Chapter 485: The Formidable King Consort

“This Princess Yue is something else! Crafty and articulate, seasoned in her conduct, quite scary indeed.” Dongfang Jingshui quietly praised.

Dongfang Jingyue naturally noticed all of this. Her sharp eyes became even sharper: “The one who should be worrying right now is Nangong Hongyan. She believed herself to be infallible, but she’s probably wanting to cry right now.” 

“She really overdid it. A woman should prioritize being gentle to deal with men, especially someone like Feiyun who wouldn’t stand for this kind of play. She’s certainly not a match for Princess Yue in this regards.” Jingshui stated.

“You know romance so well?”

“Cough… I’m just helping you out!” Jingshui smiled wryly.

Jingyue stood there, carefree like the wind. There was no emotion in her eyes so who knows what she was thinking?

“So out of line! I have to interject!” Xiyue Lanshan stood up and turned towards Nangong Hongyan to perform a gentlemanly bow: “Supreme Beauty belongs to Miss Hongyan, so why should she give a damn about you in this place, Feng Feiyun?! Not sending you an invitation is looking down on you? Don’t be so unreasonable now!”

Others might be afraid of Feiyun’s identity but not him. He had the Western Yue behind him. The world might be vast but a person who he was afraid of didn’t exist.

He naturally wanted to stand up for Hongyan but more importantly, he wanted to create a rift between the two in order to break them up entirely.

“None of your business whether I got an invitation or not.” Feiyun sneered. 

Lanshan posed with both hands behind his back and laughed in a seemingly heroic manner: Feng Feiyun, how are you here if you didn’t get an invitation? Don’t tell me you climbed the wall or dig a hole? Haha! So the young Divine King of the dynasty is only a thief, how can someone like you be eligible to enter such an elegant place?”

Though Hongyan was unhappy with Feiyun, she would never allow for someone else to insult him, not even a little quip. Thus, Xiyue Lanshan failed completely and even angered Hongyan, stirring her into wanting to kill him.

She could aggravate Feng Feiyun but she wouldn’t allow anyone else to do so.

But she was a bit slow when it came to romance so Long Cangyue took the initiative for the second time. 

“How impudent! Insults aren’t to be thrown at the Divine King.” Long Cangyue revealed her oppressive aura and said coldly: “Nangong Hongyan, you purposely invited these prodigies to embarrass the Divine King?! You’re quite a vicious woman.”

“I…” Hongyan tried to answer but she was interrupted by Long Cangyue.

Cangyue didn’t give her a chance at all to retort: “Nangong Hongyan, Xiyue Lanshan, you two wretches must have conspired long ago against the Divine King. Did you think that he would let this go because of his gentle nature? But don’t forget, I, the King Consort, am also here. Today, the next person who dares to utter another foul word, off with his tongue!”

Hongyan’s expression darkened as she glanced toward Feiyun, afraid that he was misunderstanding the whole thing. Alas, his eyes were on the princess and didn’t even bother looking back at her. This pained her even more so she was on the verge of crying.

‘Why aren't you looking at me?! Do you think I planned all of this?! This Lanshan had escalated this trivial matter. If It wasn’t for him, Princess Yue wouldn’t have taken advantage of the situation to scold me. If Feiyun actually misunderstands, one hundred deaths wouldn’t be enough for Lanshan to atone.’

“Haha! The Divine King Faction is quite unreasonable! Acting like a thief yet not allowing anyone to speak up? Miss Hongyan, no need to be afraid of her threat, people know who is in the right.” Lanshan laughed as if he was the defender of justice.

Today, he had acted quite amazing in front of the prettiest woman in the world. ‘Surely Miss Hongyan has a deep impression of me today and is feeling quite grateful that I’m standing up for her’

Having thought to this point, a happy grin appeared on his face.

“You’re courting death.” An evil light flashed in Cangyue’s eyes with murderous intent as sharp as a blade. She turned into a black shadow and instantly appeared before Lanshan to unleash a claw straight for his neck.

Her aura engulfed the entire area and froze the atmosphere. An earth image emerged from her power.

On the other hand, Lanshan was ninth on the lower list so he wasn’t a nobody. He made a sword seal with his fingers and a white light condensed together to unleash more than a thousand sword energies, as thin as a needle.

“Boom!” Cangyue focused her gaze. A scene of a massacre appeared in her black eyes. Suddenly, it changed into hell with countless graves…

Lanshan was stunned with his eyes agape as if he had just seen a devil. The sword energies in his hand lost control.

“Boom!” Cangyue with a cold expression struck his head with her palm, forcing him down on the ground. His kneecaps slammed on the ground and nearly went flying. The formations on the ground were shattered.

Lanshan didn’t expect for this graceful princess to actually be so powerful. He was quite shocked inside and wanted to stand up. However, she placed her palm on his head and a black wave of light emanated, stopping him from moving.

If this wasn’t in public, she would have used her evil treasure arts to devour all of his cultivation.

“Whoosh!” She took out a sword and a bright flash ensued. Blood gushed out of Lanshan’s mouth with a piece of his tongue.

He twitched and coiled on the ground while covering his bloody mouth and issuing miserable and muffled cries.

“This is the result of those who disrespect the Divine King.” She gazed at the crowd, scaring many of the prodigies.

So frightening! This princess has been keeping a low profile. If it wasn’t for the engagement, people wouldn’t know about her existence. Everyone thought that she was a feeble princess, not expecting for her first move to be so astonishing.

Even someone on the lower historical list has been subdued by her with his tongue cut off. This cultivation, decisiveness, and cruelty changed everyone’s opinion. They needed to reevaluate her once more.

She naturally had reasons for doing so. Her goal was for the crown prince position so she needed to establish her prestige, telling the world that she had the power to compete.

Though doing this pushed her into the limelight, this was still beneficial since it let others know that there was a third faction for the crown prince position. Some will secretly support her; this was one way for her faction to grow.

Moreover, she was also forcing Feiyun to make a decision in order to stand with her side.

Feiyun understood her intention as well but he quietly watched without revealing his attitude. What’s inevitable will come. The time didn’t matter.

Beiming Potian gave her a deep stare and said: “Looks like this princess is quite strong, her cultivation is not below Princess Luofu. You got another tough rival.”

Long Shenya had a calm expression. He sipped his wine and said: “We’ll see if she’s strong enough.”

Two old men helped Lanshan who was coughing blood on the ground and took him away with the piece of tongue on the ground. They placed it into a jade box; if the vitality was still there, then they could probably attach it to him again.

Long Cangyue and Hongyan gave each other one last fierce stare before Cangyue swung her sleeve and returned to the palace. She gently grabbed Feiyun’s arm and revealed a prestige fitting of a King Consort.

“Satisfied with my performance today?” Cangyue secretly sent him a message.

“Well played, indeed.” Feiyun replied back.

“Thanks.” Cangyue smiled back.

Feiyun then laughed and told the crowd: “Yue’er is too mischievous, excuse us, everyone. Oh right, today is about music. Miss Dongfang, why don’t we play a tune? If I win, I will sit next to you with the King Consort, okay?”

He still didn’t give up on aggravating Hongyan so he purposely didn’t look at her at all.

This was her banquet but he didn’t ask for her opinion at all. She was naturally angry to the point of gritting her teeth.

“If Divine King is in such a mood, then Jingyue will play a song with you.” Jingyue said: “However, I wish to do it privately with no one else around.”

It was a pure type of competition usually used by the famous maestros back then. Two music lovers would fight with their songs for no other reasons than to test themselves. Only gentlemen would use this type of contest.

‘What does she want to do?’ Feiyun wasn’t afraid of being together with her alone so he invited her into his palace then closed the doors. Only the two of them went inside. Even Long Cangyue stood out in waiting for the result.

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