Chapter 484: Words Piercing The Heart

Hongyan’s pretty eyes were fixated on Feiyun. Others might not know but she was surely aware of whether he was talented or not in music.

This guy was boasting wildly again! The only person who could perform at this level is Sister Ye. But if he got help from Sister Ye, then doesn’t that mean he was the person in the bath earlier?

Hongyan almost couldn’t accept this answer and hoped that she was simply overthinking it.

“Incredible! Brother Feng hid his talents quite well! That level of music mastery is comparable to a maestro.” Wolong Sheng looked quite ambitious, especially due to his one hawk-like eye. Destruction has formed an alliance with the Feng so he was naturally on Feiyun’s side.

“Thank you, thank you. My little skills were taught to me by Miss Hongyan.” Feiyun was being quite humble and intentionally told everyone that he had a special relationship with Nangong Hongyan. Others should be smart and stay the hell away.

Feiyun slightly stole glances at her and thought that she would be excited after hearing this. Alas, he shuddered after seeing her gaze. ‘Why is she looking at me like that? Wait…. This isn’t right, this isn’t how it was supposed to go!’

She looked as if she wanted to eat him alive.

Feiyun’s public announcement naturally made many unhappy. For example, his fiancee, Princess Yue.

Long Cangyue had to come today. It didn’t matter whether she actually liked Feiyun or not because she was still his fiancee in name. If she didn’t give a damn, what would the people at the capital think of her? And the other princes and princesses?

The Divine King can be a romantic but not a successful playboy or people would mock her!

‘Hmph! Nangong Hongyan, you are quite lucky, so many experts in the Feng couldn’t kill you last time… However, I’ll mutilate your face eventually, you would rather be dead at that point!’ Long Cangyue had perfect skin and a shapely chin. Her sharp and well-defined brows were too attractive.

Dongfang Jingshui converged his evil aura and became a young noble. He quietly chuckled: “Sis, Feiyun is revealing all of his stuff tonight, you think it’s because of you or Nangong Hongyan?”

Jingyue was not affected by his teasing. It was as if nothing in this world could move her: “Nothing to do with me…”

She was interrupted by Feiyun’s loud request: “Miss Dongfang, earlier, you said that anyone who can defeat you musically would be able to sit next to you, right?”

Feiyun wanted to take Li Xiaonan down a notch by getting next to Dongfang Jingyue since she was clearly his crush. Thus, wouldn’t the result be even better by defeating him in this manner?

Moreover, it would also affect Nangong Hongyan. Feiyun wanted to retaliate since Hongyan started this mess in the first place. 

‘We’ll see who becomes anxious first.’ Feiyun thought.

Jingshui laughed after hearing this: “Right, nothing to do with you, haha.”

There was no change in Jingyue’s black pearl eyes. She quietly said: “Sir Divine King, you want to sit next to me?”

Feiyun smiled: “Is that a no?”

“Of course not, I just think it is more appropriate for you to sit next with the King Consort.” Jingyue calmly said.

The prodigies here felt that something was strange today. The air here felt a bit tense.

The gallant Xiaonan joined in: “Divine King, you’re indeed very talented but there’s something I don’t get, why are you staying so far away from us? If you come sit together with the King Consort and play a song together, it’ll be an amazing tale for everyone to talk about in the future.”

Xiaonan was initially shocked at Feiyun’s musical abilities but as the greatest gentleman, he was intelligent to see that there was something wrong and felt that Feiyun couldn’t play that song earlier by himself. There was a master guiding him in the shadows.

After hearing this, the top prodigies all gazed over at the palace and realized something too.

Some of them released their divine intents in order to find something. However, Feiyun’s intents were naturally superior and repelled all of them back.

These prodigies all groaned at the same time. Their intents were injured so they nearly became unconscious.

Even Li Xiaonan wasn’t a match for Feiyun when it came to mental power, let alone them.

Feiyun was cursing at Jingyue for stepping out of line and not playing along with him on top of bringing up the King Consort. This only created an opening for Li Xiaonan to trouble him.

His drumming earlier was naturally done with the help of Ye Xiaoxiang in secrecy. However, if he got too close, it wouldn’t be as crisp and mistakes would be obvious.

‘I gotta teach this Dongfang girl a lesson, so annoying.’ He saw her eyes again and shuddered as if struck by lightning, losing sensation all over his body. Her eyes… that’s Shui Yueting…

The pair of eyes was too familiar to him. This was definitely Shui Yueting, no doubt about that. He was nearly scared out of his mind but on the next glance, her eyes became emotionless again. 

‘Am I just seeing things? Must be…’

“Sir Divine King, you’re being a bit disrespectful to the King Consort, do you really not want to sit with her?” Lanshan tried to add shade to the situation. He had lost a lot of face back at Blissful so he wanted to repay the debt.

‘Feiyun, you have showed off too much, we’ll see how you’re gonna get yourself out of this one.’ He also felt that Feiyun knew nothing about music so there was someone else helping him.

If he were to sit in front of everyone, he would surely expose himself. ‘Keke, you’ll be the laughingstock of the capital soon enough.’

Feiyun coughed and said with a tinge of disappointment: “It’s a bit embarrassing, really, I also want to sit with everyone, but unfortunately, I didn’t get an invitation from the number one beauty, that’s why… I have to stay far away.”

He sighed several times as if lamenting his own situation.

Everyone glanced at each other. The young Divine King, a top member of the new generation, actually didn’t get an invitation? This truly astounded everyone so all eyes turned towards Nangong Hongyan.

The ones who knew the inside story was aware of what was going on, but most people were confused.

This beauty wanted to go against the Divine King?

Hongyan rolled her eyes once and apologetically said: “It’s not that I didn’t want to send an invitation to you, Divine King, but I didn’t dare to! After all, you’re an engaged man. If you were to come to these places, the princess might misunderstand. A thousand deaths from me wouldn’t be enough as atonement.”

She put it in a very delicate and appropriate manner, but one could sense some jealousy within.

“Miss Hongyan, I’m not that petty. My Divine King can go wherever and I’ll quietly walk behind him, it is not my place to interfere.” Long Cangyue was no slouch herself: “On the contrary, I feel like you are purposely insulting the Divine King, thinking that he isn’t qualified to be here with the other young heroes. If you look down on people like this, Miss Hongyan, I no longer want to be your friend. I’ll go stand by the Divine King.”

Long Cangyue looked quite feminine and feeble but each word pierced the heart. Nangong Hongyan had no response and turned pale.

Meanwhile, Cangyue rode the wind and landed on the faraway palace, as beautiful as a rose under the moonlight. She performed a ceremonial greeting before Feiyun and respectfully said: “Your wife greets you, Divine King.”

Feiyun didn’t expect Long Cangyue to help him like this and give him plenty of face before everyone. He felt quite good about the whole thing as if he was walking on air. He quickly walked up to help her up and said softly: “Yue’er, rise.”

“Thank you, Divine King.” Cangyue stood up straight into Feiyun’s embrace. His neck and her hair touched and she quietly said: “She thinks she can look down on you just because she’s the number one beauty? She thinks that you can’t stand together with the other prodigies? Why is that? Divine King, I’m truly hurt by her contempt for you.”

Feiyun hugged her back and gently tapped her shoulder while staring in the distance: “If she looks down on me, I’ll treat her in the same manner. In my eyes, you are more beautiful.”

Nangong Hongyan felt quite bitter and wronged because of his statement. She had trouble holding onto her zither because her heart felt a deep pain.

She naturally knew Feiyun was aggravating her on purpose but the pain was still there. She had plans of angering him as payback but didn’t expect to become the angry one instead.

If it wasn’t for the veil covering her face, everyone would have noticed.

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