Chapter 481: Unreasonable Request

Feng Feiyun took a deep breath and hid all of his auras. Even the flow of his blood was virtually halted as he turned into a statue and directly dived into the bath.

The surface was covered with flower petals. If one didn’t use their divine intents, they wouldn’t be able to see that there was someone hiding beneath the water. Moreover, Feiyun was quite gifted in the art of stealth. Perhaps divine intents wouldn’t be able to find him.

As long as there was no other complication, Nangong Hongyan wouldn’t be able to find him.

“Sister Ye, may I come in?” The footstep halted as Hongyan asked for permission with a voice as heavenly as a swan.

“I…” Ye Xiaoxiang was still trembling as she tried to cover her jade-peaks. Her eyebrows were still wet as she stared at the ripples in the bath. After all, she had never taken a bath with a man before so her heart was jumping like crazy.

Plus, she realized that Feiyun could be staring at her naked body right now. With this thought, she couldn’t help but lowering one hand to cover her lower body while the other focused on her honey peach breasts. Shades of red took over her jade complexion due to her chaotic thoughts.

“Click, click.” More footsteps sounded.

Nangong Hongyan was already inside now and stood by the bath with her legs as beautiful as a lotus. She slightly leaned forward, revealing half of her perfectly round breasts. She still had a veil covering her face but her eyes were as pretty as the stars. She smiled and said: “Sister, are you actually shy? Want me to join you?”

“...” Ye Xiaoxiang was quite alarmed. If Hongyan were to join, she would find out about the man hiding. How will she think of her then?

But there was no way to explain it either. More importantly, Hongyan would be naked too so this damned Feiyun would also take advantage of her sister. Xiaoxiang blinked while panicking just like an adulterer getting caught in the act.

Hongyan was experienced and wily so she naturally could read that something was wrong. She looked at the rippling waves in the pool and said: “Haha, sister, why are you so nervous? Don’t tell me there’s a man under there?”

Feiyun swallowed some water after hearing this and became quite tense. If Hongyan were to drag him out, then even if he were to jump into the Jin River, it still wouldn’t be enough to show his innocence.

What would Hongyan think of him? And these two are close sisters, this might negatively affect their relationship.

Xiaoxiang tried to relax and said: “Of course not, Hongyan’er, don’t tease your big sis now. I just don’t want you to waste time before the banquet tonight and make all the prodigies wait. Go now, I won’t be coming.”

Hongyan nodded and said: “That’s fine. I guess it would be problematic if Beauty’s Smile were to find out that you’re here. Haha, very well, you can keep on having fun with your lover then.”

She stared intensely at the pool for a bit before slowly leaving with a smile. Of course, once she made it to the door, she didn’t forget to turn back and blink twice at Ye Xiaoxiang.

Once she left the pavilion, she started murmuring: “There was certainly a man hiding in there. To be able to hide from my divine intents, his cultivation can’t be bad. If it is a young prodigy, then it’ll be someone on the historical lists.”

“Why is sister hiding it from me? Is that man the one who let her down in the first place? Sigh, fine, I’ll let them settle this themselves. If she can’t, then I’ll teach him a lesson later. She’s so protective of him so if he chooses to be foolish, I’ll show him what trouble is.”

After carefully musing it through, she looked back at the top floor of the pavilion before smiling. Next, she rode the wind and flew away like a specter.

“Splash!” Feiyun finally rushed out of the water after knowing that Hongyan was gone and spewed out a bunch of flower water like a spring. He had a serious expression on: ‘She still found out but at least she doesn’t know that it’s me or she might try and kill me! She doesn’t care about the other women, but she’ll hate me for the rest of her life for getting together with her sister.”

Xiaoxiang was hiding in the corner with her hands on her breasts. Her head was barely above water as she said: “How… how did you know I was here?”

She wasn’t aware of Feiyun’s romantic relationship with Hongyan and assumed that he came specifically to find her. This was the reason why tears were about to come out.

Feiyun went closer and carried her out of the pool. He used spirit energy to dry her body while not looking at her: “Sorry, it wasn’t on purpose.”

“But… you did see everything.” She spoke as quietly as the buzzing of a mosquito, as fragile as a little kitty that had just fallen in the water.

“I closed my eyes.” Feiyun awkwardly said.

“I might be slow but I’m not a fool. You were already hiding out in the window, right? When I was taking off my clothes, you were certainly peeping… Just admit it…”

Feiyun turned red with no response.

Xiaoxiang whimpered with great emotional pain: “Do you think I’m easy just because I was born in these parts? What am I going to do now, being seen naked by someone else? If I were to marry in the future, how am I going to face my husband? Tell him that I’ve been seen before by another man? He won’t know if I don’t tell him, but how can I live with the guilt?”

She bit her lips nearly to the point of blood.

Feiyun sighed and said: “I… really didn’t see too clearly.”

He didn’t know why he gave such a terrible response. If he couldn’t fool himself, how could he fool her?

With tears dripping out now, she bitterly said: “Fine! You didn’t see clearly then. Tell me why you’re here at Supreme Beauty, to find me?”

Her eyes were full of hope and imagination.

Feiyun hesitated for a bit before smiling: “Yes, I’m here to find you, and to bring you your flute.”

Feiyun took out a purple flute from his chest pocket and slowly handed it towards her. Meanwhile, she was out of the bath with a violet robe covering her wet and soft body. Beads of water were still running down her neck, shoulders, and arms.

She was just like a pure and white lotus flower. Two shapely bowls were arching beneath her rope just like two peaches.

She nervously pinched her robe while stubbornly refusing: “How can I take back a gift?”

Feiyun turned back to look at the woman resembling a blossoming flower. Her figure was splendid, accentuated by her wet hair and misty eyes, full of adoration. One couldn’t help but love and take her into their embrace before a tenderly caress.

The robe was made out of silk so it was slightly see-through, especially at the forbidden zone near her thighs.

Feiyun felt his throat drying up and wanted to take off her purple robe so he could have his way with her just like he did with those heretical demonesses. However, he still restrained this most primal lust and simply swallowed his saliva: “Xiaoxiang, I have an unreasonable request, will you help me?”

He wanted to ask for her help in dealing with Li Xiaonan and the other geniuses. Only someone of her musical talents would be able to suppress those people who think they were such great and attractive scholars.

Xiaoxiang’s mind wandered as she gently bit her lips: ‘You hurt me so badly and left me outside of the capital in the wilderness and even saw my everything now then you refused all responsibilities? Now, you’re here asking for my help, why should I? Don’t help him, Xiaoxiang, if you help him, then you’re just asking to be hurt and thrown away again… you stupid, idiot girl…’

Feiyun asked: “I want you to come with me to Supreme Pavilion and lend me a hand…”

“I’ll do it!” She interrupted him but quickly realized that she was too eager in doing so, like a foolish maiden ready to sacrifice anything for love. She paused and lowered her head in embarrassment: “Since you are actually asking nicely, it shows that this matter is important to you. How can I not help?”

“Thank you.” Feiyun sincerely responded.

Feiyun waited outside of the pavilion. Xiaoxiang came out after she put on proper attire in a bashful manner. She had full make-up and pieces of jewelry on just like a pampered daughter.

She wasn’t that bashful in nature but her face kept on blushing while being around him. She was aware that he was a scoundrel, the most wretched man in the world, but she couldn’t help wanting to get closer. Just looking at him gave her an indescribable excitement.

In the eyes of others, she was “Maestro Ye”, “Fairy Xiao”, a goddess not to be disrespected. However, she was a swan fallen out of grace in front of him. An ugly and mud-stained frog has jumped on her and blatantly destroyed her nobility.

The worst part was that she was willing to follow this ugly frog like a foolish swan.

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