve only had one character. The latter group was quite mysterious and Jingyue didn’t carve their name down.

Some had a marking of one dragon, other two dragons, and three had three dragons - Feng Feiyun, Li Xiaonan, and someone else represented by the word “Void”.

“This is…?” Feiyun became serious.

“Dragons Devouring The Heaven”, my brother ran to the Ancient Jiang Prefecture to ask Grand Wisdom Master Jing Feng for details.” Jingyue said.

Feiyun smiled: “I don’t have any interest in the ‘heaven’, so how can I be one of the dragons? Plus, assigning me three dragons too? That’s baseless. Looks like the wisdom master is old now, can’t calculate for anything.”

“Wisdom Master Jing Feng used his life to calculate it.” Jingyue replied.

“Really?” Feiyun turned serious.

“The great master has returned to the earth four months ago on the Observation Platform. Now, the spiritual leader of the Ancient Jiang Prefecture is his disciple, the Heavenly Witchcraft Goddess.” Jingyue added.

Feiyun and the wisdom master have met once. The old man gave a letter to Jingshui so that he could neutralize the grievances between Feiyun and Jingyue, so he was a relatively nice guy. Feiyun was a bit disappointed to hear about his death.

The people from this prefecture were also called barbarians by others. Three tribes had the most power now, and the Heaven Worship Division was one of them. After the death of Jing Feng, the newly appointed goddess couldn’t handle the wild members of the tribes. Something big was going to happen in that prefecture.

This world was truly becoming more chaotic by the day.

Feiyun knew that this private meeting between them wouldn’t be that simple, but he didn’t expect for her to reveal such a big secret to him.

‘What the hell does she want?’ He thought.

Jingyue continued: “Do you know why you are a dragon with three marks? Because you are a dragon among dragons.”


“Though you may not want to rule the world, but your existence itself affects the future path. For example, the capital is the biggest catalyst in the dynasty, and you have access to light it up. Thus, you represent the capital.” Jingyue stated.

Feiyun could understand what she was trying to say. Those around him all wanted to rule. For example, Long Cangyue, Princess Luofu, and Feng Mo. Right now, he was the Divine King while the Jin Emperor had sealed off his divine intents for cultivation. His influence was nearly on the same level as the Grand Chancellor, so it was natural that he was marked with three dragons.

“You represent the capital while Li Xiaonan represents the threat of the four surrounding dynasties.” Jingyue said.

“He’s not from Jin?” Feiyun asked.

She shook her head: “To be more exact, Sacred Spirit Palace is not. Do you know why it is ranked higher than Jin?”

“That sect influences the other four dynasties?” 

Jingyue said: “That’s right. The five dynasties occupy a small corner of the world, a relatively remote place compared to three thousand other dynasties. They are low level as well, but for us right now, the dynasties are powerful with numerous sects. However, the palace looms above these dynasties, working in the background.”

Anyone else would be shocked after this revelation, but he was knowledgeable and remained calm: “What kind of place is it?”

“It can determine the fate of the five dynasties since it is under the direct order of the sixth, the central dynasty around here. I can tell you that Li Xiaonan might be a top dog at Jin with no one stronger than him in the young generation, but he is only top five at best back at the palace.”

“He’s the messenger from the palace so to a certain extent, he represents the attitude from the other dynasties. If the Jin Dynasty loses control of the situation, then he could incite the other four to join in and take over. This is why he’s another one with three marks. Of course, this is unlikely as well, because the palace doesn’t want to involve itself with the internal affairs of the dynasties. It has its own enemies and will need their help.”

Feiyun smiled and said: “He’s only second on the upper list, so how can you say no one is his match at Jin?”

Jingyue pointed at the third person with three dragons with the character, Void, and said: “That’s the number one of the upper list. Unfortunately, even Scholar Heaven Calculating couldn’t figure out who he is, only the character for Void. We do know that he has made his debut and is a bringer of chaos. Before his appearance, Li Xiaonan was indeed the number one. People like my brother, Beiming Potian, Su Yun, and Long Shenya, they probably can’t last more than one hundred moves against him. The arts of the Sacred Spirit Palace is beyond your imagination.”

Feiyun took a deep breath. Of course, he wouldn’t care for someone like Xiaonan in his previous life. However, this wasn’t the case in the present. His cultivation was still too weak. Being arrogant would only end in death.

“Why are you telling me this?” Feiyun smiled. He didn’t think that their relationship was that good.

Jingyue answered: “The chaos will come within one to three years and the dynasty will head towards declination. Our Yin Gou Clan will naturally be involved, so I am under the order of our clan master to find out your thoughts. Who do you want to become the crown prince?”

In the past, Feiyun wasn’t qualified to know all of this and the clan master of the Yin Gou wouldn’t care for his opinion. However, he had the power to influence the dynasty right now.

“Well… then who does your clan want to become the crown prince?” Feiyun answered with a question.

Jingyue glanced at him and said: “Only the clan master knows, not me.”

‘Like hell I would believe you.’ He thought, ‘if you don’t know, then why would the clan master send you on this important mission?’

This matter had the utmost importance. Just one wrong move and one would even lose their life. He naturally wouldn’t tell her carelessly since he didn’t trust her and unconsciously had enmity towards her. 

He smiled and said: “I’m still thinking about… Hmph! Who wants to spy on me and Miss Dongfang’s competition?!”

A monstrous yet obscured divine intent was spying on them. Others wouldn’t have noticed, but Feiyun did.

Someone wanted to hear their conversation, a real master.

“Boom!” Feiyun released his divine intents outside so the person quickly withdrew their own.

Next, Feiyun quickly jumped through the palace’s poof and landed above. He looked aggressive like a general from the heaven as he took out his black King’s Order.

He channeled the power of the previous generations of kings and threw it to the sky. He was able to do so as its master now.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!” Seven figures landed from above, each towered at one hundred meters with a golden glow. A massive power surged from them.

“Ah!” A miserable scream came from the dark. An expert at fifth-level Heaven’s Mandate got annihilated by the order. What’s left of him streamed down the sky like a waterfall of blood.

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